Do you really Celebrate Christmas, the way Jesus wanted?

Do you really Celebrate Christmas, the way Jesus wanted?

Christmas is celebrated in major parts of the world on the 25
th of December. It is the day when 2000 years ago Jesus was born. The life of Jesus was fully dedicated to love and selfless service to mankind. Throughout his life, he gave messages of love and service. Even he sacrificed his life but did not leave his mission.

Today the significance of Christmas is related to feasting, drinking, singing and merrymaking. Our friends from Europe, US and some other countries enjoy long vacations and enjoy the celebration of the new year. Not bad! life is to enjoy and celebrate. It encourages the energy level and makes us ready for another year. Sometimes it comes into our mind that whether Jesus wanted his true devotees to celebrate his birthday in such a way only. Let us co-relate his messages with the present deeds of some of our friends.

Jesus taught that God is love. Instead of recognizing this basic truth, men are allowing hatred, envy, and other evil qualities to pollute their love. Man is gifted with the quality of love not to express it for selfish purposes but to direct it toward God. Jesus declared that there was nothing great about returning good for good. If you are doing good with those who have done well with you means you are trading in goods. If you want divinity to flow around you then you should do good with those too, who have harmed you. On the same basis, he forgave people who harmed him. If you are a true Jesus lover then you should also develop true love within yourself and make yourself ready to forgive those who harmed you. Although it is not easy this is what Jesus wanted from you.

Jesus exemplified the spirit of social service which he inherited from his mother. From His childhood, Mary taught Him such good qualities as truth, kindness, compassion, and justice. Jesus had learned His lessons from His mother and developed His spiritual faith. After they returned from Jerusalem, Jesus felt that service to His parents was His foremost duty, because He owed everything to them. In this spirit, He used to assist His father in His carpentry work. Joseph passed away when Jesus was thirty. He sought His mother's permission to devote Himself to the service of the needy and the forlorn. After leaving home, Jesus had Himself baptized by John. Then for forty days, Jesus observed severe austerities, without food and drink. At first, He considered Himself to be a "Messenger of God". After the penance, He realized He was the Son of God. He began His ministry with a group of fishermen as His first disciples. He taught them that they should first seek the Kingdom of Heaven. To enter that Kingdom, they had to cultivate loving hearts. Then, their hearts would become the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus further declared to them, "I and my Father are One".

Therefore, my friends, it is not right to celebrate Christ's birthday by feasting, drinking, singing, and merry-making. The ideals taught by Jesus should be put into practice. That is the right way to celebrate his birthday. Whoever you adore, you must try to live up to his teachings. What kind of devotion is it when the devotee does not practice what he professes? It is pseudo-devotion. Let us celebrate this festival by offering our love to human beings in the form of selfless service, compassion, truth and peace. Let peace prevail in the world. Merry Christmas to you. 

In nutshell, normal people can see what is visible through naked eyes only whereas visionaries see what is invisible too. Similarly, normal people celebrate Christ's birthday by feasting, drinking, singing, and merry-making. Whereas visionaries spend time recognizing the contribution of Christ's teaching in their life and try to adapt his message. So that they may proceed towards the realization of divinity in themselves.

If you follow the true path suggested by Jesus then it will be a real tribute to him. 

Merry Christmas.

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