Do you know the benefits of Meditation ? How to practice it?

Do you know the benefits of Meditation ? How to practice it?

Meditation is an ancient way of self inquiry, practiced by many sages and spiritual aspirants. Now a days when mankind is running behind material objects ignoring human values and facing its consequences then it becomes imperative to discuss some proven ways to oneness with supreme power. Meditation is a very wider subject. It is subject matter of practice and experience. There are different ways to meditate depending upon the consciousness of the spiritual aspirant. It is recommended that meditation should be practiced under supervision of a Guru who can guide by close observance. However, I am summarizing what I learnt from my Guru’s.

Meditation is a process of emptying the mind from control of senses and filling itself with light emerging from divine spark within.
Its transcending the senses and mind. It means offering the flower of love to divine.
Meditation is thinking on spiritual practice, searching out the application to oneself. A constant inquiry about self? Who am i? What is true? What is ego action? What is loving what is harsh?


Meditation, devotion and service increases our sensitivity towards our own inner light. It is final gateway to reality. The steady, balanced, single-pointed, conscious mental absorption in chosen mantra is meditation.

Realization of the power of love is the true aim of meditation. One must feel one’s unity with God in one’s inner being.

God’s voice can be heard only in silence. Spend few minutes daily in morning or evening and offer him all the work, you will feel more energized after meditation.

How to start the day
Start your day by remembering God, someone from whom I was ignorant for number of ages for which I took millions of births. I am thankful to the Lord that he has pardoned me of my sins and given me the right direction in this birth, when he realized it was now the right time for me to reach him. I promise to myself to never look back as I have already wasted uncountable years. My every action, my every deed, is directed by him. I surrender before him as he is my sole father & mother who takes of me. I had forgotten him and remained deprived of him. But he never let me walk alone. Now I realize him, I see him everywhere. Through the eyes of leaves and flowers he talks to me, through the rays of sun and blow of wind he sends me messages which I can read now, I see and feel him EVERYWHERE. I have let my desires go off as every desire showed my selfishness inclined to the materialistic world. My heart is filled with joy, an everlasting joy which cannot be explained because it is mine and nobody else can understand. 

So, my simple advice to my dear brothers and sisters is that you haven't lost anything yet. God has made you beautiful, make yourself more beautiful by developing an inner desire to know your real father and mother. Spend some time talking to that almighty father/ mother by devoting some time through meditation. Once you are commune with him, you will start getting answers, you will start feeling the same happiness as any Yogi/ Guru have had. Love God with pure thought and I am sure you will start realising his oneness with you. Remember him in every action, everything you do.

Sit in lotus posture, back straight. Head, neck and body should be straight.
Mind should not rest but concentrate on the breathing process and relating inhalation and exhalation process and following mantra shall be recited. “So Ham”, “So Ham (I am he).
While sitting in group don’t contact anyone else. Very important.

Jyoti Meditation

Light symbolizes divinity in a man. It increases by sharing, in contrast to other things which gets reduced.

   1)  Set few minutes to practice mediation every day and gradually increase the time.

   2)  Start it in morning. Have a lamp with steady and straight flame.

   3)  Sit in front of lamp in lotus posture.

   4) Look at the steadily for some time, try to feel the flame inside you between your eye brows.

   5)  Let the light slide down into lotus of your heart, illuminating the path. Imagine the opening of individual lotus petals, removing the darkness, falsehood.

   6)  Let the light rise up-to eyes and ears to destroy dark desires.

   7)  Let the light shine from you in ever widen circle covering all living being, the entire world.

   8) You may be praying any form of God, try to visualize that form in the all-pervasive light
. Light is God, God is light. Gradually you become light.
   9) During the meditation process repeat the name of God.

Tratak Meditation

Under this process concentrated viewing of an object is recommended for 12 seconds, which is equal to one concentration. Object may be a flame, a picture, or an idol.
Under this process, first step is concentration. 12 concentrations are equal to one meditation and 12 meditations are equal to one Samadhi.
For this one Samadhi is equal to (12X12X12)=28 minutes and 48 seconds.
It is suggested to gradually increase the duration i.e. Concentration, meditation Samadhi.
Alternatively, close your eyes, you will observe a small dot appearing before inner eyes. You may concentrate on this point for 12 seconds without letting it to move. It will develop power of meditation.

Benefits of Meditation

During meditation spiritual energy is generated.Meditation improves the willpower. Spiritual aspirant should reduce his desires to progress in spiritual sadhana.
In addition to above there are multiple benefits of meditation i.e.meditation Controls stress, Controls Anxiety, Promotes Emotional Health, Enhances Self-Awareness, Lengthens Attention Span, May Reduce Age-Related Memory Loss, Can Generate Kindness, May Help Fight Addictions. Therefore we must practice meditation everyday.

Samast Lokah sukhino Bhawantuh

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