Arjuna:The Power of Simplicity which transcended to Game Changer

Arjuna:The Power of Simplicity which transcended to Game Changer

नारायणं नमस्कृत्य नरं चैव नरोत्तमम्।

देवीं सरस्वतीं चैव ततो जयमुदीरयेत्।।

All of us know about the character of Arjuna in Mahabharata epic that he was very brave. He won many wars. He had many special weapons. He killed many great warrior’s like Jayadrath and Karna etc. All elders like Bhishma and Dronacharya loved him. No one could defeat him. Ever we have thought why everybody loved him? Why did he had special privilege to learn special skills or get weapons which others didn’t had. Why was he unbeatable in war? Was he an ordinary character or he too had divine powers like Krishna? Is there any similarity in Arjuna’s character with Maryada Purushottam Ram? Can we learn anything from him which will help us in our success?

My friends! Arjuna was an incredible and inspired leader. He was a simple person like us only. He too faced many problems in his life like a common man. Despite all difficulties he attained success in his life even we can say that his life became light for the world. So definitely we can learn so many skills from him which can illuminate our life. Let us discuss his skills and attitude which made him excellent, master of wealth, person of righteousness, and ultimately self-realization.

1 - A skill full active child- Pandavas were born in Himalayan forest during the time when his parents were on long leave. In nearby forest sage king Shuka was residing for penance. Pandu sent Pandava brothers to sage Shuka’s Ashram for basic education. Sage Shuka was very impressed with the learning attitude of Pandava brothers specially Arjun. They had interest in different skills. Yudhisthir was more focussed towards “ethics”, Bhima “energy” Arjun “efficiency”, Nakul “economy” and Sahdev in “ecology”. In comparison to other students Arjun was more devoted towards his studies, timely completion of activities specially in archery and homework. He never missed his homework. Looking upon his devotion towards studies sage Shuka taught him practicing many powerful weapons along with its operating & maintenance procedures.  

2 - An excellent Student-After sometimes his father passed away due to the curse of a sage who was killed by his father innocently. After their father's departure Pandav’s returned to their native place Hastinapur along with their mother. After returning they first met their uncles Dhritrashtra (Head of Family) and Vidhur, aunty Gandhari, 101 cousins’ great grandfather Bhishm. Being a person of ethics Yudhishthir became closer to Vidhur and Arjuna to Bhishma. They were very loving children.

For basic education they were sent to school of Guru Kripacharya where they learnt various subjects for example Mathematics, science, history, economics, astronomy, geography, political science and music etc. Yudhishthira became a champion of ethical polity. Bhima excelled in health education, Arjuna was an allrounder in science, music and public relations. Nakul became an expert in economics, Sahdev in agricultural science and Duryodhna in Political science.

After sometime new teacher Guru Dronacharya joined the school and started teaching the military science to all students. Arjun was an exemplary student. Like earlier habit he remained focussed in his studies, activities and homework. Guru Dronacharya promised that Arjun will become world champion in Archery. Yudhisthir became champion in Bhalla (spear) Bhima and Duryodhana in Gada (mace) Nakul & Sahdeva in sword.

Due to single minded studies, dedicated effort in homework and respect towards elders and teachers Arjuna got special attention from Guru Dronachrya who taught him using many weapons including Brahmastra in terms of invoking, targeting, realigning and withdrawal. Even he did not teach all skills to his son Aswasthama due to his angry nature. He was also studying in the same class.

At the end of the education semester Guru Dronacharya asked for victory over his friend Panchal king Drupad. Kaurava’s attacked over Panchal state but they returned defeated and demoralised. After their defeat Pandavas attacked and Arjun Got success and arrested the Panchal King Drupad and handed over to Guru Dron who returned half of his state to his friend and half to his son Aswasthama. 

3 - Man of Reality and Future Oriented-Due to his friendly nature Arjuna became loving to all teachers and support staff. Everybody started appreciating applauding him in annual games and other events organised by school. Looking upon it his cousin Duryodhna developed ill feelings and unnecessary competition. Another intelligent student Karna who was very skilled in Archery came for studies. Although karna did get admission on eligibility criteria but looking upon his endeavours for admission and skills Duryodhana supported him and became his great friend. Duryodhna tried to humiliate Arjuna on different grounds including teasing him about his father but Arjuns remained attentive towards his studies and mastery in his favourite subjects. He knew that studies only will help him in future.

In the meantime children met their Maternal uncles’ son’s named Balram and Krishna. Balram became friends with Duryodhna and Bhima and taught them tricks of macs fight. Krishna was very intelligent in human management and strategic planning. Arjuna became his great friend. They together walked in the beautiful garden of the city, river banks, nearby hills and many religious places. Tuning between Arjun and Krishna became a matter of jealousy for Duryodhana camp. 

4 - A courageous Leader- Duryodhna was a very wicked person. He made a conspiracy in consultation with his maternal uncle Sakuni to kill all Pandavas by burning them in fire so he made a house of laces. Laces are very inflammable. Vidhur and Bhishm imagined the conspiracy and signalled the pandavas about it. Before Duryodhna’s plan being executed Pandavas flew from the laces house after lighting the laces house. It was a very painful situation. All family members assumed that they burnt in the house. Pandavas escaped but they lost everything i.e. home, family and relations and they became surrounded with griefs. They took shelter in a poor family and had to live on merci of peoples help. They had no source of earning and any miracle can change their fortune.

It is believed that education and skill can help your survival anywhere. Same thing happened with Pandavas. They were travelling from one place to another in the form of a Brahmin. When they were in Panchal state Bhim experienced the fragrance of very tasty food. Upon inquiry he came to know that the wedding party of a princess is solemnised in a nearby city and a large number of prices and elite class have been invited to participate in it. They will show their skill in archery by hitting a fish mechanism seeing its shadow in water. Bhim requested Yudhishthir to participate but he denied in hesitation since they were not invited. Then Arjun replied Yudhishthir that they are visiting this state as Brahmin and Brahmin does not need any invitation in auspicious events. His arrival is always welcomed as a grace of God. Somehow Yudhishthir accepted and they went to the place of the event. They were mesmerised to note that a big event was in the process. Multiple powerful and skillful princes and kings tried their best but could not lift the bow. Duryodhan tried but failed. Karna lifted the bow but Princess Draupadi rejected her on signal from Krishna. Karna returned gracefully but Duryodhna felt insulted.

Seeing no option Arjun got up from Brahmin side. Everybody was surprised that if powerful warriors could not hit fish mechanism then how this poor Brahmin will be able to succeed. But destiny has its own rules. Dedication and attentive study helped and Arjuna successfully handled the fish mechanism and Draupadi accepted him as her husband. Looking upon this exemplary performance all kings united and attached Arjuna. Arjuna had many weapons and by using the same & support from Bhima all kings were defeated. Thereafter everybody recognised that Pandavas are actually alive.

5 - An exemplary creator – After winning the Draupadi Pandav’s went to their mother Kunti and told that they had bought an offering. She told them to divide it amongst themselves. To keep their mother’s statement Draupadi married Pandava.

Making one’s own word true is the responsibility of a great person. Making others' words true is transcendentally noble. Arjun and Draupadi were transcendentally noble.

After that family elders forced Dhritrashtra to send Vidhur to invite Pandava to Hastinapur. But soon he suggested Pandavas to create a new city in KhandavPrastha, a dense forest. Upon Krishna’s suggestion Arjuna prayed to Fire God who not only burnt the KhandavPrastha forest but also gave many powerful weapons to him. Then Arjuna prayed to God Indra who helped him in constructing a smart city named Indraprastha.

6 - Capability to convert Obstruction into Opportunity- Penance for par excellence- Despite shifting to a new city they never felt peace. Upon suggestion from his maternal uncle Shakuni Duryodhana invited Yudhisthir to play a dice game. In the game Yudhisthir lost his entire wealth, brothers and wife. Draupadi was harassed and insulted by Duryodhana, Dushashna and Karna. In a further round they lost a condition according to which they have to spend 12 years in forest with 1 year in incognito. That’s why it is believed that addiction is the gateway to destruction. Restraint is the doorway, to move out of destruction.  

This was the third round when they had to spend a major part of their life in Forest. Krishna visited them and suggested penance for ultimate weapons like Pashupati Ashtra, Indra Shakti etc. Arjun did penance for a long time and God Shiva became happy and gave him Pashupati weapon along with skill of invoke, target, re-align and withdrawal. Then Krishna prayed and God Indra invited him to his palace and gave him his weapons. During the tour to Indrapuri Arjun refreshed his knowledge of music and singing. A heavenly lady became attracted towards Arjuna and wanted to make relations but Arjuna refused her saying that she is like her mother. She could not bear her refusal and cursed him to be impotent for a year. Later on, this curse became a boon for Arjun.

7 - A responsible relation- Arjun gave due importance to relations. He always respected his elders Bhim, Duryodhana, Yudhisthira, Kunti, Gandhari, Dhritrashtra, Guru Dron and Great GrandFather Bhishma. Whenever he visited nearby states he accepted his friendship. Looking upon his bravery Drupad wanted to marry his daughter with him. Krishna married his sister Subhadra to Arjun. Manipur’s prince Ulupi got married to him. Most of the kings were friends to him. Even during the war, he did not cause any personal harm to Guru Dron, Bhishma, Shalya or even Kaurava’s. He had envy with Karna only even when he was not aware that he was his elder Brother.

8 - Multiskilled dynamism- Arjun had multiskilled dynamism. One side he was champion of science in the form of Archery. On the other hand, he learned excellent music from celestial nymph (apsara). When Pandavas were incognito at Virat Nagar he used to teach music & singing to princess Uttara. There he was known as Brihannala. His deep knowledge towards music drew the attention of all and he became a trusted teacher. Later on Uttara got married to his son Abhimanyu. 

9  -  Unwavering trust on his mentor- Arjun had unwavering trust on his Guru & mentor. Trust is a power. If you trust someone then he becomes responsible towards you. Give trust and get responsibility or become responsible and get trust. That’s why every teacher and mentor gave him his best. During the preparation of war, Pandava and Kaurava both were trying to get support from other states. Arjun was given responsibility to coordinate other states. Arjun and Duryodha both reached Yadav capital Dwarka. Balram declared that he will not participate in war since both are their relatives. Krishna declared that one side he will be and from the other side his army. He will not fight. Arjuna got first opportunity and he asked Krishna to become his charioteer. That became a game changer. Krishna not only became a master strategist from Pandavas side but also helped them in several missions which were appearing impossible. Arjuna asked Krishna about his smallest doubt. A simple student type behaviour from a great warrior gave birth to a source of wisdom called Gita. Krishna told him to overcome his emotions and use his intellect to complete the mission. He not only told every trick to counter the Kauravas' strategy. By this way Krishna ensured victory for Pandavas.

10 - Withdrawal management-After the war 3 Kaurva soldiers were left out i.e. Ashwathama, Kripacharya and Kritvarma. Ashwathama, son of Guru Dronacharya was an angry man. He killed Pandavas sons. Angry Pandva’s reached Rishi Vyasa Ashram where Ashwasthama had taken shelter. Looking upon them Ashwasthama targeted them with Brahmastra. To save themselves Arjuna too used his Brahmastra. To save Earth from great loss, Ved Vyas came in between and asked them to return their weapons. Arjuna was an exemplary warrior; he had learnt invoking, targeting, aligning and withdrawal skills so he withdrew his weapon but Ashwasthama was not aware. So, Rishi Vyas punished him for his ignorance by giving his head gem to Yudhisthir. Since Aswasthama was not aware about withdrawal so he redirected Brahmastra to Pandavas pregnant daughter in law. However, Krishna rescued the infant and his mother.

11-  Trustworthy partner- Arjuna always played the role of a great partner always. In school Arjuna was dedicated & Guru Dron offered his love. Arjuna practiced & worked hard relentlessly & Dron offered him recognition. Arjuna learned with full attention and Dron gave him knowledge, information, idea & solution.

Arjuna practiced application, attention, accuracy, attainment and became a magnificent master and most valued student of Dron even better than Dron’s own son Aswasthama.  

12-  Relearning habit- Anu Gita- After the war Yudhisthir was crowned as King. Krishna spent some time with them thereafter he wanted to return to Dwarka and he informed his decision to Arjuna. Arjuna became sad and told that he had lost his knowledge which he received from Krishna in Kurukshetra.  Then Krishna again told a summary of Gita which became popular with the name of Anu Gita.

               If you analyse deeply you will find that entire mahabharata is actually a conflict between ethics and ego in all parts of life. Bhishm and Vidur taught Pandava to win in life in the right way for the right goal. On the other hand, Shakuni taught Kaurava to win in life in any way, right or wrong way & often in the wrong way.

Throw-out the life, Arjuna remained totally responsible & responsive and everybody trusted him. Dedication and love, work and recognition, learning & knowledge, responsibility & trust was the four-way relation between him and his mentors/mentees.

A teacher like Krishan did not leave any question unanswered and learner Arjuna did not leave any doubt without getting clarity.

In reality Arjuna and Krishna were personifications of Nar and Narayan, the ancient Rishi companions.

Krishna was defenceless without Arjuna and Arjuna was powerless without Krishna. Krishna & Arjuna together were Powerful and successful.  One was a path maker and another path walker.  If we shall also go on that path, then we will get support and guidance from our path maker.

Let us millions of Krishna & Arjuna inspire & ignite each other.

यत्र योगेश्वर: कृष्णो यत्र पार्थो धनुर्धर: |

तत्र श्रीर्विजयो भूतिध्रुवा नीतिर्मतिर्मम ||

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