How to convert Obstruction into Opportunity ?

How to convert Obstruction into Opportunity ?

How to handle Present Crisis

After the world war-II, Humanity is facing the biggest challenge presently due to coronavirus. Lacs of people have lost their family members who were sole earning members in their family. Many lost their friends and relatives. Many lost their previous savings in treatment. Crores of people got unemployed. Lot of people are struggling economically and socially now. We used to see referral requests of a few friends regularly on linkedin and other forums. Many people got into the trap of depression too. Even few of them committed suicides. Indeed! It's a very painful situation.

Whenever I feel a problem, I connect to my Guru through meditation. First of all, let me tell you clearly that I am not a different person at all. I also got the worst hit in my career even before Corona Pandemic. I lost my Job in March 20 just before the corona lockdown. I connected with Guruji. He informed me that losing this job was God’s grace for me. I was surprised whether he was taunting me in my bad days. But firm trust on him forced me to stick to trufeeling only. He further clarified to me that I lost a job but I found GOD. As per him finding God is not different from finding the self, your true self. He further clarified that none of the problems exist in isolation. Obstruction and opportunity are two sides of the same coin. It is our approach which side we want to see. After listening to him with full alignment of body, mind and intellect all pains disappeared. I was surrounded with new energy to take responsibility and face the situation. My humble Pranam in lotus feet of my Guru for timely intervention.

Now let us discuss the changes which are taking place simultaneously on the other side of the obstruction. No doubt it is a big crisis but remain assured that this time is preparing a lot of entrepreneur’s, best in class leaders, writers and spiritual business leaders who will act as path makers in future. Many professionals who are outboard today will be turnaround experts of tomorrow. Things will improve shortly. We just need to have patience. There is not even a single problem in the world which does not have a solution and every solution creates opportunity for new problems. This cycle continues. Therefore, I would suggest to all my friends that you need not doubt your skill capability or fate, it's all part of life. None of the great people could have succeeded without learning to be stable and able. If you want to be one of enlightened leaders then please do read below articles and implement in totality All the best.

Control the Desires- Unemployment and economic depression have impacted demand. As a result, the purchasing power of a lot of people have been impacted. Therefore, we need to implement cost control in our spending. Try all possible efforts to fulfil your needs but control your desires. Needs are seeds but wants and desires are weeds. Desire tends to pleasure and gives heavenly experience for the time being and hell at the end. Be joyful from within yourself by freeing yourself from pleasurable external objects.

Being the observer of traditional Indian customs and systems, we can do it very easily. You will be surprised to feel that every member of your family will support you in this exercise. They will also now respect the value of money. Which is good practice.

I would like to give a classical example of MTR Group. This group was established in 1924 in the name of Mavalli Tiffin Rooms by Sri Yagnarayan Maiya, an Uduppi Brahimin. They were conservative in spending on Ambience but very serious for hygiene and quality of foods. For some times customers were allowed to enter through the kitchen so satisfy themselves about cleanliness and quality of food. During world war-II, rice became in short supply. Their restaurant business got a bad hit, but they experimented to make idli by experimenting semolina (सूजी). This experiment became a grand success and they invented the Rava idlis and ensured business continuity.

Therefore, I would suggest you to just align your intellect and mind in available opportunities in a number of ways you can. I am surprised to note my wife’s excellent skill of cost savings. Actually, she has become my teacher. Her skill to run the house with lesser resources, preparing several innovative foods at home have surprised me several times. Through her management she taught me that pain is inevitable but suffering is optional?


Don’t blame anyone, take responsibility –We used to experience unbearable hot weather in summer, acute cold in winter, sometimes disruptive rain in the rainy season considering it as part of life. Likewise treat the present grief as temporary seasons. Grief and happiness come and go. Believe that good things are in life because of help from different stakeholders like parents, teachers, friends and family not because of your sole ability or effort. So good times are too coming your way. Think positive with courage and commitment. All divine powers will help you. Stay away from negative thoughts, fear and anxiety. If you have anger towards anything then convert it into correction and improving situations. Accept the situation as it is. No one else is responsible for our present position except us. There is no benefit in blaming any person or country. Take responsibility to change the situation.

This is an excellent time to analyze your potential and prepare for the future. Just shine your skill and take responsibility and determine your destination. Always remember the Try to help the people selflessly what you can.

I would like to mention an example of MTR again. During the Emergency In 1970 a food control Act was enacted by Govt. This Act enforced a ceiling on food prices and restaurant business became unprofitable. Promoters of the business had the option to shut down the business but this action would have caused unemployment. Spiritual businessmen do the ordinary business with extra-ordinary common-sense. They meditated on their intellect and found the way. To save the job they started selling the spices and roasted floor mixes. That became the entry gate for instant food business. By taking the responsibility towards themselves and their employees they converted the obstruction into opportunity.  

Initially I was also thinking that why I am suffering. But gradually realized that companies’ policies are not made to target any specific person. Many wise peoples have faced difficulties like me earlier too. If they could sail satisfactorily then why not I? Many persons are facing trouble due to corona pandemic. Whether all of them are culprit? So, don’t blame anyone take responsibility to help yourself and every person near you who is facing difficulty.

Continue your effort to improve the situation with Patience- Every idea takes time in implementation. So, don’t panic. Just practice patience and continuously invest in excellence of your working. Don’t get angry or disappointed on a setback. Know the link between pleasure and anger. Thought of pleasure to attachment to desire to anger is the chain of events in the journey of deterioration of humanity. Thoughts are the root of behavior of a man. Divert them to the positive side to uplift the self.

Anger creates delusion. Delusion causes loss of memory may be temporary one. A person forgets every good thing done by even friends too and treats them as envy. So always develop ability. Be creative to rise to a higher level of contribution and solution rather than delusion and illusion.

If you feel tensed them remember the mantra of Tension-Intention-Extension-No tension. Discuss your problem with family and friends. Very hesitantly I discussed my problem with my friend he invited to join him in form. Since last 6 months I am doing consultancy in Business turnaround, Empowerment of Team, Value based branding, Process Excellence, Productivity Improvement and Internal Auditing.

Seeing the bigger picture- Stable and able leader is a controller and known for all. So just be a good thinker and visualizer of all. See beyond what normally people see. What is dark for the normal people is light for the stable leader because he is able to see beyond the ignorance. See behind the lines, between the lines, before the lines and beyond the lines. Behind means hidden meaning, below means what is intended but unsaid, before means causes what is said, beyond what is ahead. See the reality beyond the appearance, feeling and thought.

Always see the bigger picture. Continuously work for excellence in quality and quantity. By this way you will create a brand in public which has a long-lasting impact. Today's product of MTR is exported to Gulf countries, USA and UK etc. Had they not stayed with their values, had they not invested in their peoples, had they not invested in continuous improvement in quality and quantity, they could not have developed to the level they are now. They have opened restaurants in Singapore too. A pure Indian Multinational brand.

It is believed that if you think upto yourself only then don’t go into business. If you can think about customers, employees, other stakeholders and society and have willingness for contribution for them then only remain in business. You can do it. Only you need to practice believe-behave-be. Believe on yourself. Behave on your plan with patience and Be what you want. Everything takes place twice. Once I n your mind and subsequently in reality. Journey from belief to being is called enlighten life.

Earlier I was worried thinking how I will continue my free medication program. I am surprised that all programs are running excellently despite many obstructions. Getting opportunity to serve many new patients on daily basis with better experience and rejuvenated feelings.

Finally remember one line that great people do not worry for pleasure. They are pleasant in themselves. Following lines will define their true character-

हौसला बुलंद दिल में दर्द निगाहे पाक

यही है रक्ते सफर मेरे कारवां की

 Wishing you all the best. If you are facing any problem and wish to avail assistance please do write to us. We will be happy to assist you. Just remember that “Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional”.


Dedicated to my Guru Sri Narayan Jee.

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