New Year Resolution of the Inspired Leaders

New Year Resolution of the Inspired Leaders


All of us have experienced hardship of lockdown, problem of social distancing, collapse of economy, salary cuts, lot of job losses in 2020. Despite all of the above can we find any positivity in 2020? Really difficult to find? If these were so bad things then why is it believed that change and continuity, turbulence and tranquility, order and chaos are two aspects of Managements? Just think.

Friends If we meditate on intellect level then we will remember 2020 as a tough teacher. Tough teacher may punish his students but never leave them weak or lazy. Their students are always awake, alert and aware. They will be responsible. They will be excellent. They will be loving, caring and matured. They will be disciplined.

In general, we used to make the following 3 mistakes regarding changes in analyzing the situations while making profit and loss for the year.

1. Assume that past solutions are good. This is a traditional belief but not always practical since change is the law of nature, so is the human mind. Like old medicines of cold and cough were not so effective in the new cold and cough called Covid-19.

Therefore, every problem may be unique and ask for a new type of solution. So, you have to be always prepared to customize your preparation based on requirement. Therefore, let us take learning from the past and make ourselves awake.

2. Believe that the present trend will continue. This is the biggest mistake we make. No doubt Newton’s law is right at its place but the human mind is never static. Nothing is permanent, including relationships. In the long run friends become enemies and enemies become friends. There is an end in all trends. So, we need to change our thoughts and remain alert about changes and its probable effects.

3. Think that an unknown future is dangerous. This belief is the killer of innovations. Future is not always dangerous. There will always be new opportunities. You will get new strength and in the long run all of us will progress. Just we need to be aware about changes in our surroundings.

By little change in our belief system, we can change the direction of winds. We can realize our true potentials and make every year a happy new year.

Now let us see what an ideal student of great Guru Sri Narayana Jee will implement the practice of belief-behavior-becoming and being in the year 2021. What preparation he will do and how he will behave in his day to day working.

Excellence in working

Real student implements excellence in his field of work irrespective of area of his operation like Businessman, Service, Student, Farmer or house wife.

He will maintain quality of his goods and services. He will ensure complete satisfaction to customers towards his commitment in product performance. He will ensure completeness in his work. No half-hearted effort, no short supply. Complete information.

He will continuously review his work and ensure that even small defects do not lie there. He will ensure accuracy in reports prepared from vast data. He will always keep himself and his surroundings neat and clean. He will make his mind pure with the right feeling through positive thoughts. 

He will adopt the right process to maintain effectiveness in his deliverables. He will ensure economy in his operation means no wastage. There will be order in his work. Means no hurry-burry i.e full discipline. Complexity kills growth so he will maintain simplicity in his living and working. He will do all his works with appropriate process and within timelines.

He will be trustworthy and reliable person. He will be fearless. Brevity will be his synonyms. He will take meaningful initiatives. He will always be well informed and keep relevant people informed. He will do every work with concentration. He will have clarity about his steps. No confusion no CHAOS.

By implementing excellence, he will achieve quantum success. He will take his family and the organization from Break down to Breakeven to Break through and even upto Record Breaking situations. He will create a culture of quantum success in his organization i.e. breaking the records and creating new standards of performance and success. He will be visionary and witness at the same time.

Leadership Attitude

The student will practice leadership in his life. He knows that leadership is not the position but an attitude to take initiative. Attitude to take pain and serve others. He knows that he is a finger out of 5 other fingers but known by different names in all languages i.e THUMB. It is neither smart from other fingers nor bigger even not so respected but it can touch any other finger and unite all of them together. Without it you cannot make fist. It has no ego. But it is an excellent team player.

He will believe in Taking Responsibility. In a family nobody ‘gives authority’ but each member ‘takes responsibility. He will commit himself to improve and contribute together to create and collaborate for a better future.

He will trust his team and develop a vision for them. He will become an expert and encourage his team to take risks. He will invite dissent and provide simple solutions.

He will work as path maker i.e a combination of visionary and missionary leader who conceives, builds and walks a new way, a new approach, new path for the use of people and society. He will either find a way or make one. He will lead to a new paradigm.


Valuing the Relationship

Student knows that it is love which is the source of all relations. Love means unconditional love. He will accept the people the way they are. He will trust them. If you trust people, they will become responsible. He will offer love and receive devotion from his team, family members and society.

He will maintain a smile on his face.  Smiles create fusion which removes confusion. He will strengthen the role over rules. He will allow his team and family youngsters to explore the unexplored horizons in their work area. He will give due importance to relations.

He will be surrounded by efficient People. efficient teams, empowering Leaders and enriching Culture.


Motivation towards Selfless Service

He knows that service is the key to happiness in life. By serving leaders become deserving. So, serving is a tool of self-realization.  By serving he becomes Mahavira. He not only serves anybody but he serves everybody who came in his contact.

Hanuman served not only Sugreev his king but also Jamwant, Ram Laxman, Sita, Vibhishan, or anyone who came in his contact. That’s why he is still respected and loved by all. Likewise, the true student will serve his office, colleagues, family members, neighbors society, his country and even the universe.


Healthy Body Healthy Mind

He will take healthy food and natural food containing sprouts, fruits and milk. He will avoid non veg and alcohols.

He will do exercise and meditation everyday to connect with nature, Light, Knowledge and super consciousness. He will observe changes in around him and becomes awake, alert and aware in all fields of working. He will glow and grow. He will align his instinct, intuition and intensity with inspiration to generate breakthrough ideas which will be really real and true. 

He will give and forgive. He will be kind hearted even to all including those who have harmed him.


Regular Study

He will use his every available second in reading good books on a variety of subjects including science, arts, humanities, management. He will just not read the books but study to absorb the essence and implement in his life.

Books will be his best friend. He will acquire new knowledge and skill. He knows that nobody can develop anybody. A person has to develop on his own. Others can only support the process.

He knows that life is a flow of Grow-Go-Know and Glow. Grow to heights. Go to places. Know the truth. Glow with knowledge and realization light. Know and be life light.

He is a teacher for his team as well as a learner at the same time. As a teacher he turns the attention of the learner to himself to see own potential. As a learner he sees that potential and realises it through personal endeavour for own success and for the success of others.



He always offers gratitude to his Guru for guiding him at every phase of life. Through meditation he connects and unites with him at spirit level. He knows that at a conscious level both are the same. By this process he transcends himself from Nar to Narayan. Further he offers his gratitude to anybody and everybody who have contributed in his journey of life including family members, friends, relatives, neighbors, countrymen and universal men and women.

Finally, he knows that to work is his right not the fruit of his work. He offers the fruits of his work to society and lives a blissful life.


Wishing you a happy new and prosperous New Year 2021.

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