Leucorrhoea : Causes and Treatment

Leucorrhoea : Causes and Treatment

In our free medical camps we have seen many female patients coming with back pain systems. In medical terminology proper discussion with patient is necessary to arrive at root cause of the problem. In general ladies hesitated to tell about their leucorrhoea problem rather they informed about symptoms. So we wanted to discuss about this problem for awareness of all concerned.
Leucorrhoea is a flow of whitish, yellowish or greenish discharge from vagina. Origin of this discharges may be vagina, ovaries, Fallopian tubes or in most cases cervix. Practically I have seen this symptom in patients of different age groups starting from 6-7 years up to 50-55 year-old. In pregnancy period discharge of thin, white and comparatively lesser smelling discharges are considered normal. However, if discharges are yellowish or greenish then its sign of infection. It causes irritation, itching, pain or inflation in tissues.
Chronic leucorrhoea may cause social stress, dizziness, burning hands and feet, irregular periods weakness, indigestion, headache, breathlessness and anaemia.
Root Cause
Root cause may be bacteria, fungus or sexually transmitted disease. Since female genitals are moist and covered most of the time therefore they are highly prone to infections. These bacteria cause infection in cervix. It causes irritation in mucus glands of the cervix. As a result, they secret excess mucus mixed with pus.  Sometimes it may cause infection by candida, albicans or protozoan parasites too.

Care to be taken
1.    Maintain hygiene, keep the vagina clean by washing regularly with a gentle soap and warm water.
2.    Never use scented soaps and feminine products or douche.
3.    After going to the bathroom, always wipe from front to back to prevent bacteria from getting into the vagina and causing an infection.
4.    Leucorrhoea is an infectious disease. It may transmit from one woman to another therefore undergarments shall never be exchanged.

Treatment of Leucorrhoea is available in different healing systems. Ie Allopathic, Homeopathic, Ayurvedic or Uniani system. Leucorrhoea may be due to weakness too therefore neutrinos & digestible diets full of fibers is recommended in this case with above mentioned hygiene cares.
Sometimes, leucorrhoea is caused by sexually transmitted diseases; therefore, treating the STD will help treat the leucorrhoea. It is treated through antibiotics.
Loose fitting cotton under garments are recommended in this case.

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