Gyan Yoga the Vibrant Milestone on Expressway of Happiness

Gyan Yoga the Vibrant Milestone on Expressway of Happiness

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Welcome once again to the expressway of happiness. You have already seen the miracle of karma Yoga in our previous article. In real sense karma, yoga is the physical aspect, whose impact is visible through naked eyes. If you have not read this article then I would request you to kindly read it once to maintain the same rhythm. karma-yoga-energetic-milestone-on.html 

In daily life we see the aeroplanes flying, trains and vehicle running, satellites and rockets hitting the deep sky but do we think the importance of inner power which controls or aligns the movements. In today’s artificial intelligence age even, machines are performing many works earlier done by human being even with more accuracy and. This new economic dynamic is bringing a lot of changes in human behaviour and feelings. A human being is forgetting many of its intelligence and other inherent qualities. As a result, entrepreneurs and now Govts too are ready to afford the heavy cost machines but reluctant to hire a human being. This tendency is increasing unemployment in the world & unrest. Today we are going to discuss some of the noble thoughts and feelings which will probably disappear after some time. Although it will be a disaster for civilisation. However, if followed in life they can give the joy of heaven even on earth.


Share and create happiness- Just takes the example of little Krishna. He always shared the buttermilk with friends and spread the happiness of Vrindavan. Sharing is a partnership. More than this it is accepting and caring. We may connect to people in a value-added manner by sharing the assets, liabilities, facilities, skills, resources and excellence. It is the sharing which makes us dependable and trustworthy person. It is possible in 4 ways ie. Ask, Take, Share and Give. As a child, we may ask. When we take, we become youth. When we share, we become adults and when we give, we become elder.

You may find a number of persons sharing their food, seats in buses and trains and sharing knowledge in a caring manner. Guru Narayan jee says that it is a real partnership. The partnership is partnering the ship where we row together. Trust and agreements are the 2 arms to row together. One ensures relations and another result. One is based on intentions and another on goals. Pure intentions and agreed goals make excellent sharing partners. Share ownership too. By sharing lunch together people become more than a friend. Sharing eliminates all ill feelings, misunderstandings and misconceptions. Sharing creates happiness. 


Give and gain - Every great man used the practice of giving. By giving his bones Rishi Dadhich became immortal. Shivi gave the flesh of his body to save a pigeon. Karna became a super Hero amongst many well-known leaders because of his great giving quality.  Giving is gaining. While giving it appears that we are losing something but we gain emotionally, spiritually and logically in form of harmony, the blessing of receiver and oneness in transactions. Give what is asked or equally satisfying and gain credit in the Balance Sheet of Life. Therefore, give respect, space, knowledge, smile, thought whatever is possible. Transform the giving into offering a divine feeling.

With love, regards, devotion and dedication giving gets transformed into the offering. Take with devotion, dedication, respect without ego. Whenever you want to give anything to anyone, offer it through suitable someone. Then your mind will not develop the ego because it was not given by you. Another person also cannot have an ego because he gave was not his. By this way, you can control your ego and maintain your true nature i.e. happiness and joy. 

While giving give with both hands and bend a little. In a similar way when you receive anything receive and bend a little. It will be a divine offering and receiving. Offer without expectation. Smile with an open heart while giving and receiving.


Love and Live- Bhagwan Ram loved the poor monkeys, bears and animals as a result they became confident they can face the powerful army of Ravana. Sometimes people say “Love happens automatically. It is not right. It's part of our nature. Its process of transformation. When we do not dictate our choice and accept the people as they are and assist them in utilising their strength to become better persons through overcoming and eliminating their weakness, then it's nothing but our love only. Love is soothing and healing beyond likes and dislike. It's giving and forgiving. It's a process of cementing the mind and hearts. It's a process of washing away misconceptions, misunderstandings and prejudices. It is a path of hope, a way forward and positive development.

When we have a feeling of pure love towards someone then it gets responded with a feeling of harmony.  It's beyond the language of speech. Love is reaching, touching and entering hearts through user actions, harmonious feelings, positive thoughts, and a unifying spirit. Love is not possessing rather it's surrendering. It's not scaring but sharing and caring. Love nourishes, harmonises and supports life.

Being together is beginning and friendship is the foundation of love. When there is acceptance there is nothing to prove. Like a cement of communication love, cements mind and heart. Separation is the secret of love. In separation, love enhances. Unending faith nurtures love. Harmony is the result of love because of which togetherness flourishes. Actually, love is living.


Trust and win hearts - Bhagwan Ram trusted poor monkeys and bears and they built a bridge over the sea and defeated the very strong army of Ravana. What does mean by trusting? Is it a process of, moving anything from one place to another? No!  It is an elevated level of relationship. When we have complete confidence, total belief with full acceptance of anyone and we are ready to leave everything in the hand of someone then it is called trusting someone. When we trust someone our tension/burden diminishes and confidence returns.

Trust is more powerful than delegating authority, loving or empowering people. Love nurtures, delegation gives authority and empowerment energises but trust gives everything. Just feel our responsibility when someone trusts us. Our responsibility rises up to the highest level. In this way, trust strengthens and enriches relations. Continuous trust coverts into a relationship. Therefore, transcending the rust of doubt, hesitation, apprehensions and ifs & buts.

When we trust ourselves, we develop confidence? Similarly, when we trust our team or child they do. When we trust a person, we get connected at a heart level. Therefore, trust and win hearts or give your heart and win trust.

Trust on someone does not mean giving up supervision. Work gets impacted due to changing situations. Therefore, controls will still require. Don’t lose heart when a trusted one does not deliver. Give time to a trusted person, he will deliver in due course. In this way, trust creates happiness of interdependence all around. Therefore, let us trust and win hearts.


Enjoy with in-joy - Pandava’s were exiled to the forest many times but every time they converted this obstruction into opportunity. Within that period, they got married, they did penance, met many rishis and Munis and became unbeatable. Was it possible had they not been happy from the inside? Life is a happy and joyful journey. Enjoy every minute of it. As per Vedic Samanway chakra, there are 2 things ie. Material world causing grief and our true nature which is joy. Experience inside enjoys feeling outside enjoy. Unify both joys to create ultimate joy.

To enjoy inner self don’t seek pain or pleasure. Avoid excess or less. Appropriateness towards self in the middle path.  To enjoy external avoid give and take rather offer right and receive right. Being useful is joy. By not craving, we can eliminate grief. By selfless service we enjoy. Guru Narayan jee says that we can live a peaceful life internally and externally with a spirit of love. 

To enjoy inside we have to observe silence the supreme being. While seating in silence feel the positive vibrations going from your body to fill the whole world. Be silent concentrate, contemplate and meditate. Enjoy the work, relations, knowledge, learning, roles and responsibility.

Therefore, meditate to see beyond what can be seen through naked eyes and control the wavering mind. Once you become habituated to see the real meaning of things then you will feel happiness from inside and get inspiration to see bigger pictures in life. A stable mind is the most powerful asset of a person. If it is not stable then it will lead to creating a lot of problems. Therefore, make it stable through the above-mentioned practices so that it can help in the right use of intellect the most innovative skill of human being. We will discuss this hidden energy of human being in the next article. Thank you. Happy reading.

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