"Don't say I wish say I will" - The power of self motivation

"Don't say I wish say I will" - The power of self motivation

Human life is full of uncertainties/obstructions. Some people treat the uncertainties as speed breakers but few people treat the uncertainties or obstructions as path makers which re-energize them with break-through ideas and bring new colors in their life. Sometimes obstructions are so strong that people reach up to the level of demotivation where they feel that now it is too much. It's impossible. I can’t.

Motivation is an energy which fills them with confidence that they are able and stable to take-up further journey and they can succeed. Motivation is not just cheap quality instigation where people are misguided to run behind a cheaper object rather, they are coached by motivator to take-up any project with full body mind alignment and become what they actually are. In other words, it is a journey from belief to being. In short, we say it path of Believing- Behaving-Becoming and Being.

Motivation is a zestful power which energies a person at Physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual level towards accomplishment of a target, goal or destination by setting greater standards of excellence.

Secret Powers of Human Being - 

Human beings are capable of conceiving tasks commonly known as impossible and making it possible, but only few know it. Since I want determination, dedication, motivation and devotion.

When people are able to see beyond what cannot be seen by normal eyes, then they imagine the probable situation or event. This power of imagination brings power of determination. The determination changes their communication and keeps him motivated and they become capable to meditate on excellent ideas and solutions.  These qualities were identified by the Great Motivator Jamwant and explained to Hanuman jee. When Hanuman identified his qualities then he became Panchmukhi and did so many excellent works which were beyond the imagination of the common man. Like crossing the ocean and bringing the mountain etc.

Motivation Techniques

In physical life time is the Greatest Guru. All circumstances and events happen in time space and people feel happiness/grief. Still a Guru is required in life who can show the right path, who can decode the mysteries of life If you read stories then you will find that every single successful leader or character had a Guru who guided the leader on right path i.e. Shivaji-Samarth Guru Ramdas, Chandra Gupta Maurya-Acharya Chanakya etc. The leaders had full faith in the wisdom of their Guru’s. I have also been blessed with My Guru Sri G Narayan Jee.

Now let us discuss some techniques/circumstances which work as a catalyst in the life of human beings.

1-  Team spirit motivatesWhat a person is not able to do in individual capacity, can do as a team. Team spirit motivates others even if average players play better than their normal capacity. In the 1983 world cup, Indian cricket team was very poor against the West Indies. But team spirit played a key role and India became world champion.

1-   Honour/Recognition/Appreciation Motivates - When we recognise the effort or dedication of any person whether he is our team mate or family member, we express our love and confidence in him. This love motivates him and makes him more responsible towards his duties. So do appreciate it genuinely.

1-   Fear Motivates to Endeavour - Sometimes fear motivates to do exemplary works. Take the example of our health workers, who are working on the front foot in fight with covid-19. In their PPE kit they look like astronauts, but they motivate others too to at least wear a mask.

1-   Competition Generates Motivation - Competition is normal human psychology. China competes with Japan, Western Countries and USA in Technology and economic prosperity and become a strong nation and even threat for security of neighbours. Now India too is trying to enter into competition to save it from envy actions of China. We are seeing how Jio is preparing itself as a 5G network provider. Hopefully soon it will give competition to Chinese company Huawei. In a way competition is collaboration if we invest in excellence process at product and process level.

1-    In Crisis Motivation is the way - Crisis does not come in isolation. It comes with opportunities. It breaks someone and makes someone. Real leaders shine in crisis only. Take the example of migrant labour problem in corona lockdown. We had seen how the Govt system became inefficient and political parties started playing dirty games. In between an actor Sonu Sood played the role of a real hero and helped many people to reach their destination.

1-    Prayer gives self-confidence and motivates to proceed further - You need not go anywhere to find solutions. God is inside you only. It will guide you and make you stable and able if you surrender against him with full devotion. Pray selflessly. You will succeed.

Challenge/Insult Motivates - In long term no one is an enemy. Situations create bad equations. Sometimes we get challenges or even insults from situations. Sometimes insults give breakthroughs. Acharya Chanakya was insulted by King Nand of Magadh and Chankya took this insult as seed of a new dynasty and made united India in medieval India. There are so many examples of this type in our society. Take the example of Ratan Tata in dealing with officers of Ford company.

1-  Reminding of Past Achievements motivates -  To ignite a person, sometimes reminding of past achievements works very well. When the Monkey army was finding difficulty in crossing the ocean to reach Lanka, the great motivator Jamwant reminded the achievements of Hanuman ji during his childhood, how he ate up even sun or how fast he reached several distant places. Within a few minutes Hanuman became ready to cross the ocean and reach Lanka

 Love Motivates - If you love anyone you become committed towards her/him. In that situation people do get motivated and perform excellently. In Mahabharat epic we find an episode where Draupadi demanded Saugandhika flower from Bheem. This flower was found in greater Himalya and was protected by local peoples. It was very difficult to reach there. But love motivates and Bheem went there and he had to fight with the caretakers but he succeeded and bought the flower.

 Empowerment Motivates - Whenever we empower our team /family members they get motivated and perform far excellence. Maryada Purushottam Sri Ram appointed Angad to give a strong message to avoid the war. Angad went fearlessly and not only gave Ram’s message but also demonstrated the power of Ram’s army. Ravans’s people get demotivated seeing the power of Angad.

 Commitment Motivates - If you are committed to any person in whatever form you always remain motivated for your words. Aadi Sankaracharya gave words to his mother that he will perform the last rituals of his mother despite being seers. Which was not allowed to seer’s at that time. When he was in Varanasi addressing the students, he felt problems of his ailing mother. He went back to his home in Kerala and performed the last rituals of his mother and returned on his journey again and established 4 maths as centres of spirituality in 4 parts of India.

 Spirituality Motivates - Lokmany Balgangadhar Tilak announced that “self-rule is our birth right” and started Ganeshotsav. Soon it became a public function.   

 Self-Respect Motivates - Service to mankind is service to God. Many people do selfless service to society free of cost. This self-realisation gives unexplainable satisfaction to mankind.

Tips for Motivation

Motivation is power which ensures success. It is a key quality of successful leaders. Lets us see few key concepts in this matter.

When one thinks he can, he will - Belief empowers. When people behave in that direction, he becomes what he thinks. Arunima Sinha met with an accident and lost her one leg but she decided to climb Mount Everest. It was an impossible determination but she did it.

When one thinks he excelled he becomes excellent - Eklabya was denied admission in private school of Dhritarashtra but he accepted Acharya Dron as his Guru and by self-practice he became master in archery. Later on Guru Dronacharya accepted him as his student.

      Motivated person is fearless - When a person is motivated in his goal, he remains positive and does not live-in fear of difficulties. Swami Vivekanand had no knowledge of his powers until he met his Guru Ram Krishna Paramhans. After meeting him he became fearless and addressed a big gathering in Chicago.
 Motivation person declares his intention and goal, which will further enhance his motivation. When Pakistan was provoking a fight with India in 1971, Indira Gandhi checked the preparation of Indian Army. Sam Manekshaw refused to fight at that time but presented a fool proof plan. Rest is history. This strategy became a success story and was taught in the subject of Military Science even in Pakistan.

      A motivated contributor does not give up his mission because of the obstructions, challenges and difficulties appearing on the way. He continues his mission finding optimal solutions and does not stop till the destination. Just take the example of Scientist Nambi Narain. Despite being innocent he was arrested in a fake case and put in custody for many years. Later he was released and honored by the President of India.

Outstanding contributions deserve not only recognition and reward but more so respect and honor. Money is not the sole criteria for motivation. Er/Sridharan headed many prestigious projects including Konkan Railway, Delhi Metro’s, Kochi Metro etc. His self-motivation is exemplary

Difficulties are tests of determination - Life is a test of determination and leadership. Self-motivation is a key to success. So, remain motivated and serve mankind selflessly. You will grow and glow.

     Ultimately, we need to be clear in our mind that our success is determined by how much we have been able to bring positive contributions in life of our neighbours, fellow citizens and our countrymen. Let’s be loveable inside and serve humanity outside. All the best.

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