Application of Vedic Wisdom during Audit Tour

Application of Vedic Wisdom during Audit Tour

कदली सीप भुजङ्गमुख स्वाति एक गुण तीन 

जैसी   संगति   बैठिये   तै   सोइ  फल  दीन  

स्वाति नक्षत्र के उदय रहते बरसी बूँद जब घोंघे के मुँह में समाती है तो मोती बन जाती है, वही केले में जाकर कपूर और सर्प के मुँह में पड़कर हलाहल विष बन जाती है| 

It was very hot and humid weather when 3 auditors planned to visit their client’s office together. The Office space was away from their office. Looking upon the urgency of work and non-availability of conveyance facility they decided to go by foot. After one hour of walking, they felt thirsty and decided to go to a village to quench their thirst. They saw a poor woman drawing water from a well. They reached the well and asked for water. Women agreed and started pulling the filled bucket which she has tied with rope.

When bucket came upper side the well, while holding the same anyhow it slipped from the hand of the women and fell down in well. Lady felt a lot of pain. By the time a few more people came near the well inquiring what happened? Lady told her story that her son left her home a few days back after a small family dispute. She tried but could not locate him. As a result, she was very upset and could not hold the bucket and it fell down along with the rope and could not serve water to guests seeking help.

At that time educated people had the honour in society.  They were deserving of their contribution to society and accordingly rewarded. The village Head asked the Auditors to analyse the situation and offer their comments.

1-First Auditor said that nothing will happen and woman will not get back her son.

2-Second replied that women can get- back her son with the help of police authorities.

3- Third auditor said that nothing needs to be done. Her son will return today evening.

Everybody was surprised. Same situation 3 different probabilities for away from each other. The village head requested the auditors to be their guests for the day and assured them to drop them at their destination on the next day in his vehicle. Auditors agreed. To utter surprise women’s son returned back to his home in the same evening. Everybody was happy. They assembled at the night to celebrate his return. Finally, the village head asked the auditors if they have studied in the same institution and have knowledge of the same subjects then how they have different answers for the same problem.  

First Auditor said that he has not been taught to analyse this type of situation. However, he thinks that women do not have an idea of risk assessment in life. Has she not spoken harshly with her son, he would not have left the home Filled bucket fell down in well, we could not quench or thrust so I formed the opinion that son will not return?

The second auditor replied that he has studied only Accounts, taxation and laws etc and he has no expertise in these areas, still he can suggest for expert opinion or in-depth investigation in the matter. Although buckets slipped from women’s hands still they can be recovered with the help of pulling instruments and water can be fetched. That’s why he suggested taking the help of the police.

Every eye moved towards the third auditor now. He said that Accounts, taxation and business laws are related to trading activities where the gain is the ultimate purpose nowadays. Her case was different. A mother was worried about losing her son. It is a case of a family matter, emotions, and mind. Water was extracted from the well and fallen back in the well. Moon is moving towards cancer sign today which also represents mind and mother. So, I guessed that son can no longer bear the separation from his mother. He would have felt guilty and returned today itself.

Everybody was speechless upon the result of his thought and appreciated it.

My friend! in today’s artificial intelligence age, our new generations are keeping themselves busy in mobiles, computer games, bookish knowledge and not opening their mind for some ancient wisdom which is in existence since starting of the earth. No doubt old is gold but best still to come. Let’s utilise our ancient wisdom in connection with new scenarios to find a better and better life for everyone, where competition and cooperation can co-exist.

Astrology is known as the eyes of Vedas. Audit dept too works as eyes of the organisation. Auditors should be able enough to analyse the situations and forecast the probable outcomes and accordingly suggest which suits the client’s requirements. Then they will be able to contribute to the well-being of their stakeholders. Provided right peoples come in this discipline who can work selflessly as a pure observer “drusta” without getting biased about any person.

It is pain area that mostly Audit Departments are assigned under Accounts Section. Although eyes and finance both appear in the 2nd house of the zodiac. Still, 2nd house is considered a “Marak” Place in Astrology. Blindly putting Auditing under Accounts may cause serious trouble. Ascendant lord of the business horoscope who is actually the promoter needs to understand it so that he can align the function in their best ways to get optimum result.    

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