The Dark Side of the Coin

The Dark Side of the Coin

Since the last few months Indian Media has witnessed an unprecedented case of death, pain, love and hate. This case has divided Governments, media houses, peoples across the country and the entertainment industry too. You are right I am talking about the case of Sushant Singh Rajput. He graduated as an Engineer and established himself as a talented actor in Bollywood. After that followed his friendship with a few Bollywood actresses and news of his suicide. After that started a game of politics, inquiry by the media and various Govt agencies and many volunteers.

Everyone was desperately waiting for some conclusion on the death mystery of the Actor. Its motive is still unknown whether it is any rivalry or suicide or anything else. Till now it appears to be a case of drug addiction and even misuse of drugs. Most of the news channels are waiting for the arrest of one of the actresses but no one is talking about the severity of drug addiction cases in India. During the year 2016 a film was made on this issue named “Udta Punjab”. Where a story of a drug addict was shown. Since Punjab is a state which shares its border with Pakistan so obviously the risk of drug smuggling is high from Pakistan.


In the above instance addiction to drugs have been reported not only in men but women too. Despite knowing that the misuse of drugs has a serious impact on women as mother, spouse and sisters of misuser's but this aspect has not been addressed. These addictions not only cause loss of talent but also cause violence in the society and financial burdens too. In developing countries like India this is a great problem which needs to be addressed without delay since it causes domestic violence in demand of money to purchase the drugs.


Consumption of drugs have several disadvantages on health like people feel guilt, shame, embraceable, depression, anxiety and isolation as a result of drug misuse and may also cause suicidal tendencies too. Besides the above drug consumption may cause aches, insomnia and weight loss too.


Cross border smuggling in India is a big threat despite several measures taken by Govts. In most of the cases it is smuggled from Afghanistan. Although law requires that all drugs with “abuse potential” to be sold on prescription only but probably it has been diluted. According to studies on behavior of substance abused children, most of the law conflicting children were drug abusers who consumed narcotics. In large cases children consumed drugs due to peer pressure. The most alarming instance is the use of prescription drug cocktails which are cheaper and easily available at the neighboring chemist.


In bordering states drugs have become a social disease. Opium is prevalent, refined as heroin too. Synthetic drugs are popular in poor class peoples. In bordering areas many farmers have their fields in no man's land where they go for farming activities and while returning, they bring the drugs and supplies to drug syndicates. Although frisking is done when they enter into the Indian territory, the level of corruption can reduce the level of checking at any level. In the past many addicts have been unearthed by security agencies but powerful syndicates of drug suppliers, criminals, corrupt police officers and politicians have always protected these networks.


India has a good percentage of the young population so all of us have to think about this problem and educate people to be cautious. Since there is ample darkness behind this temporary enjoyment which leaves nothing beside loneliness, depression and anxiety. Therefore, it suggested to learn Indian Values of healthy life with Yoga, Meditation and Selflessness so that people may be not only away from these bad habits but lead a blissful life.

co-written by - Seema Pandey

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