Super Yoga the ultimate destination on Expressway of Happiness

Super Yoga the ultimate destination on Expressway of Happiness

Welcome to our destination chapter on the expressway of happiness. Till now you have gone through 4 milestones on the expressway of happiness. This destination point is about taking responsibility, connecting peoples and unifying the objectives. Here also I will request you to read our earlier articles on Fuel of happiness the power of positivity, Karma Yoga, Gyan Yoga and Dhyan Yoga. After going through this chapter, you will realise your importance as a source of graceful energy, who can achieve unlimited success in life. Please read the earlier article on Dhyan Yoga to connect with the flow-Dhyan-yoga-intellectual-milestone-on.html

Responsible- Respond with responsibility.

Response with ability is called responsibility. It's action, not a reaction. It is the combination of accountability, duty and answerability. Apart from fulfilling the commitments, sometimes a person has to rise in critical situations to take things in his hand to set things in order. This is called leadership. It's not simply authority that is delegated rather it is assumed. When the situation requires and someone to stand up, takes initiative to correct the situation and establish human values that person becomes responsible and also a responsible leader. So, take initiative. Be first to take a difficult task into your hand. When things are out of hand, be a leader and take the initiatives to correct them. When you stand up, the world stands around you. Do the right things, at the right time in the right place in the right way.

Discharging responsibility requires actions. Act and be responsible. Be responsible like mother, father, teacher and grandfather. Mother cares with love. Father protects with courage and teacher shares with commitment and grandfather appreciates with heart. When you care, protect, teach, and appreciate, you become a mother, father, teacher and grandfather.  When you are a mother, father, teacher and grandfather of your team, family, society or the world you become a leader, family head, state head or even God.

Be a giver, organiser and developer for all and be responsible. Trust and responsibility are the two side of the same coin. When you are trusted you become responsible. When you are responsible you are trusted. Responsibility and trust generate great happiness.

Connecting- Connecting is nectar.

Connecting means being linked or being together. Joining hand is connecting at the physical level. Matching steps is connecting at the attitude level. Joining thoughts is connecting at an intellectual level and merging feelings is connecting at an emotional level. A unifying spirit is connecting at a conscious level.

When we connect the people, our resources and abilities multiply. There are 3 powers in the universe ie. Knowledge, wealth and strength but no one have all the powers in the right quantum. Someone has knowledge but no wealth and strength. They have no investment and protection. Someone has wealth but no knowledge and strength they lack in methods and protection. The persons who have strength but no knowledge and protection lack in methods and investments. How can we have all powers? Its power of connecting brings knowledge, wealth and strength together. Therefore, the power of connection is the supreme power. It is the mother of mothers. Connecting with different peoples gives tremendous joy. So, develop durable partnerships for joint endeavours in different areas. Make a high performing team. The team is God. Group-Organisation-Direction.

Linking ideas in a team generates creativity. Connection is life and disconnection is death. Be like a thumb and not only contact different persons in your team and family but bring them together too. Be connected and enjoy the liberation of connected consciousness. Be ever connected to everyone who comes into your touch. In connection contact the divinity.

Unifying- Younify and Younite.

Unity is oneness. Its strength. When thumb and fingers unite, they become a fist. Fist smashes the problems that individual problems cannot do. Just think what will happen if we join our hands, heels, hearts? We can generate unlimited progressive energy together for well being of all. Form learning groups and teams for exercises and projects. Perform group prayers at home.

A unified group of students at super-30 creates confidence in collaborative consciousness. They unite to attain excellence and achieve super excellent results and create a benchmark. Whenever all people of India united, they created history.  When all people unite, a wonderful home emerge. Do a morning walk with your life partner and family members. Resolve problems of students, team members and join them with love.

Unifying involves understanding the difference, aligning the commonalities and joining energies to create a synergy of mutual acceptance and mutual progress. Join your arguing family members with your wonderful smile and persuasion and re-unite them.

All religions may unify and make a global religion of love, prosperity and harmony. The spirit of universal, unified, unifying, united humanity vibrates all around.

Hope by now we have learnt how to keep ourselves positive, how to achieve success in material objects, how to keep ourselves updated and make the source of energy, how to resolve difficulties through breakthrough ideas, how to take responsibility and establish ourselves as a leader and how to unify the common objectives of life. After implementing these topics in life, I am sure that anyone can feel the difference in his life within a short span of time.

So, let us experience the in-joy and enjoy the life. 

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