Do you know the Expressway to Happiness?

Sometimes we get demotivated by silly setbacks in life and go out of energy. This is self-harming practice. Believe that every individual including you and me are a combination of Jeevatma (human being) and Parmatma (Supreme self). So, we are equally empowered to convert every pain into gain. Welcome onboard on the expressway to happiness. There are many milestones on this path. Rest assured that you will find this journey very enjoyable, blissful and fulfilling in your life. Therefore, tide your belt and enjoy the ride.

Once upon a time, India was one of the richest nations in the world. Even today India may not be a very rich country financially but it has an extremely rich cultural heritage. What is the reason that Rishi & Munis of India were so happy Person? Even today Happiness is a very popular context used extensively but what does it mean?

Sages define it as a state where body, mind and intellect get connected to self and gives a feeling of pleasantness, joy, love and harmony. In other words, happiness is an integrated self-containing all goodness and wellbeing.

Why Happiness in Important for Human being

There are a lot of misconceptions prevailing over happiness. The biggest misconception is that by fulfilling our desires we get happiness. Many people who tried it, got caught in a vicious circle of desires and developed many diseases like hypertension, blood pressures and insomnia etc. Now the question arises that if happiness is not attained by fulfilling the desires then how it is achieved? Before directly going to this answer let us ask why should we do any task i.e. service, business or any other profession? Is it to serve anyone? If yes then what will happen by serving or supporting anyone? They will be happy? We may take any route but we will be reaching only one purpose of being happy.

The Great Chanakya said सुखस्य मूलं धर्मम “Sukhasya Moolam Dharmam”. The cause of happiness is doing right because happiness is the ultimate goal of life. All peoples want their family members, relatives and team, customer and vendor to be happy. So, happiness is a human goal, root and destination. The ultimate conscious is joy. Human nature is joy. Happiness is the nature of human. Actually, we do a lot of struggle to be unhappy so let us try to be natural to remain happy.

Most important thing is that you are not simply mankind. You are a part of the universe. If you will be happy then you will be energetic. You will radiate positive energy and help everyone happy around you. In this way, you will be doing good for the universe.

Is it easy to be happy?

Certainly not. You have to make a firm choice. No one else can make you happy or unhappy. When anyone blames us and we become unhappy then their purpose is solved. If they blame you and you still choose to be happy then it's wonderful. So, it is not others, it's you only who choose to be happy or unhappy. This means you have to strict your self to remain happy despite any circumstances. Planets, Zodiac signs, satellites, Nakshatras are dynamic. They have their speed and orbit. Their motion may have an impact on everything including our pain and pleasures. Therefore, nothing is static.


How to be happy?

Despite the ever-increasing role of artificial intelligence, we have to believe that human being has super intelligence in form of intellect along with body, mind and soul. Human being has to make a balance in everything at every state. This balancing process requires several controls and connect mechanism in form of meditation and yoga. Based on several needs these have been divided into Karm Yoga for physical needs, Gyan Yoga for the fulfilment of mind, Dhyan Yoga for intellect towards excellence. Different action on these Yogas is known as expressways to happiness. We will discuss these milestones gradually.

Power of Positivity – Positivity is the originating point of the journey towards happiness. A positive way is a happy way to make anything possible. So be positive and avoid seeing the negative. In every situation, there is a positive way. Identify such positive aspect and enhance, expand and strengthen to keep yourself happy. Don’t blame anyone we ourselves are responsible for our wellbeing, just think about what can be done to improve the situation.

Take the example of Joe Bidden who lost his spouse and children in an accident, he lost the race to Whitehouse against his juniors but did not lose hope and ultimately won the prestigious post of President.

There is nothing called impossible. Everything appearing impossible can be made possible with determination, perseverance and persistence. Generate I can attitude and get break-through.

The best example is the Prime minister Narendra Modi. He faced a lot of hardship from powerful people in his own party and oppositions but hardships became a stair of success for him. He not only won elections with the clear majority but also made his party the biggest political party in the world. Many American politicians who were in favour of imposing a ban on his visa, wanted to have a selfie with him when he visited Ameria and addressed the US Parlia.

Always think about how to serve, assist or support others. When we help anyone, we get support in unexpected ways. Mutual support is great strength and creates a win-win situation for all. A win-win situation adds values for all.

A human being is a cooperative species. We have realised it in lockdown and isolations. So! Share the credit and do not run for credit. Whatever we are today, it's because of support from our parents, teachers, friends, opponents, colleagues, children etc. So, co-operate and cross the mountain of challenges and dangers.

Always remain alert about your duties and commitments. Never give-up or withdraw in case of failure, and don’t get depressed. Proceed-proceed and proceed for “Chintan” Think and analyse. Values, ethics, principles of great contributors will give you the strength to stand up, perform and contribute.  Think about how to avoid setbacks in future. Learn from failure and make it a bridge for future success. Don’t repeat the errors rather repeat the success process.

While relating and interacting with your colleagues, teammates or any other person, first identify their strength and utilise them. Then assist them to improve upon their weakness. Give positive feedback openly but negative feedback privately. Protect their self-esteem to enhance your own self-esteem. Their self-esteem is equally valuable.

Avoid guilt of past, doubt in present and worry of the future. These are simply energy wasters. Rather think to find out an initiative to you can take to improvise the situation.

Friendship is friendship to grow together, so be friendly to all.  Therefore, positivity is the process of happiness and negativity is unhappiness. When we are positive with others, we are happy with ourselves. Our positive outlook will generate happiness in our feelings and it will improve our performance at all levels.

There are many miles stones in the journey of happiness. Each milestone has its own beauty. We will discuss each milestone one by one.

Despite all difficulties such as tension with China, financial meltdown, strike and riots in some areas, India emerged as one of the major solution providers in a fight with Corona Pandemic. It has not controlled the pandemic effectively but also started vaccination program for its huge population and providing free of cost vaccines to many countries.

When there is positive thought there is a way…. Shortly we will be coming with the next milestone on the expressway to happiness. Happy journey….Happy reading.

Please do read our next article on karma Yoga the energetic milestone on the expressway of happiness.


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