Karma Yoga the Energetic Milestone on Expressway of Happiness

Karma Yoga the Energetic Milestone on Expressway of Happiness


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India is a country of festivals. Festivals are meant for celebrations. Let me congratulate all of you before proceeding with the journey of life through the expressway of happiness. Hope you have already refuelled your tank through the power of positivity in the previous article. If not then I would request you to please read the below article before proceeding to this one, so that you get enough energy on a fast speed expressway. This journey is divided into five parts. Each part is like milestones. I assure that anyone who will complete this journey will feel ever bliss in all area of his life.


In the previous chapter, we have discussed the fuel of life i.e positivity. In practical life, peoples spend too much time and energy on the creation and forget the importance of the creator in themselves and suffer. We are emphasising on the importance of the creator itself so that creation may continue and spread the fragrance of love and care for all. What needs to be done to realise ever bliss? Just follow few steps and feel the difference.

Always be in Action Mode- If you research any effective leader, you will realise that they are always in action mode. That is the key to success. Every living species have to perform certain task compulsorily. That is called Karma Yoga. Even incarnations too were not exempted from this compulsion. Whatever we do in our lives to sustain is called Karma Yoga. How can we champion in this field and feel happy? Some people think that karma yoga is about material gain. It is not a fact. Karma Yoga is essential for life. By this practice only we act and transform our potential into reality.

Guru Narayan jee always emphasised that “Visionary perceptions are required for a better future. Missionary actions are essential for that future. Act now and create the future. Right actions bring bright success. Right actions take care of all stakeholders without harming anyone”.

Planning is the blueprint of future work. Plan, prepare and organise resources as per plan. Move along with people and progress. Join hands step forward together with all, link the minds and unify the hearts for better and excellent work. Act much in advance to conceive and prepare. Work and act in teams to multiply results and relations. TEAM- Time Energy Adjustment and Mission. 

We have to be active but not reactive. Complete your every task. Incomplete works are useless, simply a waste of time. Sometimes perfect planning does not work so deal with ambiguity and act as per the situation and fulfil the mission. Work is way, medicine, solution, value, worth and worship.

By becoming active we happily become useful. Being active generates happiness and removes idleness, helplessness and inactiveness. By our noble actions, we make not only ourselves happy but we make everybody around us happy. So, act and be happy. Success always follows active peoples. Therefore, remain active and experience success.

Be in Time- Be ahead of time with anticipation. In physical lifetime is the king. Always remember that “a stitch in time saves nine”. Be it any work, relation or anything else, everything is important only if it happens in time. Time is a great resource. If money is lost, it can be regained by extra efforts and endeavours, but lost time is lost forever. Do not spend time rather invest time. When each minute is used to add value then only it is invested time. Time may be saved by working efficiently. Work effectively and reap time.

The right time is now. Don’t postpone. Learn from the past, live in present and prepare for the future. Knowledge is past, information is present and ideas are future. Be beyond three by finding eternal solutions in the continuity of time. Differentiate between objective and subjective time. One is clock time and another is experiencing time. The same quantum of time may feel short or too long depending upon experience. So, enjoy it. Its a great thief. It steels the opportunity so be ahead of it to remain happy.

Do your task effectively- Effectiveness occurs when planned and aspired results are obtained. It is possible only when our attitude, active work and timely initiative is aligned. Effectiveness occurs when existing opportunities are utilized and obstructions are transformed into opportunities. Therefore, utilise your ability and capability fully to make the right quality and quantity within the right time.  

In a nutshell, when we deliver the right results at the right time with the right quality at the right cost, we may call it effectiveness. It is possible only when old gold practices and new innovative practices are combined. In this way, we can be objective plus subjective effective person.  Combine your effectiveness with affection to create happiness in the mind and heart of all concerned. When you are happy you are effective because in a happiness state you are energetic, your mind is harmonious, your intellect is sharp and your spirit is bright. Therefore Effectiveness + Efficiency is excellence.

Observe Economy- By just craving money does not come. It comes when we create value. While earning a share with deserving people. Extend help to people. The economy is eliminating waste. We are not aware of how much food, water, gas, electricity, money and time we waste. Don’t waste, save resources. Let us develop a saving habit. When we save money. Money saves us. Therefore, the habit of saving needs to be developed from childhood.

Fulfil your needs and don’t run behind quenching wants. Avoid addictions. Be a person of credit, not debit. Give back to society more than what you receive from society. An economic person is the happiest person, so be economical.  

Always try to enhance your Contribution- Contribution means value addition. Giving more than what we receive in return. So, let’s be a contributor to our family, profession and colleagues. Let us give back to society and the world more than what we received.  This contribution may be in form of time, supporting loving people colleagues, especially in their difficulties.

Contribution through ideas is a great spirit. So, become the idea of the fountain by continuous thinking process improvement. Get inspiration and invest your energy into your mission.

Contribute through money to needy, deserving and society. In this way, your money will acquire value. Contribute through your knowledge to whoever is ready to receive it. Contribute though free working for charitable trusts and society. Let your excellence be an example and inspire many. Take care of the elders,

Your contribution will generate tremendous happiness in yourself even more than it generates happiness in people who receive a contribution. The contribution is adding value so become a happy contributing human being.

If anyone can observe the above steps then he will always remain happy in his physical life and experience bliss. In a way, he will enjoy his life to his full potential and earn respect in society. Wish you a very happy reading……..

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