How startups can redefine the success?

How startups can redefine the success?

Startups are the organisation which are carrying a load of expectations about the future of India. They are organisations that work on limited resources. They do not have formal systems and procedures in many cases. Despite many limitations, they can redefine success through their zeal and certain realistic approaches. We are helping some of the very upcoming start-ups in their journey towards excellence. A few of such steps are given below-

Improve your work cultureWork cultures defined by vision & mission statements, declarations and rules become ugly, artificial and useless if they are not substantiated with actual delivery. Culture is not a slogan or any other fancy word.

Don’t create a culture for show-off. It gets created automatically through your behaviour.  If we encourage people to help each other, then helping becomes part of our culture. It is built into our system. If you work for customers excellence then excellence becomes your own culture. Means culture in action.

Don’t try to force it. You can not install it. Just practice and give it time to your people to nurture it further. People will take inspiration from you and make every effort to make your dream successful.

Don’t plan excessively Start-ups has a small team. Planning is a must but sometimes they plan for problems that actually never occur which results in a wastage of time and resources. So don’t plan excessively if it is not reality because circumstances change frequently, accordingly decisions change.

You don’t need Rock-starsEvery entrepreneur used to see his office full of a rock star but he hardly thinks about the room itself. Here room means an environment that is capable enough to transform any average person into very good or excellent. Although all of us are not equal. Everybody is unique. There is always the untapped potential for improvement which is trapped under bureaucracies and poor direction.  You have to ensure that roles get weightage over rules. When you will cut red tapes, you will find peoples waiting for excellence. They just need to be given the opportunity.

You need not organise dance parties or make your office space like a club. Just trust the peoples, give them autonomy and love. They will feel responsibility and actually become responsible. Give them privacy, workspace and tools they deserve. Your office environment must respect the people who do the work and how they work. Many people have their own dream and they will achieve it through you. Rest assured that your dream will automatically be achieved if they achieve their dream. Just be fair.

Do away excessive restrictions/approvalsI have seen offices where access to social media sites is restricted. Every people have to take approval for even small movements. There is a Strict time for entry and exit. Employers thought that they will be able to convert the 8 hours of office time into working hours. Just myth. Employees used to spend 8 hours in the office but were found unproductive since they lack the inspiration to think, come with better ideas, implement any new idea and take risk and responsibility where they can. In this way creativity got dead. Money spent on policing the peoples, went in vain Investment in surveillance software became useless. A lot of money spent on writing books got wasted when nobody read it. Till the time they compared the cost incurred vs own inability to trust and develop their team into leadership, it was already late.

Think whether late seaters are boon or curse? In general, peoples who work long hours is called very good for the organisation. Sometimes they are called midnight lamps. This is ok if you prefer more hours over better hours.

Believe that if peoples have to do something at home, then only, they will find a way to be more efficient. They may have to give time for their family and social commitments. So, they use their time wisely. That’s why people say that if you want your work to be done quickly, then give it to the person who is the busiest in your team. The person with multiple responsibilities finds a way to excel and mentor their team in the same way.

Adopt appropriate Policy and ProcedureTo err is human. Sometimes errors happen. No one can eliminate it rather it may be minimised. You cannot write everything into policy and procedure. If you will try then it will be collective punishment for all and bureaucracy will flourish.  So do create policies for situations that come up over and over again.

The relationship of employee and employer is too like a partnership. Where many person partners, the ship called “The Organisation” to reach their destination in life. Running a business is like true leadership where you have to develop a true feeling about everything. Wish you a happy and successful life. Please call us for any support- VDTC Centre of Excellence.

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