Real Meaning and Importance of Easter

Real Meaning and Importance of Easter

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India is a beautiful country with a variety of diversities. There is no single religion in the world which is not practiced here. We Indians do respect all the religions and their beliefs. In this series today we will discuss about a festival "Easter. Why is it celebrated when it memorizes the death of Jesus?

About Easter
Easter is one of the most important festival celebrated by Christian's world wide. After Christmas it second most holy festival. As per Christian scriptures Jesus was killed on Good Friday and he got rebirth on Easter. On Easter Christians participate in sunrise services, choir singing, sermons and Easter egg hunts.

Similarity in Indian Philosophy and Christianity
Let us discuss a few characteristics of Jesus which inspires us even today to make this world more beautiful and livable. As per Sathya Sai Baba Jesus was very loving person who dedicated his life in selfless service to the society realizing divinity in each person. He declared himself as a messenger of God to serve the children s of God. This statement of Jesus was similar to Indian Philosophy of Dualism (द्वैत). Which recognize separate entity of God and his messengers.

He gradually continued to progress spiritually and declared that he and his father is same. There is no distinction between him and his father (God). This stage was similar to Indian Philosophy of non dualism (अद्वैत).

Importance & Relevance of Teachings of Jesus
Jesus always served the humankind lovingly by healing the sick peoples and saving their lives. He empowered the economically weaker peoples and taught them love, forgiveness and tolerance. Although at that time people did not understand him. The priest found them as a person who challenges his authority. The Romans who were power, saw him as their political rival. These peoples did conspiracy and arranged false witness and hanged him. During this process Jesus remained silent. Baba says that when he body was dying on cross he heard Gods voice saying "all of life is one, be alike to everyone". Jesus conveyed to his disciples that we are God's son and all negative powers like sin, fear, ego, anger anxiety etc can not change or defeat us. He forgave those who caused harm to him. Let us we also forgive those who have done harm to us and start a fresh relationship of love and compassion. 

Way Forward
Baba says that in true sense that there is only one religion, religion of love. Baba says that Jesus realized his divinity and sacrificed himself for the humanity. This is learning for all of us. He advised us to strive to see oneness with all and observe selflessness in thought deed and action. Although this path is not very easy, you have to face lot of problems on this path but need not worry, Jesus is always with you for help All the best.

Friend's when this world is facing the challenge of CORONA pandemic, let all us seek his blessing and aspire to walk on his way to witness God's light and support the Doctors, other medical staff and security. Thank you, With Love. 

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