Is this right time to move towards Organic Farming ?

Is this right time to move towards Organic Farming ?

Now a day’s entire world is facing consequences of man made disaster of selfishness and greed. It is not clear whether persons responsible for it, will be punished ever or not? Corona virus is not a just man-made virus in facts rather it is reflection of intense cruel mentality to go upto any extent to attain its material objects.  
Today all of us know about Covid-19 because it is highly contagious virus and have become out of control and entire world had to go into lock down. Had it not been out of control we could not have even heard about it. Now Govts. have declared that Covid-19 will remain with humans and no one can remove it. Likewise, there are so many dangerous man made things still existing in human life which are slowly slowly affecting it but we do not take them seriously. These are not other than many allopathic drugs and synthetic pesticides. Whenever we feel normal headache how easily we take a tablet without knowing the causes of pain. Slowly this habit converts into bigger problem which could have been sorted out without taking any tablet. You just google the medicines banned by various Govts due to their harmful effect on human life, you will find many of them which we have used sometimes in our life. Many specialty medicines have killed a greater number of persons than they have saved.

Similarly, synthetic pesticides and fertilizers are eating away the health of our countries soil. As per report of study groups many cheap pesticides purchased from China are too much harmful.  Even Prime Minister Modi have recommended to restrict the use of synthetic pesticide and fertilizers. These pesticides are not only harmful for human life but they are equally harmful for wild life, environment, farmers and microorganism.

Today life style of peoples has gone much away from nature as a result every year we are facing new challenges on health front like Ebola, Swine flu sometimes other viruses. What is the reason of this type of pandemics? 

1-No discipline in food habits

2-Uncontrolled and unguided use of agro-chemicals and fertilizers leading to many types of complications in human life.

3-No time for self-health care.

Now question arises that what is the alternate way. Earlier peoples used to take organic foods. What are the benefits of organic foods?

What are the Benefits of Organic Foods ? 

1-Organic Food is more Nutritious -On average organic food is more nutritious of vitamins and minerals as compared to non-organic foods.  Since it does not include food additive like flavour enhancer, artificial sweeteners, contaminants. Organic foods lower the autism, learning disorder, diabetes, cancer, coronary heart diseases, allergies osteoporosis, migraines, dementia and hyperactivity.

2-Organic Foods are Safer -Organic food does not contain pesticides. There are normally more than 100 chemicals used in farming and its residue remain in food and causes different type of problems for human health.

3-Organic Farming is Environment Friendly -Knowingly or unknowingly we are paying hidden cost on account of environmental side effects due to pollution of drinking water with pesticide, fertilizers and animal wastes. In contrary organic products are environment friendly.

4-Organic foods are protecting future generations.

5-Synthetic pesticides and fertilizers are causing soil erosion to get extra yield. Whereas organic products maintain the soil health.

6-Organic products are good for farmers health.

7-Organic products are nature friendly – Organic inputs are biodegradable, residual free, easily available, cost effective and do not contain the balance of chemical residue.

Organic products are liked in many countries like Germany, Italy, France, USA, Denmark and Australia. So, let us use organic agri-inputs as much as possible for better future of human life on the planet.

In today’s time when entire world is resetting its habits, attitude and thought process to work in co-existence with the nature, let us think about moving towards organic foods and organic farming. Although big companies and rich industrialists will never support this movement but as a human being lets us think what we are offering to our neighbors ‘or fellow citizens? Food or poison?

It’s our duty and responsibility to educate all farmers, channel partners and all concerned to understand what is important for our future generations? A Good health, a clean environment and a healthy land or selfishness and greed for money.

You have to decide.

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