Do you know your Path To Excellence

Do you know your Path To Excellence

In practical life, we found some students securing attractive marks throw-out their studies but others not so well. Some students were very brilliant in childhood but gradually they lost their pace and became common students. They could not perform so well in higher education. Some students remained average throw-out their life. Similarly, some employees or young businessmen do very well in their career throughout their life. Some do well in starting but lose pace after some time and some remain average throughout their life. What may be the reason for such diversity in person to person? Even between the siblings too one may be bright and another may not do so well. What makes one successful and failure as another?

We used to listen to the word “excellence” quite often in schools, colleges and the corporate world at the time of appraisal exercise and otherwise too. Everybody wants excellence from his subordinates, kids, vendors etc but generally do not create a process for excellence, not an atmosphere where excellence can be developed automatically. Sometimes we get confused about whether excellence is an action “verb” or a result of the action. I tried to find out the dictionary meaning of the word “excellence” and I got the following results from the website of Cambridge dictionary -


noun [ U ]


 the quality of being excellent:


If we see the situation of society then we feel that most of us think traditionally taking input from our past. In most cases, parents decide whether their child should pursue education in the science, arts or commerce stream. They do not see the creativity level or genuine interest of their child. As a result, few children get crushed in pursuing their parent's wishes. By the time they grow to understand themselves they carry a huge load of their past and belief in themselves their near and dear ones. It is natural that our knowledge is limited about anything be it what we know or what we don’t know. But we don’t know what we don’t know. If we draw a picture of this statement then it will be like this.

From the above image, it is clear that the area of we don’t what we don’t know is significantly very big. This is not specifically about any subjective knowledge but about our own selves too. It is a hard fact that we are not aware of our own intelligence, our physical strength and our mental and emotional strength. Those who have challenged themselves have written history in this world. Probably this challenge to self is known as self-confidence. But this challenge is not easy. You have to be a player and not a just commentator in a game of life. If you have a willingness to challenge yourself then please read further else you will not understand and waste your time.

Actually, excellence is not any new concept rather it is a continuous process of improvement in human thought and resultant action. Since change is a continuous process. There is nothing permanent other than the change. To understand it easily let us decode the creation of the universe first.

As per Nashdeeya Sukta of Rig Veda and the Bible the whole universe came from a dot i.e. Nothing. Every single article in the cosmos used to vibrate at a certain frequency. Due to this vibratory force, this dot is divided into two parts. One part went upside which later on became known as “energy” and another went downside which is known as “consciousness”. In our normal life too when we are progressing upward, we are considered with energy. When we go downward, we are considered with consciousness. One is called the quantity and another one is quality. The quantity has form/shape but the quality is shapeless. This means we are either surrounded with energy or consciousness as shown in the diagram below.

Energy has three variants i.e Knowledge, Wealth and Power. In Indian scripture, these are represented by Goddess Saraswati, Laxmi and Parvati. To run the show only the presence of energy is not sufficient. It requires consciousness too. Consciousness to has 3 parts i.e. Creation, Continuation and Conclusion. It is also known as Generation, Operation and Destruction represented by God Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Generation, Operation and Destruction is commonly known as GOD in short form. In the process of universal vibration energy and consciousness get mixed to each other and make a unique combination of life cycle like depicted in the above image.

You will find here that when Knowledge meets creation then creativity takes place. When creativity gets the support of wealth then development takes place. When development continues then operation takes place. When the operation is empowered then illumination takes place. When illumination attains determination then our contribution is recognized. When contributions again get support from knowledge then evaluation occurs. This process continues forever. This means there is no end to excellence be it education or any work area. Anyone can attain excellence through continuous effort.

Those who believe in God believe that all creations of God are excellent. They may be human beings, wild life, rivers, mountains etc. So why do we underestimate ourselves or our capabilities? We too have to understand the natural process of excellence and adapt in our life. 

Each step in the process of excellence is essential. People need to have ample clarity in their mind while pursuing excellence. This excellence is actually like a research process which brings innovation. In fact, we can say that innovation is nothing but an intermediary product of excellence. Sometimes we notice some students getting excellent success in childhood and become world champion and attains fame an early age. What is behind this force? Actually, it is a continuous process of excellence for betterment. Organizations need to motivate their employees; Parents need to motivate their kids to follow this process in their day to day working and personal life too.

This process needs continuous digging of mind. Since there is unlimited potential in everybody's mind. Employers who create an atmosphere of excellence continue their growth through innovation. For example, i-phone, Starbucks etc.

However, this process is not so easy. There are 4 ingredients of excellence that give them special strength.

1)     Fire in Belly

2)     Warm in the heart

3)     Smile on the face

4)     Spark in the head.

Fire in the belly creates a passion to innovate the processes. Warmness in the heart makes relations better and people get support/strength/empowerment from them. The smile on the face creates fusion. A fusion removes confusion and brings clarity and acceptability. Spark in the head brings inspiration which improves the process of evaluation.  

From the above ingredients, you will find that all are products of mind. In a nutshell, we can simplify the process of excellence as follows.

Purity and clarity of Mind + Effort=Excellence.

Now questions arise whether just by thinking for a better idea, can we be excellent in all areas? The answer is yes. If you can make it a habit you can succeed. Since many of the activities processes of excellence are systemic or automatic or need one-time effort.

To start with everybody should dream about his future with purpose. Dream without purpose is an illusion. But when dreams have a purpose then it becomes illumination. When illumination gets direction then it becomes vision. When a goal is decided then vision becomes a mission. When a timeline is decided then the mission becomes a plan. When we start acting on the plan then the plan becomes work. When we add value to work then it becomes our contribution. When our contribution is accepted by our customer then it becomes Excellence.

Excellence wants a continuous learning habit. There is an end of teaching but no end of learning. Do you know the complete story of Eklabya? Once Guru Dronacharya went to the Jungle with Pandavas. When they felt tired, they stayed near a pond. Gur Dronacharya entered the pond to take shower. Suddenly a wild dog came near them. Nakul and Sahdev became fearful. Yudhisthir escaped behind Bhim. Bhim asked Arjun to kill the dog. When Arjun picked-up his Bow to kill the wild dog, he saw that 4 arrows came from buses and locked the dogs’ mouths. All people became safe along with the dog. It was surprising for all. When Dronacharya came out he saw the young man come near to him and touched his feet. Guru jee asked who he was and from where he learnt the skill of archery. The young man introduced himself as his student only. It was another surprise for all. Then he explained the episode when he went to Gurukul of Dronacharya for education but did not get entry into the school. Eklavya informed that he was rejected admission but he had accepted Guru Dron as his teacher so he practised himself with full authenticity and integrity and learnt the number of ways by which archery can be done. Since Eklavya was faithful to another kingdom having envious feelings with Hastinapur and It was against the boon given by him to Arjun that he would be the best warrior in Archery so he asked Eklaby to donate his right thumb to him. Eklavya did not take seconds to think and placed his right thumb in lotus feet of his Guru. They returned to their kingdom and after some time Yudhisthir became King.

After a few years again Dronacharya went to the jungle with Pandavas and reached near the same pound. By the time Arujn made himself an expert in 4 arrow skill. When they were busy enjoying the beauty of nature and tracing their memories attached to this place, they noticed a tiger coming to their side in a very dangerous way. Arjun pulled out 4 arrows to stop the tiger as Eklavya had done for the dog, By the time 2 arrows came from bushes and put the tiger attached to a tree without killing it. It was another surprise for all since all together new brand archery excellence was against their eyes even beyond their aspiration.

Again, the same person without his thumb in his right hand came near them. Guru Dron asked him to explain how he was playing with a bow despite losing his right thumb. Eklavya replied that he used his left hand to pull the bow. In fact, he was left handed from the very beginning. In the last visit, he was asked for a right thumb so he sacrificed as ordered. He had no intention to fool his Guru. It was a mistake from Guru in his assessment. Guru Dronacharya replied that he was aware of Eklabya,s being left handed when he first came in his Gurukul. At that time if he had admitted the Eklabya and Arjun could not have progressed to the status he has achieved now. Side by side he did not want to discourage the Eklavya so he asked him to sacrifice the wrong thumb. By this way both of his students progressed in their profession as per their excellence. Guru clarified that there is an end of teaching but there is no end of learning.

When I took admission in CA course many of my friends used to crack jokes on my mistakes since I was an arts graduate and had limited knowledge about many subjects. Sometimes I was insulted in classrooms too but by God's grace they all became boon for me and even they give me strength today too in experimenting new avenues in personal and professional life.

After working for almost 18 years in corporate life in different capacities as a Finance Professional or auditor I was inspired by my Guru to work as a healer and help people in getting rid of their physical and mental problems. Initially, my mind was very fearful about medical-related subjects but a firm belief in God gave me a new path and I got the opportunity to treat thousands of people with different types of acute and chronic diseases.  The International Vibrionics Association published my profile in their Nov-Dec 2019 issue too. When a lot of people had locked themselves in the corona pandemic, we were busy distributing the immunity boosters which cured many corona positive patients.

So, my friends, it may be a matter of studies or doing any task in professional or personal life. There is no limit to your strength. You can do the same work with a number of tricks; you need to just think, analyze and experiment. Do not stop, continue in searching new ideas for betterment. Sky is your limit.

Good Luck and wishing you a very happy and innovative festive season.

Our team at VDTC Centre of Excellence

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