How can you give a name to your creativity during this Summer Vacation?

How can you give a name to your creativity during this Summer Vacation?


It is a normal tendency for parents to think about the future of their children. Every parent wants to see their children’s growth with excellent skills. For a successful life, everybody needs to be creative in some way so that he or she can make difference wherever he or she is. It is said that creation is the first stage of life. It is represented by God Brahma. He is the father of the universe. Creativity not only changes the form and outlook of any object rather it changes the visibility and our mood too. It may be in any field any place, if you invest time and energy in your creativity, you will get its benefit directly or indirectly. Here we are going to give some tips where you can leave your footprint forever-

A-   A- Bring natural beauty in your surroundings with your creations -

Just recognize our relationship with nature. Is it possible to live without nature? Whenever we go to the park for a morning walk or see outside the window of our home, what our eyes or mind wants to see? Where do we want to go when we are tired of physical work or bored with television and social media? Isn’t it open the hands of mother nature? Just think about what we offer in return?

Let us try something different this summer season. Here are a few tips which will give you energy and motivation.

1-    Watering the Plants in your surroundings

Our ancestors had maintained a great relationship with nature. They were very careful about our future that’s why they had planted tree, made parks so that we can enjoy. Isn’t it our duty to contribute to this relationship by roping more plants in the rainy season? In the summer season, many small plants get dry due to the unavailability of water. Let us make it a regular practice to water at least one plant daily. By this practice, we will be making a great relationship with mother nature. Few of my friends like Sri Avadhesh Sharma Ji who have an excellent common with Srimad Bhagwat Geeta is practising this spiritual discipline for a long time. Many times, I have seen him carrying 2 gallons of water for watering the plants.  

Taking care Plants

I remember the surroundings of Shiv Mandir at Shipra Suncity was occupied with garbages. Co-editor Sri Yogesh Rawat Ji who is an expert in Vedanta studies took the initiative to redefine his creativity with the help of Parshad Mr Sanjay Singh and some other like-minded peoples and created Nakshatra Vatika outside the temple. I am sure nobody can believe that the same place has a different outlook now. Nakshatra Vatika has 27 variety of plants, a flower garden, many types of trees. We are sure that in near future Nakshatra Vatika will be the centre of recreation for not only the people of Shipra and the surroundings but also for many birds, squirrels, and other species. Just have a glimpse. 


All of us may not do so much effort but can definitely take care of the trees planted by Rawat ji near our flats.

सेवितव्यो महावृक्ष: फ़लच्छाया समन्वित:।
यदि देवाद फलं नास्ति,छाया केन निवार्यते।।

3 -   Relationship with Birds, Squirrels and other species

In summer season many natural sources of water like pound etc gets dry. Although our city is probably one of the greenest cities in this district, still many birds’ die during summer due to lack of water. We can put some water on the roof in a tub so that birds can quench their thirst. This is a very simple but fulfilling spiritual practice.

दयाहीनं निष्फलं स्यान्नास्ति धर्मस्तु तत्र हि

एते वेदा अवेदाः स्युर्दया यत्र विद्यते

B- Decorating your Own Home with beautiful creations

Actually, creativity is a skill. It’s not only the imagination of mind rather determination and regular effort towards improvement too.  It is reflected in your behaviour and thinking. It gives beauty to your overall personality. My one best friend Ms Jolly Dhingra who is an expert in meditation and Reiki have such a beautiful habit of creating something extra-ordinary from ordinary things. Once I got stuck and stunned seeing her mind-blowing innovation with simplicity. So, I thought to share it with you too. She became ready to share the process too-

A-   Flower Vase

Required Items – To make a beautiful flower vase you will need used discarded soap dispenser, mirror pieces & bead.

Process - After thoroughly cleaning the dispenser, colour it with Fabric paint with a bit of medium to make the paint uniform and let the dispenser dry. After the paint dried in around 15-20 min, use a few mirror pieces, white beads to beautify it and get pasted with fevicol. Mirror pieces & beads are easily available from beads or thread shop. Let it dry for 30-40 min. Then use dots of white fabric paint to act as filler all across, bringing a new look. Your flower base is ready.

B-   Book Self/Case with Cloth Pieces

Required Items – Velvet cloths of two different shades, better if matches with the wall colours.

Process - Use velvet clothes of two different shades, normal cloth, plastic sheets may also work. Depending upon the need Cut them to make three pockets depending upon the size of the books or articles you want to keep. In this case I chose it lengthwise to place the books slanting. It can be used to keep stationary items or toys for kids also. I find it useful for keeping kitchen towels also. Get them stitched.

I gave the fine lining of green to the maroon background. It looks extremely beautiful not only in looks but matching with my wall on which I have hung.


Rakhi for Loved One


Required Items- To make beautiful threads of Rakhis you will need used wool of different shades, small pieces of soft cardboard, beads of different shapes & colours, artificial flowers & leaves, Golden stars made of gota and feviciol.

Process - Cut cardboard in small sizes and shapes. Paste the flowers, leaves, beads, stars as per any soothing design on the cut pieces of cardboard with fevicol and let it dry. Meanwhile, make doris from used woollen threads and beads. When the designs get dried on the cardboard, spread the doris from behind the design, pasted with fevicol and small papers to hold them and let it dry. After an hour or so, beautiful Rakhis will be ready for your brothers, friends or well-wishers.

Got stunned. Just try yourself and encourage children to take-up some creativity and create something extra-ordinary from ordinary things in this summer vacation. It will make them future leaders of change. In this way, you will be writing about the future of the universe.

I am sure the above small practices will give you ample physical and mental energy and upliftment in your life. It is our luck that we are blessed with such friends who are spreading love and care to mother nature through their spiritual practices. let us express our gratitude towards them and pray to God for their well being.

Further, let us all help inculcate good habits in the younger minds who will stand to become a better future for tomorrow and will lead the society towards the right path. Let us begin from home where they should be taught to devote time in prayer, respect and obey their elders, maintain peace and harmony at home, spend time in learning & performing all chores of household work also.



Good Luck

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