Faith vs Hygiene in context to Pandemic

Faith vs Hygiene in context to Pandemic

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Peoples of all around the world are fighting with the pandemic in their own way. Till any vaccine is developed, its responsibility of all us to maintain social distancing the only available safeguard for us. In this difficult time some peoples are trying to abuse social distancing and not co-operating with medical team and civil administration. Is it a big threat for our country? Is it a responsible behavior? Let us try to find out the appropriate solution of these questions.
In our free medical camps, which is organised twice in a month, we have seen instances where all number of the family got infected by a particular disease. Few of the common diseases are given below-
1-    All family members infected by skin disease I e. Children’s, mother and father. Situation was too dangerous and painful to explain.
2-    All ladies of a family infected with UTI or leucorrhoea.
3-    All family members got infected with common cough and cold.
When we tried to understand the reason of such infection then people informed that all family members used to take water in same glass without washing. Sometimes they exchange their cloths too with each other. They further informed that these practices improve relationship in family.
We do not want to comment on any ones traditions but it is difficult to imagine the result if any member of such family get infected with virus of pandemic. We will not be able to control the situation. Since the speed of COVID-19 virus is very serious, we are watching it on different sources. Many developed countries are feeling helpless against this pandemic. Situation was still under control in India since most of the peoples are co-operating with Govt. But recent news of non-cooperation from some group of peoples have further increased the risk.
As we know that the entire world is fighting with pandemic named COVID-19. Till now more than 10 lacs peoples are infected by this virus and more than 50 thousand peoples have sacrificed their life. It is to be seen whether economic powers will allow to investigate its root causes and accept their responsibility or they will prefer their economic benefit over the life of humans.
Therefore, our submission is that rigidity of faith and custom system will not stand against this dangerous virus. Few powerful peoples got infected who claimed to be very strong. Therefore, please do not play with your own life or of others on the name of faith. Please have flexibility in your thought and maintain social distancing.   

Thank you.
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