Dhyan Yoga the Intellectual Milestone on Expressway of Happiness

Dhyan Yoga the Intellectual Milestone on Expressway of Happiness

Welcome once again on the expressway of happiness. You have already observed in a previous article how to control your mind, how to feel peace and energised with Karma Yoga. In a real sense karma, yoga is the physical aspect, whose impact is visible through naked eyes. Gyan yoga is understanding at the mind level and love is the outcome. If you aspire to become knowledgeable then you must practice loving mankind. You must make your heart strong enough to give, offer and receive. Please do read the earlier article on Gyan Yoga- Gyan-yoga-vibrant-milestone-on.html

You might be knowing that earlier people used to meditate and do penance for some time to achieve excellence in certain disciplines. As a result, they achieve strength, skill and expertise in such disciplines. Disciplines might have been different based on their choice like mastery in any particular arms, knowledge about any difficult topic, the secret of happiness, scarify etc. Actually, what are these things? Earlier it was part of normal life. Today we are going to discuss some of the arts of life which will keep you ever dynamic in life. You will be able to achieve new heights in your career, material and spiritual life.

Continue learning. Learning is unlimited and unbound- If you want to grow continuously then you must continue learning since learning is growing. Learn with humbleness. Understand yourself and the whole world and gain knowledge, wisdom and consciousness. Approach masters, serve them with humbleness and discuss your problems. Masters have knowledge, experience and communication. Teaching is limited and bounding but learning is unlimited and unbounded.

It is god’s assurance that a teacher will appear unexpectedly if you are ready with will and full devotion. Always look for and pray for the right teachers at a different stage of life.

Guru Narayan jee used to say that there are many forms of Gurus. A master teacher is ideal. Next, the best are books. The group is the teacher in case of the unavailability of books. Self is the Guru if nothing is available. You can do self-learning anywhere, anytime. Offer dedication to Guru and receive love from him. Serve Guru, receive learning, practice and improve.

Engage teacher in learning process and debate but don’t cross-check him or go in the argument. Remain as a learner throughout your life. Learn a variety of subjects in deep a profound. You will earn happiness through learning and teaching.


Explore, examine, extend, excavate to experience ecstasy of a new experience- Exploring means new learning. It is a process of connecting new people and identifying the vision for future possibilities. In a real sense exploring means excavating the hidden opportunity within ourselves, our friends, family members, even children’s and colleagues. It's a kind of new learning where we get connected to different masters to discover the visions of future possibilities. Explore the hidden weakness and strength of your self and your team and family members and examine the possibilities of eliminating the weakness and enhancing strength.


Enthusiasm is the spirit of God.

Enthusiasm is the spirit of God. When you are enthusiastic the world is enthusiastic. When we welcome others, others ideas and changes then we are called enthusiastic. It is a readiness to meet people, taking responsibilities to participate, to contribute, to serve and deserve. Do things differently with enthusiasm energetically. Keep yourself enthusiastic every minute. Enthusiasm will keep you energised always since enthusiasm is a fountain of energy. Give your feedback on your own and be ahead of people and events. Take the first step. Be first to accept your errors and express your readiness to correct and improve. Don’t be overenthusiastic.


Stand under to understand

To understand anything, we have to be humble enough and accept that we do not know and do not understand things fully. Then only we will be ready to listen, receive, accept and understand the new meanings. Get full knowledge, information, idea objectively. Discuss, debate, get opinions, suggestions, views and perspective of others to expand and intensify your understanding. Be dependable by fulfilling the commitments. People will understand you better by not only what you say and how you say, but what you do and how you do it.

Let your actions speak, let your excellence speak. The language you speak will be understood better when it is integrated with the language of actions.

Not only read but study. Don’t just see but visualise. Not only touch but contact and connect. Don’t just smell but experience the fragrance. That is the way of understanding.

Hope the intellectual milestone of Dhyan Yoga having pillars of Learning, exploring. Understanding and enthusiasm will help in resolving most of the tricky problems. Shortly we will land at our destination on the expressway of happiness soon. Thank you for being part of the journey. 

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