Why and how to Pursue a Chartered Accountant Course?

Why and how to Pursue a Chartered Accountant Course?

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Just after passing the 10th exam students, as well as their parents, get worried about the stream to be chosen for Higher Secondary classes. While pursuing the 11th and 12th standards many students start preparing for professional courses like B.Tech or Medical etc. It is the first choice of many students to pursue these courses. Although there are many options available to students still there is a course which I prefer over others. It is a Chartered Accountancy Course. This course is pursued through the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India established by the parliament under the Chartered Accountants Act 1949. Please visit www.icai.rg for details. 

Following are the reasons why I prefer this course over others.

Most economical course

1) This is the most economical professional course. Foundation-Rs.10,000/-. For Intermediate- Rs.12,400/-. Final Rs.22,000/-. Just compare it with other courses. This includes the cost of books/study materials too/digital library. You will get surprised. For B.Tech and Medical preparations, leave the actual course only coaching institutes are taking more than lacs and there is no assurance about results. Therefore, for average students and middle-class families, this CA course is very cost-effective.

2) there is no age limit for taking admission.

3) There is no time limit to pass the exam or restriction on terms.

4) If you secure 60% or above in any paper but could not pass a particular group then marks of that paper becomes exempt in the next attempt and marks gets carried forward. It is big relief in comparison to other exams where if a candidate fails at any level then he has to start from sketch again.

5) There is no quota system. Any person can take admission and pursue his/her dream.

A good platform for learning and innovation

CA course is designed in such a way so that students get exposure to practical work in real-life situations. By the time you pass this course you will get trained adequately in accounting, taxation, audit, company law matters customer handling etc. Rest depends on your attitude and the learning approach you treat the sky as your limit or the sky as the beginning.

An excellent source of service to the nation

Through the CA route, you will get an excellent opportunity to serve the nation. There is no retirement age for practising CA. You may contribute as a resource person, as a mentor or the way you like only you have to keep yourself active and vibrant. Your value will increase with increased experience.

Who can take admission?

Any student who has passed 12th standard in any discipline like science, arts or commerce or appearing can take admission in Foundation Course. However, graduates with 55% and above can take admission directly in the Intermediate course. Govt. thought about flexibility in selecting the courses now which CA Institute visualised long back.  

Where to take Admission/Registration?

The Head Office of The Institute of Chartered of India is situated in New Delhi. There are 4 regional offices in Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Kanpur. Registration of students is done at regional offices. Students may approach any of the Regional Offices and get registered by submitting the form along with certificates etc.

Myths about this course

There are myths that very few persons pass the CA exam. It's just a myth. I have seen a good number of students passing the CA exam every year. There is no force measure. It all depends upon your preparation and hard work. If you are dedicated with a sense of responsibility towards your career, you have eagerness and enthusiasm towards your goal then nothing is difficult. You will be able to convert every obstruction into opportunity. Many of my friends who came from the Science or Arts stream passed this course with excellent marks.  

How to prepare for this course

Before starting the preparation know the level of questions. Foundation and Intermediate exams test the working level knowledge of students and Final exam tests the expert level questions.  Working-level knowledge is basically tests of awareness about information available in texts books or study materials. If a student has gone through the study materials and has a fair idea about its theory and practical questions then you may pass Foundation and Intermediate exams without much difficulty. For the final level, advanced level knowledge is required. Advanced knowledge means practical exposure in the real-time scenario.

Whether coaching is necessary?

Absolutely no! Don’t take coaching as a fashion. If you feel doubts, queries, concerns in your studies then you may take coaching/tuition. Further, if you cannot share your problems with your coach and do not seek a solution then don’t take coaching. It will be simply a waste and to some extent disrespect your parents’ hard work since you don’t know what hardship they face at their workplace to finance your studies.

How to Study?

CA course is not about any rocket science requiring deep research. It is all about common business acumen which is not so common. Teachers like good students and want to share their knowledge and experience. You just approach them with humbleness you will get all assistance.

So be serious and read with full attention. Discuss your problems with your friends and colleagues or employer you will get a solution. Sometimes we hesitate that what others will think about me. Don’t hesitate about others thought, just ask your question.

Time management is very crucial. CA course wants regular study of every subject with equal importance. If you can read at least 4 hours daily then rest assured that you will pass this course with a good percentage. I am sure that 4 hours’ time is not a big deal for an average student while doing his/her practical training. For the final level, there may be a requirement for more time for practice.

Some of my friends suggest maintaining social distancing with social media and leisure trips for some time. So that attention does not get diverted. Distracting relations with girlfriends/boyfriends also need to be limited. However, if there is long-term bounding and both are preparing for a similar exam then group studies may be helpful too.

Few of my friends suggested studying tricky subjects involving theory and practical both like taxation to be taken up in the morning session. Numerical papers like Accountancy, Cost Accounting and Financial Management after the lunch and theoretical papers like Law, Audit and Management in the evening. Try to read all subjects on daily basis with a schedule.

Hope this article will guide you to freeze your selection process. If you are pursuing the CA course and feeling stuck then do write to us in our comment box. We will be happy to assist you.

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