5 Questions To Prime Minister of India

5 Questions To Prime Minister of India

 Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi addressed the nation on 14th of April 2020. He have taken many bold decisions to fight with COVID-19. In comparison to leaders of other countries he have taken many proactive steps like calling meeting of G-20 groups etc. However many questions are still unanswered from Govt.authorities which they must address. 

1-    Prime Minister told that Govt. was very proactive in taking steps to control the COVID-19, checking started at airports when there was not even single patient in the country. This self praising statement is not digestible at all. COONAVIRUS was very active in China since Dec 19. Many peoples were coming from China directly or through other countries since then and infecting others but checking started much later probably in end of February 20. If checking would have been started in advance, then we would have already won the war against COVID-19 without lock-down. Either checking was not being done as stated by Prime Minister or not effectively done.

2-  Approx. Thousands of Tableegi foreigners were lying in different mosques and spreading the CORONAVIRUS. If checking was proactive then how they assembled in so big number and why not they quarantined from airport or deported to their origin countries directly from airport. This issue also questions the credibility of PM's statement. Govt should also ensure the nation that such people who did not co-operated will not get visa in future too.

3-    From media reports it appears that most of the patients are being treated through allopathic medicines. Whether any treatment is being done through alternative medicines too like Homeopathic, Ayurvedic or Uniani remedies exclusively or in conjunction with allopathic medicines ? Govt. must encourage these therapies too in research and development work.

4-     In social media it is being reported that lock down is being breached in many parts of the country like West Bengal and Maharashtra. Why Central Govt.is not taking any strict action against the state Govt ? Few State Govt. are wasting money on unnecessary ads on television for COVID handling. Why no action is being taken against them.

5-    Some social media reports are being circulated that people handling the Chines consignments are also getting infected. There is no confirmation/denial from Govt. If these are confirmed cases, then whether there is any plan to ban the import of Chinese Good. This issue is very crucial since Chinese Govt will protect their business interest even at cost of entire human life. 

We have participated in all suggestions of Prime Minister to fight the COVID-19 like clapping, lighting lamps and Saptapadi etc. However, looking upon his yesterday’s public address few questions came in my mind which might be surfacing in mind of several peoples. Therefore, Govt authorities must get these facts checked and appropriately replied.

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  1. So obvious...These set of questions really need answers 👍👍


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