No Balls thrown by Congress on Political Pitch of India

No Balls thrown by Congress on Political Pitch of India

Covid-19 is a very contagious virus. It is spread in whole world infecting peoples of all categories like normal peoples, VIP’s Security forces and Medical Staff. We had visualised its effect on not economy and human life. However, we could not visualise how political parties will play with virus.
All political parties are playing their corona card as per their convenience.  Parties in Govt. are crying for resources and same party in opposition in other state is blaming the ruling party. In this article we would like to analyse the role of Congress Party on some hardcore national issues.

Political Status of Indian National congress

Indian National Congress is the oldest Political party of the country. Many leaders who separated from this party formed their own party. This party have ruled in Most of the states and in centre for long time. Accordingly, peoples had expectation from this party to lead the country in such a way so that it may fulfil the aspiration of large number of peoples. Here we are not going to evaluate whether the party failed in fulfilling the desires of the country or not at micro level but if we compare it with other countries like Japan or Germany who started their development journey at almost same time created huge difference. They became the economic power house where as our aspiration for larger peoples are still limited to Roti, Kapda and Makan. Here we are not saying that nothing has been done since Independence. So many things have been done but at peer to peer comparison we lacked and no once can deny it even many of our friends who are still in Congress Party.
Sometimes it is said that your strength is actually your weakness. Probably it became true for Congress Party. Gandhi Nehru family is the primary source of inspiration for the Congress Party. Probably in today’s perspective it has become its weakness too. It started at the Time of India Gandhi when she became synonym’s with party itself. As a result, so many veterans and old Congress leaders were side-lined and had to face exit. It is believed that seed of ending develops within its own. These leaders became challenge for Congress and slowly this party started losing its ground. Remaining leaders were mainly faithful for the family not the Congress. This party did not try to accept the reality and continued suffering.

Denying the Peoples Sentiments

Last few years activities of this oldest party have witnessed further deterioration in its voter base. India is over 5000-year-old civilisation so is the faith and understanding of its larger population. This party did all efforts to make an atmosphere where India as a country took place in 1947 only. Prior to that it was nothing. Means something came out of nothing. Probably on this thought only Pt.Nehru wrote a book discovery of India. They were successful to some extent but now in the age of Information boom, internet and social media their artificial bubble was bound to burst.

Opposing govt in Face off with China
At a time when nation is with historical conflict with China and scarified its 20 solders in process of teaching a lesson to China, congress party opposed its own Govt. Instead of supporting its Govt in tough situation they started cheap politics and indirectly supported the Chinese Govt. Today they might be expecting favorable people sentiments and convert into vote bank but historically their such steps have harmed their own vote bank in past too. Therefore they should behave with more maturity and unite with nation else they will be loosing more and more in future too. 

Opposing Ram Mandir Issue

Ram Mandir is a matter of faith and belief. Congress Party kept this issue pending since long for vote bank politics. Their role was against their interest in representations given in courts too. Had they tried honestly then probably BJP would not have so fertile land for its politics.

Opposing removal of Article 370  

Congress party took many steps which further went against its interest. For example, they opposed the removal of article 370 which was like divider between India and its own territory. Statements of their leaders were used by Pakistan in UNO against India. In this process they not only worked against national Interest but they lost sympathy of voters too.

Questioning the Surgical Strikes

Similarly, when it comes to action against any terrorist organisations like Surgical Strikes Congress leaders questions the role of army too. This process somewhere goes against their interest.

Handling Corona Virus Issue

Now take the example of action against Corona Virus, Modi Govt took action quite late but it was not highlighted in time. I too had written a blog on failure of Modi Govt at this point.
Now take the example of handling migrant labour problem, Congress Party started playing dirty political game which went against them. Instead of playing dirty blame game and show-off drama they should have put an outstanding example in Rajasthan, Mumbai and Chhattisgarh. So that peoples may take it as role model. They should not forget that BJP has shown Gujrat state as role model in 2014 and win 2014 General Elections. Congress should work better in their states and put an outstanding example against peoples for better connect and inspiration.

Way Froward

Peoples are getting bored and losing their patience. Peoples sentiments are turning against the BJP Govt. Congress Party need to play the role of a not only a responsible opposition but a partner in nation building too. They need to take decisions/ take-up issues keeping unbiased approach so that they may revive the oldest party. Their leaders need to work on ground level to have better connect with peoples.
Indian is not only largest democracy but a very old civilisation too where majority population follows Sanantan Dharma the oldest definition of mankind, which is inclusive, tolerant and considers the whole universe as a family. Congress leaders should not make a joke of these facts and respect the diversity along with welfare of normal peoples.

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