What is The Significance of Diwali and How to celebrate it in this Pandemic ?

What is The Significance of Diwali and How to celebrate it in this Pandemic ?


Every year Deepawali is celebrated on Amavasya (New Moon day) of Karthik month of Indian calendar. Indian peoples living anywhere in the world celebrate this day as a festival of light. They light the lamps, distribute sweets and best wishes with each other. This day is celebrated as a symbol of peace and prosperity. Beside popular stories about the festival I would like to take you through different intellectual significance of great tradition.

Bhagwan Ram returned to Ayodhya

According to Indian scriptures Bhagwan Ram returned to Ayodhya after 14 long years of exile. Ram is soul. We can imagine what would have been the situation of Ayodhya after Ram,s leaving for the forest. Ayodhya became dense darkness. No one can explain the joy when the soul meets with body, mind and intellect. A divine light brightens even in the forest.  

This year Diwali is going to witness one happier event. Ram Mandir is under construction with an amicable solution. Diwali will be celebrated in Temple premises after 500 years. Utter darkness in mind called ignorance had demolished the temple long back. Construction of Ram mandir proves the eternal nature of our culture and traditions.

 Bhagwan Krishna Killed the Narkasura

There was a king named Narkasur in Dwapar yuga. His activities were like demons. As per legends Krishna killed the Narkasur with help of Sathyabhama. This signifies that we can kill our demonic thoughts and tendencies with the help of Sathya (truth). That’s what Upanishads declare as Satyamev Jayate. Truth alone triumphs. This is the significance of truth. Once mother earth went to Bhagwan Vishnu and told that she can bear anything but not the load of falsehood. To protect the pledged words king Harishchand sacrificed his kingdom, wife and son. We remember him even today as the supreme holder of truth. Truth is God. We can overcome any difficulties with faith in God and adherence to truth.

 Bhagwan Waman teaches lesson to King Bali

In the Satyug era there was a king bali. His kingdom was spread on the whole of earth. He developed an ego on his prosperity and kingdom. Bhagwan Vishnu took birth as a dwarf and asked for 3 feet of ground from the king. King Bali agrees to his demand without any argument. Bhagwan Waman mapped the entire kingdom. By this way the king lost his kingdom. This story proves that when darkness of ignorance is caused by Ahamkara (the ego feeling), the effulgence of the divine is experienced.


Emperor Vikramaditya ascended the throne on Deepwali who ruled a major part of the Earth long back.

On this lighting day people used to worship Goddess Laxmi. But riches have to be revered trust and must be used for the improvement in health of society not for selfish purposes only. Riches may come or go but we must not divert from the path of service to the mankind.

Intellectual Significance of this lighting festival

To remove the darkness a man needs a container, wick, oil and a match box in physical form. By these articles he can light the lamp. Similarly, to dispel the ignorance a man has heart as the container, mind like wick, love like oil and vairagya (sacrifice) as a match box. By these four a man can shine the divine flame of spirit. Light of knowledge appears from the light of spirit and dispels the darkness of ignorance.

When the men and women strive to light the lamp within them as narrated above along with external lamps then they attain the status of sacred qualities called the triple purity of body, mind and speech. It is popularly known as trikal sudhi i.e. purity of the three instruments.

On the other hand, the corona virus has put a barrier on Indian economy. Peoples are facing multiple type of problems like job loss, pay cut, delayed salary, economic depression, terrorism, social unrest, fight between the nations etc. While celebrating the great festival of divine effulgence, let's pray to God to bless the people with true feelings of right and wrong so that all of us can feel the presence of our Ram in our hearts. Therefore, let us celebrate this festival in the right spirit, with an understanding of their inner significance. We should keep the following lines in our hearts-

न त्वहं कामये राज्यं न स्वर्गं नापुनर्भवम् ।

कामये दुःखतप्तानां प्रणिनां आर्तिनाशनम् ॥

I do not want any Kingdom, nor heaven nor even escape from rebirth. I do desire that the afflictions of all beings tormented by pain in life may cease.

How to celebrate the Diwali Festival

This Deepawali is quite different than earlier. We are going through many restrictions and limitations due to pandemic and otherwise too. Therefore, I am suggesting few tips, you may add on some more-

1-    1- Call a friend, relative or colleague with whom you have experienced some bitter relationship and ask about his wellbeing. Forgive him from heart and wish on this auspicious occasion.

2-    2- Call a friend, relative or colleague to whom you have caused harm and apologize.

3-    3- Forgive yourself too.

4-    4- If any of your neighbor or known person is in trouble then then call him and encourage him.

5-    5- Help a less fortunate person what you can.

6-    6- Believe that you are representative of almighty so you can too excel in your area of working. So, discharge your duties with over achievement beyond expectations

 Wishing you all a transforming Diwali, full of rejuvenation and divine feelings. 

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