Atmanirbhar Bharat : कितनी हकीकत कितना फ़साना

Atmanirbhar Bharat : कितनी हकीकत कितना फ़साना

Our Feelings
When coronavirus started spreading in India in mid-Feb 2020 there were ample anger everywhere in the world about Chinese role in hiding the seriousness of the disease. Few peoples were saying that china created this war weapon to destroy the world. Based on this fact we also felt the need for self-dependent Bharat and mentioned in our blog “Are you ready for change” dated 26/3/2020.
Prime minister’s Announcement
After Tali, thali, lamp, torch, flower show prime minister announced the Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan on 12/5/2020. This is a welcome step and all of us must understand its importance and support whole heartedly. We are not going to discuss what Atmanirbhar means since we have felt it in lockdown. Still without being complicated let us understand it as production of goods which are basically imported from China for example Electric and electronic goods, toys, chemicals, tyres etc. All of us need to know about practical challenges about this scheme. Since we have been used to listening about big announcement of all political parties and we can anticipate very easily that where they wanted to fool us smartly. For example, bullet train project, smart city project, Adarsh Gram Yojana of central Govt, CCTV scheme, Muhalla clinic, free electricity and water scheme of Delhi Govt etc. So, let us evaluate how far we are from objectives of this scheme.
Announcement of a political party or Commitment of a nation ?
As we know that political promises are made only to fool voters. Whether Atmanirbhar Abhiyan is also similar to political promises? Is this a plan of BJP only? If yes then there is no reason of being its fulfilled. We should be ready to add one more example in Jumla list.
If it is voice of 130 crore Indians to free itself from slavery of other countries like China who always try arm twisting for our land and dominate us then, no one can stop us from achieving its objectives. Just evaluate whether it is your time to lead the show by taking risk and making a vibrant future of our generations?
Now let us discuss about challenges on this self-reliant journey.

1 - Political Differences
Whether political difference is an obstacle on the path of Atmanirbhar Abhiyan? Off-course.
Atmanirbhar Abhiyan is continuous process of self confidence and investing in innovation and self-development to fulfil our vision. It requires a harmonious culture of working and political certainty. When our political parties take important decisions in isolation then they weaken the confidence of opposition and group of peoples. If we take the example of our political parties, we will not find a single point where our ruling party and opposition have spoken in same language to develop confidence of investors or entrepreneur’s. They always face risk of policy reversal when any new Govt comes.
Therefore, Govt should try to make a uniform business policy taking into confidence of all political parties. So that investor confidence may be boosted. Political parties should not play cheap politics on trade issues.

2 -  Slow labour law reforms
About 6 year back I had tweeted PM Modi for labour law reform ie to consolidate & remove duplicacy in approx. 45 different labour law Acts & rules. Govt is doing on it but with very slow speed. They should expedite it. So that a harmonious employer and employee may be there to accelerate the growth of Indian Economy.

3 -  Motivation & Confidence of Entrepreneurs
Quality and durability of Indian Goods have been far better than Chinese. Indian Goods have been durable and repairable like Indian People where there is scope of correction and improvement. Chines goods are basically use and throw. In case of any problem every time go for purchase new one. This really increases overall cost.
Main problem is that new generations entrepreneurs have been groomed in atmosphere of easy trading. Means purchasing cheap goods from China and selling them after normal value addition in Indian Market. Govt policies and their family values have been now shifted from overall welfare of the country to self-centric profit percentage. Their intention of investment in research, technology and know-how is not encouraging? This self-centric approach has degraded their risk-taking capability and limited the scope of India’s growth.
Now question is that expecting leadership courage from a fish seller to work as fisherman will be practical?
In process of liberalisation few Indian Business families changed their way by adopting new technology like Bajaj & Hero in two-Wheeler market, TATA’s in car segment and few more. But all of them haven’t such vision.
So Govt, have to work out detailed plan of action and encourage the leaders who want to contribute in this process.
4 -  Corruption
A Govt. should develop a policy to protect the local industries from foreign competition. We have seen example where Chinese Govt have negotiated favourable trade terms by obliging a particular political party.  No one can say that they have not done same with other parties too. Every one knows that China used to dump cheap good which kills the local industries. An obliged political party and Govt can not take strict and timely action on anti-dumping.
Take the example of BHEL which used to produce good quality electrical goods, is becoming sick due to similar type cheap product from China. There are so many more examples.
Further Govt need to develop an agency to facilitate and encourage the people who want to produce goods which are presently being imported.
5 -  Intolerant Society
For development there is requirement of dedicated workers and leaders. Now take the example of Indian Society. Lot of peoples wasting their time on social media for no purpose. Mad TV news channels always searching & producing spicy contents. Lack of law and order situation in states. You have seen how country was put on halt for a gangwar in UP recently. Division on society in name of religion and caste. Poor education system. This situation needs to be controlled since we need collective effort of all groups of peoples in nation building.
So, friends if you want to live a life of dignity as proud Indian, then you have to work selflessly in common interest of the nation putting the differences. We have experienced how our differences and divisive politics is not only weakening the fibre of social relationship but our economic strength also. So let us follow single Mantra “Love all and Serve All”. समस्त लोकः सुखिनो भवन्तुः|

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