Must not ignore this trait if you want to be successful in life?

Must not ignore this trait if you want to be successful in life?

Everybody wants to be successful in his life but only a few succeed. There are few habits which are common in most successful peoples. One such habit is maximizing the utilization of available resources in self-development. Ultimately our social status is measured in terms of what we add value for family and society. In general, what we do in throughout our life irrespective of our occupation. We receive some input, carry on some process, and add value and deliver to the next person or process in the value chain. That’s all that we do.  Most of the persons strict to the minimum what they are expected to do. Even sometimes they become selective and ignore a lot of resources they get in their life. As a result, their contribution also becomes comparatively low. Slowly it becomes our habit or choice and we blame our luck. This practice does not start at any particular age but it starts during childhood. Let us take few examples for more clarity.

In our families’ mothers make several dishes but we become selective and go as per our tastes not as per its merit. The basic purpose of making a variety of foods is to supply nutrients to the body such as minerals, proteins, vitamins, etc which the body needs to keep it healthy. The above items are available in different plants, vegetables, and fruits. None of the items contains everything. That’s why mothers make different types of food. So that we remain healthy strong. In return what we used to do? We like to love the food we like in terms of tastes. Someone like Chee’s items and ignores green vegetable. Someone likes sweet item and do not touch bitter guard. People ignore the consequences and invite troubles.

Schools teach us a variety of subjects like Science, Maths, Biology, Social Science, Geography, History, Human Values, etc. The basic purpose of teaching a variety of subjects is to ensure the all-around development of the child. Every child is unique and contains unique qualities. But do we appreciate the natural qualities of our child? We become selective and force the child to read a particular subject and make unnecessary trouble for him.  It’s seen that child is interested in a particular field but we force him to try his luck in another field where he is not comfortable.

Nature gives us so many things free of cost but we do not appreciate preserving it or ensure its maximum utilization. Clouds give us plenty of water but most of the water gets wasted. It flows back to the sea through rivers. We do not put sincere effort to preserve it despite facing the drought problem in many parts of the country. There are plenty of opportunities in the solar and wind energy sector and more effort is required in these sectors.

God gives 86,400 seconds to everybody in a day for completing day-to-day work. Someone uses it judiciously and tries to complete all his assignments daily while keeping himself fit and fine. Some remain lazy and waste time unnecessarily in gossips.

Microsoft office gives thousands of features in its MS Office Programs like MS Word and MS Excel but how many features do we utilize? An average person does not use more than 10% of its features. Similarly, there are crores of peoples who use costly smartphones but never use their features except for WhatsApp and Facebook. Is it worth spending so much just for few features?

Similarly, there was a gap of almost 1 year between Corona Part-1 and part-2. Many persons explored the opportunity and got them vaccinated. Many peoples remain confused about whether to go for vaccination or not? What was the result? Loss of many lives, lockdown, unemployment. 

We know that most of successful entrepreneurs have a common habit of reading books on a regular basis. One very interesting fact I came to know while auditing a few Govt.Departments/offices. It is mandatory for them to maintain a library. Some offices sponsor the books and promote research works also. Just think what might have been the thought process to maintain the library? The habit of reading inspires us to innovate. Now come to the actual utilisation of books? You will find that annual budgets remain underutilised because of a lack of interest from readers.  Even in the case of Public Libraries except for few students most of the students go there just for entertainment.    

Although few persons use most of the available resources and opportunities for their betterment. They are the path makers and deserve appreciation.  We must take learning from them and follow their path which suits us.
Let us explore each possibility in form of source, resource, and concourse. Don't miss it.

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