Some DIY projects for this quarantine

Some DIY projects for this quarantine

Are you feeling bored? Not getting any interesting stuff to do? Want to explore your creativity and artistry? If you are a DIY lover like me and want to spend your quality time on some crafty projects, then yes you are on the right page. Sharing with you some of my own DIY assignments. Hope it would help you all to catch tour imagination and mould them into something exotic.

1 Decorate your switchboard : 

This is an entirely different idea to give a completely new and impressive look to your boring switchboards . All you need is pencil, poster colour, brushes, sketch colours and your imagination.I personally prefer cartoon characters as they don't need any specific fineness and perfection. So pick up colours and fill them with your contrivance.

2) Butterfly wall art using paper: This is the most simplest and innovative way of using chart papers/ coloured glaze papers on walls to give them a charismatic look. The required materials are chart papers (5 or 6), a pair of scissors and glue.

 The steps to follow

    Draw the shape of butterfly on the chart by the help of a template or your imagination.
    Fold the paper about 5 to 6 times so that you can easily cut more and more samples of exact size.
    Gradually decreased the size as per your choice.
    Make a rough outline on the wall using pencil.
    Follow the outline and to stick the butterflies.

3) Colour your planter: Colouring your terracotta pot is really an exiting project. Number of thought provoking and inspiring ideas are available on Google and Pinterest. Assemble some poster colours, brushes and unfold your artistic abilities by colouring your planters. I'm sure you will love this idea.

4) Making sculptures : Well, this project sounds tough but believe me its actually not. I followed some video tutorials to make homemade air dry clay by using  refined flour, cornflour and fevicol. Tried my hands on making an idol of ‘Lord Ganesha’. I made each body part individually, dried them separately and later joined them by fevicol. Painted each part with poster colour and post drying coated a layer of varnish to secure it from moisture.

5) Rock painting :This project is challenging and fascinating too because you have to decide the painting idea according to the shape of rocks. Visualise your thought that actually fits into the shape of the stone. You can either colour the base and write some quotes using permanent marker or simply draw any picture and colour it. This artistry can convert a dull stone into masterpiece. Lastly cover it either with a layer of varnish or with transparent nail paint. 

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