Do you practice Yoga and Pranayama everyday ?

Do you practice Yoga and Pranayama everyday ?

Science & technology have made human life very comfortable. Now almost every essential material of life is available on door step on just click of a button. Even no need to change the switch of air conditioner or television. Use remote and see channel of your choice or increase or decrease temperature of your room. Artificial intelligence has further spiced the life and now air conditioner accepts command over sms. There is huge development in medical science too where many complex investigation reports are now easily available.

Is above rosy picture of human life complete and true? Perhaps no. This is one side of coin. Technology and science is undoubtedly essential and good but till they work as enabler. The time they start replacing human it becomes a problem. Take the growth rate of decease, distress and anxiety, violence globally. Physical and mental strength of human being is decreasing day by day. Take the example of Adi Sankaracharyha who travelled entire India South to North and East to West within age of 32 years and established 4 schools of Vedanta (Maths) when there was no train, flight or bus services. In my child hood we used to go by foot upto 10 Km to catch bus or train to go to any relatives. Now what is our position. Even to purchase vegetables we ride 2 wheelers. It was possible because at that time our natural environment was clean. We used take satvik natural food. Now our food in contaminated. We used to remember telephone number of many persons but today we don’t remember telephone number of even our family members.

To maintain healthy body and healthy mind, we have to follow the below practices without fail.
1-    Regular Yoga of minimum 30 minutes a day is must. It is best to do it early in the morning before taking breakfast. Exercise improves flexibility of the body. In exercise movement of body parts gives them strength. All asnas are following concepts, stretching, forward and back ward bending, side bending’s and twisting. Regular exercise improves metabolism, strengthen digestive system and strengthens circulatory system too. I remember 4 year ago i felt little anxiety and  vertigo. Doctor declared that my BP is little high and prescribed some medicines. Mrs brought prescribed medicines too. But i threw the medicines in dust bin and started daily yoga and pranayam. Thereafter i never experienced such problem. 

2-    Pranayama is basically exercise through breathing process. It contains control of breathing, to strengthen internal body parts like lungs, heart, kidneys, liver, intestine, Gall bladders, urinary system, male or female organs etc, By this process more oxygen’s is absolved by body and reached to different cells of body.

3-    Meditation- Meditation is basically process of quitting the mind. There are 3 stages in meditation process. It starts with concentration where we control our mind. Behaviour of mind is like monkey. It is difficult for a monkey to remain at place. It jumps from one branch of tree to another or from one tree to another. Same way mind too jumps from one subject matter to another. After concentration yogi’s reach to the stage of contemplation. In contemplation stage we think about desired object exclusively with single mindedness. Thereafter comes meditation when we reach to ultimate stage where difference between seeker and object disappears and seeker feels status of bliss. In this stage mind itself disappears and all dualities ceases to exist and status of Samadhi can be achieved.

These 3 suggestions need to be part of our daily life to keep of ourselves physically and mentally health. Having a healthy body and mind we can discharge our routine duties at most efficient level. In a way we can achieve objective of life only when we are physically and mentally strong. So reading is not sufficient. Get up early in the morning and start morning walk from tomorrow itself. Don’t wait for any sacred day “शुभ मुहूर्त” Every day is sacred day.

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