Change in World Order : In terms of Indo China Conflict

Change in World Order : In terms of Indo China Conflict

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There Is Nothing Permanent Except Change. The Greek philosopher Heraclitus, stated that change is the only reality in nature. We've all made changes in our lives, both good and bad, expected and unexpected. Relationships, circumstances, and feelings change.

Modern Indian started its journey in 1947 and China since 1949. Both of the countries inherit a rich and old aged culture. Both countries were invaded by foreign rulers for long time. After Independence India adopted democratic system of Govt. having multiple parties who participate in election and forms Govt. Here transfer of power takes place through ballot. whereas China followed Communist system of Governance. Means single party ruling. No opposition no human rights at all. Party and govt both run by same system and persons.

Both countries are big in size and population and have feeling to get their position in world political and economic system.

After Independence many British ruled estates joined either India or Pakistan depending upon their choice or economic/security compulsions.  On the other side China started capturing the land of its neighbouring countries forcefully or sometimes with its communism agents or with deception. It captured Tibet an Independent Country in 1960 and attacked on India at several fronts and occupied approx..43000 sqr Km area of Ladakh territory. Although India lost this war but this defeat is still burning in heart of many nationalist Indians. 

India started helping its neighbouring countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka etc economically with a feeling mutual respect and peaceful co-existence. On the other hand, China started helping the countries economically and at high rate of interest even with clause to acquire their property in case of default. 

Since 1990 China invested in its infrastructure and became world manufacturing hub. Business houses of the world invested in China to get cheap labour facility. As a result, it got huge revenue and started investing in other countries in name of their development. Side by side it started developing infrastructure in boarder areas by making roads and bridges.  They got an easy access to others territory and started dominating the trade terms at power of military show-off. In this process they attacked on Vietnam in 1990 but got defeated.

On the other hand, India remain in red tapes made by British rulers till 1990. Most of the time Indian National Congress ruled the country. As a result of being a single party a well organised structure of corruption got developed. National wealth started to accumulate in hands of few political leaders, few big business houses, brokers and middlemen. As a result, most of the population did not get the benefit of development and remained under poverty. Selfish leaders ignored the defence requirements necessary infrastructure at boarder to counter Chinese intrusion. As a result, Chinese forces became habituated to grab the small portion of land gradually at regular interval. Poor Govts have no courage to take-up Chinese forces. Feeling helpless they maintained peaceful and started negotiation giving trade and other benefits.

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On the other side China continued modernising its defence requirements. They started making defence base in Countries around the country like Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Maldives etc.

After the end of Cold war America and Russia both have cooled down obviously due to different reasons. It gave a chance to China to claim their status of world power. India despite being a big country could not stand against Chinese aggression due to its poor, courage less and selfish political leadership.

After 2014 elections when Modi Govt came into power, it started working on defence requirements. Boarder Road organisation started working at high speed in developing roads and bridges at boarder areas. Relations with Asian countries were improved who were similarly harassed by Chinese Army/Govt. 

China being a rouge country always adopts different measures to cheat and deceive neighbouring countries. Nepal is an excellent example of Chinese aggression.
In 2017 Chinese military entered into Dokalam a tri-junction area of Bhutan India and China and started making roads and other infrastructure. India being a friend of Bhutan objected to Chinese aggression. After 70 days face-off ultimately, China had to pull back its forces. It was a big embracement of China against Indian politics. All major countries supported the Indian stand and condemned the Chinese aggression. Being annoyed China started opposing India at different International forums like Nuclear Groups etc.

In process of consolidating its powers India removed temporary provisions of article 370 giving special status to Jammu & Kashmir state and divided into two states ie Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh.  Ladakh was bought into direct control of central whereas J&K was given an assembly. After the division Govt. started claiming the other areas of J&K & Ladakh for example POK, Aksai Bharat etc. As we know that Pakistan have surrendered most of the POK areas to China. Therefore, actions of Govt were directly challenging the Chinese claims and its long terms efforts. After almost completion of defence infrastructure at boarder Indian forces started countering Chinese aggression. Off-course it was not easily digestible for China. 

After outbreak of corona pandemic, which killed more than lakh’s of people, role of china became question mark in whole world. Peoples started asking inquiry into Chinese role in creating and spreading this novel virus. To divert attention China started army aggression at Indian Boarders. They had face-off with Indian Army at several points. In de-escalation process Chinese troops tried to cheat Indian Army. Indian Army lost its 20 solders but killed more than 50 Chinese solders. In facts China is too surprised on bravery of Indian Armed Forces. Now Chinese president is suggesting for improvement in management and training for Chinese forces. 

Friends, this fight is not isolated but it is a part of ongoing process where both countries are trying to maintain their status in world economic and social power.

No doubt China is a bigger country and strong economy but India too is a soft power with strong values and customs system. Had our political parties, social and economic system worked with more selfless approach we would have been much stronger position. We need not to bother about boarder issues since our Govts and Armed forces are capable enough to teach a suitable lesson to anyone who tried transgress. We have to remain united with our nation and do not fall in propaganda politics of Jaichands and Meerjafars of Political system for whom their interest is above national interest. Just feel the changes and do your work more diligently to make the country economically self-dependence.

Our 20 solders were like Abhimanyu of Mahabharata who scarified their life but opened the door of victory. Now all of us have to ensure that our army win the fight with strong kaurava's. Ultimately India always wanted peace but if peace can be ensured through war only then we can not escape it.

Jai Hind Jai Bharat 

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