Will you allow 2nd wave of Corona to halt your Growth?

Will you allow 2nd wave of Corona to halt your Growth?

The second wave of Coronavirus did massive damages to India. Thousands of people lost their earning member. Many children lost their parents. Healthcare facilities were in complete mess. There was a huge scarcity of beds in hospitals. Huge gap in demand and supply of Oxygens. Thousand’s people including financially healthy people could not survive and left the world.

We used to receive almost one or 2 condolence messages on daily basis in our society WhatsApp group. There was rarely any family in a society that was not affected by Coronavirus infection. Everywhere there was fear and anxiety. Going out of home was synonyms with risking life.     

On the finance front, lock-down created a migration of workers again. Loss of income to daily wage earners. There is negative sentiment everywhere towards growth and financial stability. Many peoples are afraid of going out of the home. No one wanted to take the risk because it's a matter of life and death. Many peoples lost hope for growth.  

We would like to state that business means life. If there is life then the business will continue. People with an enterprising mindset will always progress. Their rate of growth will be more in a tough time. Enterprising people believe that complexity creates growth you just need patience. Difficult time does not mean difficult life. Distress time is the time of a new customer’s acquisition. Take the following examples where outstanding achievements were done in the lock-down year 2020-21 than normal business year 2019-20.

1-  Till FY 2019-20 there was no production of PPE Kits and masks in India. Today India is 2nd largest manufacturers of PPE Kits, masks and covid testing equipment’s. This is because some enterprising peoples grabbed the opportunity, took a risk and invested themselves in new ventures. They earned a premium of a difficult time and secured growth.

2 - Companies providing Online platforms in the education sector, entertainment sector and sales & distribution achieved excellent growth.

3 -  Many new start-ups started giving online connectivity to doctors.  

4 -   Netflix increased its market cap to $250 Billion in FY 2020-21 from $142 Billion in FY 2019-20.

5 - The market cap of Amazon Prime increased to $1.6 Trillion in FY 2020-21 from $920 Billion in FY 2019-20. Its net income growth reached 84% in FY 2020-21 from 15% in FY 2019-20. The number of employees reached 13 lacs from 8 lacs.


In the lockdown period, many businessmen were busier than usual time. It was their zeal to serve their customers in a difficult time. They proved their worth and earned the confidence of many new customers. They took a premium of lockdown and improved their earnings.

In a lockdown, we decided to visit our village by car. I had the experience of driving a car up to 100 km max in a day. We travelled 2500 km approx in 20 days and met several of relatives. It was a very pleasant journey. While returning there was a small accident and the side glass of car got damaged. We approached many shops but did not get an appropriate response. In this process, we found contact details of Mr Vikash Srivastav who is popularly known as Lala Bhai in Allahabad. He arranged the fitting of new glass at our doorstep. His fast service delivery inspired us. No doubt he charged a premium on the normal price but still, there was a win-win situation for all. If you need any solution for your car then just be in touch with him.

Should you risk your life for Growth?

It is not the primary objective of life to earn money. The objective of life is much more beyond that. Its fulfilment, love, compassion, charity, peace and bliss etc. Still, wealth is an important factor to achieve some of the goals.

Although it is not recommended to scarify life for earning. However, without pain, there is no gain. If you will not take risk then you will miss many explorable opportunities. Therefore, I would suggest taking explorable possibilities to serve your customers with full protection. We need to wear a mask, maintain social distancing and use sanitisers. I know some of the persons who never went out of home but got infected. Similarly many peoples who served selflessly to society when infection was on peak but remained safe from infection.  Several times I went to the post office to dispatch Vibronics immunity booster remedies to our patients.

I do not suggest anything which I do not follow myself. We got an opportunity to Audit a full-fledged big hospital. This hospital was declared as Covid facility where more than 500 covid patients were being treated at a time. Most of our team members refused to join us. I had a clear mandate that no afraid person shall be part of my team since a greater number of peoples lost their life due to fear than actual corona infection. However, a few lions and lioness like Prerna, Niranjan and Nitish joined us. I had great satisfaction because a fearless person is better than thousand fearful persons.


The growth of the nation is not a choice but a necessity. A number of peoples with enterprising mindsets are less in our country. There is no city in our country that can be ranked in the top 10 startup cities. We are much behind in the registration of startups and copyrights of intellectual properties. This trend has to change. More peoples with the enterprising mindset have to take lead and live their dreams. Just come forward and give a name to your abilities. For any query/concern on startups business please do call us. At “VDTC Center of Excellence” we are committed to fueling the energy of every new entrepreneur. 

All the best. 

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