Can you really free yourself from your own Rackets

Can you really free yourself from your own Rackets

We have been celebrating our Independence Day from British Rule for 75 years. We attend many programs on this auspicious day, listen to our top leadership but do ever we feel really ourself free? Here free means free to be and free to act with the power of self-expression & the power of freedom.  Or we really live-in fear still? Whenever we wanted to get an answer. It was not easy. In most cases, the answer is no. Do you know why? We might differ in our answer but in reality, most of us are still tied in our own rackets. Knowingly or unknowingly we most of us are wasting our energy in paying off and reaping the considerations of so-called rackets.

You might have heard about the word racket many times. This word is used many times with negative meanings. Rarely you may come across any positive meaning assigned to this world. For example, the racket of drug suppliers, sex racket etc. There are many places in India and abroad where you find a shop selling snacks or vegetables in the day but selling wines or other restricted items at night. The person carrying this type of racket has an approach to authorities and they are powerful.

How do we create such rackets in our minds? In our normal life, we too show off everything to be good but normally we do not feel good with certain circumstances and relations. We face ups and downs in our life. Sometimes we quarrel with our near and dear ones for silly issues. Upon the occurrence of a small event, we make a full proof story mostly unknown to the opponent. We give full respect to our stories considering them true. Whereas in reality story is the creation of our own mind. An imaginary object which does not exist in real life. For example, I called my neighbour to join me in a social event but he could not. Let us see how my mind cooked a story quickly.



I called upon my neighbour to attend a function but he did not join

I called upon my neighbour to attend a function but he did not join because –

He is very arrogant.

He is very selfish

He does not like me

He always opposes my proposal

He never both about any issue in society

He does not take any responsibility



 Whenever we create stories, we always presume it to be true. We get self-satisfaction in return and always pay off these stories in form of tension and negative feelings. Gradually we create a bundle of feeling not only about any neighbour but our relatives like parents, spouse, children and siblings. We miss the sweetness of relations. Sometimes we do not even feel connected to ourselves.

Now just think that when we are not connected to our family and friends then how can we feel bondage of love and affection with country or society. There are so many powerful peoples in the world who create rackets for their self-interest and give them a name and form groups to include many peoples. People knowingly or unknowingly get connected in such rackets and waste their precious time and get nothing.

Therefore, I would recommend every person to discriminate between facts and stories. For example, in the above case neighbours might have been genuinely occupied somewhere but our minds created stories. It's really nothing but being inauthentic with self. Has there been the power of authenticity then I would have accepted the fact as it is and did not indulge in creating stories? We would have enjoyed the power of self-expression and spoken to him. We could have enjoyed our relations.

Therefore, let us be authentic with our relations. Do not over suspect anyone and enjoy harmonious relations with your own people. It’s possible, Happy Independence Day.

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