Unforgettable Pains of Corona Virus

Unforgettable Pains of Corona Virus

When I wrote my first article on Coronavirus on 15th February 2019 last year I did not think that this fight will take so long time. Different countries got affected in different ways. Still non of the Govt. have any clue how to address it more effectively. USA & Europe got worst affected and lost many lives in this battle. India got little success in terms of no deaths but at high economic cost and inconvenience of millions of poor people who stay in other states for the lively hood. It was the worst face of humanity where poor peoples forced to travel by foot for long distances. Looking upon our democratic system sometimes we feel the need to debate that how costly this system is for the country. The action of Govt. of India for Tali, Thali, Candle etc entertained the people for some time but they started getting bored since Corona did not end rather started getting spread through different vehicles like Tableegi etc. 

BJP Govt. 
The speech of Prime Minister Modi at 8pm on 12/5/20 was very different. For the first 10 to 15 minutes I got confused whether he was announcing any action again Corona disease or reading the election agenda. Do we need to educate about the importance of self-dependence only when we get into the trap of Corona disease? Earlier also many movements of Swadeshi has been done but they died like corona patient. I too had written my blog on the importance of self-dependence on 26.3.20, s hope at least something will be done that is better than nothing. Further, this new announcement will not get killed like earlier documented development promised by Govts. Gujrat Govt did not implement lockdown seriously and now facing its consequences.

However later on cases controlled. A vaccine to got developed within record time. India started distributing it to many poor countries as a goodwill gesture. Which established India amongst the elite club of solution providers.

AAP Govt 
Delhi Govt. is probably the most entertaining Govt in the country. Thank God Kejriwal did not ask for a Certificate from China that corona which is spreading in Delhi is original or duplicate? If Kejriwal is in any show, then Modijee cannot get bored? Since he has chosen to remain free from Delhi Govt functioning so he innovates new ways to challenge the Central Govt. For example, leaving labourers to UP boarded and making a joke of lockdown, thereafter addressing through television regularly mainly days to whom who have no access of television at that time. 

Again lockdown has been imposed. Peoples are leaving Delhi without any clue. Same story again and again.

The role of Congress is not less dramatic in politics. They used to make their fertile political base infertile by their actions. For example, the announcement of its president to pay the fare of labourers and subsequently collecting full fare from them. Distributing the leaflets by their MLA that their family is paying their fare. The remaining ground they started gifting to news channels by lodging FIR against them. 

When the vaccine was developed then they mistrusted it. When Govt has it to other countries then also they raised an objection. Now saying that why Govt did not do sufficient vaccination. Most confused party.

Trinamool Congress 
Mamta Dee too did not take lockdown seriously and the main markets remain open. Now WB is also on verge of risk. After Kejriwal she too in line to be PM definitely she will do something different to keep her base intact. 

Shivsena is a new unnatural alliance so its stake is at more risk. She is doing so many things to keep its Chief Ministers post which otherwise she would not have tolerated. As a result, it engaged itself in war with Corona more than other states. 

SP/BSP- Their behaviour too followed like the congress B team. I will not waste your time describing their mistrust.

News Channels 
News channels are supposed to be independent of party politics. But it appears that now no one is independent. There are tuned with their political affiliations and simply doing their business. 

It would not be difficult to predict that days are tough for everyone. No one can predict when the situation will be normal. Many people died on way to their village. How our administration / political system will ensure our poor peoples that they can also live their life with dignity. Despite achieving many new highs our peoples are dying for food and medicines. Ladies children are also running thousands of kilometre on foot. Now when trains are starting there is news that middlemen s are charging Rs.1000 for booking the train tickets. Some do not have land, some do not have the manpower, some do not have education how can everyone be self-dependent? If you see it in the Indian context, then it appears to be scrapped subject. In the age of the internet and huge competition, our businessmen are running behind the competitive advantage to maximize their net margin. This tendency has so deepened that our human value system to has got killed. So by only, just announcement one can be self-dependent. Everyone has to understand it and act accordingly.
Some peoples are suggesting to cease the bank accounts of all political parties and use to help the labours. What is your opinion?. Please share your view.

 Please see the below video to see an example of political mistrust in India.
Example of Political mistrust in India

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