Acidity- Symptoms, Causes and Remedies : Shortend And Accurate

Acidity- Symptoms, Causes and Remedies : Shortend And Accurate

Acidity is a very common problem now a day’s causing indigestion or gastritis. Primary symptoms of acidity are burning sensation in lower chest areas, throat or other parts of stomach. Acidity may cause little long hiccups, belching, headache, heat in body or unusual taste in mouth.
Acidity may cause fatigue, out of breath, muscular pain, due to lower low oxygen level in tissues. To understanding this problem let us understand about auto functioning of digestive system.
Glands in stomach naturally produce gastric acid to break the food for digestion process. The mucous layer of the stomach secrets bicarbonate to control the excessive effect of acid. Any imbalance in this process causes difficulty.

Probable Causes
Disturbance in digestion process may be due to excess intake of acidic foods, alcohol, stress or dehydration.
Damaging of sphincter valves may also be reason of acidic reflex. As a result, food returns from stomach to esophagus. Sometimes it causes ulcer or throat infection. Excessive acidic environment creates ground for many diseases such as tumors, cancers, bacteria, virus, fungus, diabetes and heart related diseases.

How to Check Acidity Level?
It is beauty of the body that it naturally maintains a healthy balance of acidity and alkaline. To know the acidity level, get your ph factor checked. Ph means potential for hydrogen. A normal blood ph level is 7.4 on a scale of 0 to 14, where o is the most acidic and 14 is the most alkaline. This value can vary slightly in either direction. If the lungs or kidney do not function properly then blood ph level gets imbalanced. 

How to Control Acidity?
Take adequate water intake to preserve and protect the mucous. Include fruits, vegetables, salads, sprouts etc in your diet. Use lesser spices. Timings of food need to be maintained. It should be well chewed and not eaten in haste. No hurry burry. Do regular Exercise and take adequate sleep. Following homemade remedies may also be taken in case of any proble
 1) A mixture of Carom seeds (ajwain) with a pinch of black salt; fennel seeds (saunf ) & cumin seeds (jeera) taken in warm water.
2) Tea made from fresh mint or chew basil (tulsi) leaves.
Effective remedies vary depending upon the life style of each individual. However enough water intake, regular exercise and adequate sleep helps in maintaining acidity level.

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