Do you have choice to plan for son or daughter ? - Few Astrological tips

Do you have choice to plan for son or daughter ? - Few Astrological tips

In the ancient period, people used to have multiple children. Since there was no scarcity of natural resources to fulfil the needs of individuals. Nowadays when the world is facing scarcity of resources due to overpopulation, unemployment is a big issue everywhere, husband and wife both are working so fulfil their needs. They are focussing on giving better education to children rather than having multiple children. Most of the people are following the policy of single children or two children max. In the Indian belief system, people prefer the have a son to carry the family lineage and a daughter for Kanyadan so that they can liberate themselves from parental debts.

In the two-child policy, some people are facing problems if they get both children as girls or boys. At least they miss the sweetness of a relationship in their life if they are blessed with both children of same-sex. A few of my friends and well-wishers raised this question to me and asked whether Astrology can help in this regard.

Friends Indians are lucky that few of them carry the legacy of their ancestors Rishis and Munis who have done great research in almost all fields of life. It is good to see that Indian peoples are now looking back to their own source of wisdom. Modern science no doubt helped people in the medical field but Astrology being a super science can identify the problem if any in the progeny in much advance and can predict the timings too. In this article off-course, we will focus on having the child of choice only. We will discuss the problem in progeny such as infertility, delay, or issuelessness etc later on. We will evaluate it in the following steps-

1-     Evaluate the horoscope of finding the possibility of having children.

2-     Auspicious positions for progeny-Timings

3-     Ideal Planetary Positions for Daughter

4-     Ideal Planetary Positions for Son

5-     Conclusion

      Evaluating the Possibility for Progeny

5th lord, Moon and Jupiter are the main planets concerned with progeny. If they are well placed in Kundalis then they will bless the children to the native. If they are combusted, in inimical sign, posited conjunct or aspected by malefic then the problem occurs. According to RshinParasara, any kind of relationship between the 5th lord and Lagna exhibits good results.

It is surprising that benefic planets such as Jupiter, Venus, Moon and Mercury placed in the 5th house do not give good results in childbirth rather Malefice planets such as Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu generate good progeny.

Same way Tarsus-2, Leo-5, Virgo-6 and Scorpio-8 are considered as less fertile signs. If they fall in the 5th house then they reduce the number of children (Faldeepika-Chapter-II slok-4).

 Auspicious positions for progeny-Timings

As per Jatak Parijat translated by Sri Gopesh Ojha (Chapter-3 Sloka-II)- If the moon is in transit in Apachalay house from its natal position such as 1,2,4,7,8,9 and 12 houses and menstruation of the lady starts during this period then it is called auspicious time for conception. Similarly in the case of a man if the moon is in transit in upachaya house (3, 6, 10, 11 houses) from its natal position then it is an auspicious time for cohabitation.  In other words, this time causes yoga for conception.

The above times are auspicious especially if the moon is conjunct or aspected by Mars.

Ideal Planetary Positions for Daughter

If the lord of the 5th house and male planets such as Sun, Mars and Jupiter are posited in male Navamsa or aspected by male planets then the native is blessed with many sons.

D-    Ideal Planetary Positions for Son

On the other hand, if the 5th house or its lord is in female sign or Navamsa or aspected by female planet then native is blessed with a daughter

E-    Conclusions

In the ancient period learned people used to give much importance to auspicious times called muhurta for planning the child and they got the results. In modern times too, many research scholars in the Astrological field applied these techniques and got the desired results.

Rishis have advised avoiding following time for “Garbhadham”.

-        End of one tithi and beginning of another (tithi sandhi).

-        End of the constellation and beginning of another (nakshatra sandhi).

-        Rashi Sandhi, Sunrise and sunset etc

As per the classics, from the date of the beginning of menstruation, if conception takes place on the following days, then the following type of progeny is possible.


Days from Menstruation

Type of Progeny






A signing son extending the family lineage


Barren daughter


Ordinary son


Beautiful daughter


Effective and prominent son


Ugly daughter


Son who will be rich in advanced stage


Characterless daughter


The religious son who will maintain family prestige


Wealthy daughter


Well educated son versed in Shastras

By observing the above rules religiously, a well-arranged and planned family can be had. However, it will require mutual cooperation, sincere efforts and zeal. Hope this article will be useful to the people in family planning.

समस्त लोकाः सुखिनो भवन्तुः   

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