How To Overcome The Stress Of Job Loss ?

How To Overcome The Stress Of Job Loss ?

My Best Friends,

Have you loosed your job ever in life? If your answer is no, then probably you have not tried to do anything different in life. No doubt losing the job is a great problem, especially when corona disease is taking away the life of lakhs of peoples along with the economy of the world into its grip.  As all us know that the whole world is going through the toughest pandemic of the century. Lacs of infected peoples around the world. Thousands of people sacrificed their lives in this pandemic. Millions of people got unemployed and facing the risk of hunger and death on the way to their home. Paralyzed Administration/Govt. due to scars resources and excessive effected peoples. Too much selfishness due to political rivalry. All these situations are causing distress and worry about the future. Let us analyze the root cause of this problem and way forward.

Root Cause of the Problem 
It would not be right to discuss here the causes of peoples getting fired. There may be different reasons to say but it is not always the fault of employees. Being the internal auditors for more than 15 years I am aware about the actual reasons of hundreds of the cases. I will cover such cases differently in the subsequent article. So let us talk about what we should do to overcome the pain and misery of getting unemployed and succeed in life. 

How to come out of Grief & Depression
If you are among the job losers then do not worry, life does not end there. Probably that is the beginning of a new and better life for you. So just take following steps.

1. Take the responsibility of what happened honestly. Since that is the beginning of your new journey. If it is due to any weakness, then try to manage it. Don’t blame anyone except self. It will show a route of self-improvement.

2. Think about your strengths and skills which take you forward. Incorporate these skills and strengths in your resume and update them on Job sites. Make your resume application tracking system compliant. Means it should reflect your experience is desired profile.

3. Learn interview skills from Youtube or any other social media platform. Lots of videos are available for free access.

4. Please maintain physical distancing but don’t go in isolation. Talk to peoples like family, friends and relatives. It is not always your fault that you have become unemployed. Share your feelings and emotions. Believe that they will support you and you will get positive energy to fight this battle.

5. Believe that nothing is permanent in the life. So is the bad day. Bad days will also end and you will shine. So keep your moral high strict yourself on path of righteousness.

6. Develop additional skills. Try to realize your passion and follow your intuition. So that you may be able to turn this threat into opportunity. There are so many online courses available on music, drawing, painting, yoga, meditation, writing, acting, technical services etc. These will make you more strong and happy. Let your passion speak to you. Treat these courses like getting Brahmastra by Arjun while in exile.

7. Read motivating stories if you have time. Many people who faced this type of situation have bounced back and became inspiration for others. It will boost your confidence and fill you with energy. I will start giving a few inspiring stories soon on my blog and youtube channel soon. You may subscribe and take its benefits.

8. Do regular yoga and meditation. So that you may remain fit and fine at the end of the day. You can practice singing or instrumental music if you like.

9. Many warriors get suffering and misery in battle field due to selfishness and greed of peoples like Duryodhana in Mahabharata. However, believe that strings are always in hand of God. He has plans for all of us and even better than what we can imagine today. 

10. While doing meditation imagine that you are in role of Arjun. Arjun means pure and selflessness. God himself is your charioteer. He is holding the rein of discrimination tightly. He is moving the whip of detachment and enforcing the horses of senses to follow the path of truth which is lighted with wisdom and decorated with beauty of righteousness.  

11. Last but not the least help the needy peoples in whatever way you can. Since God gets his work done through us only. Be his hands and earn his grace and be prepared to play a better and bigger in game of life.

You have read all these steps means you have intention to bounce back for better future. Just be prepared like Ajun to understand the instructions of God. Just surrender and make yourself available to understand his teachings. So that he may make you winner in this battle. He will help you at every step. Just pray him to show the path of illumination and wisdom. Believe that difficulties come in our life to show us our true potential. Many famous personalities like Elon Musk, Mark Zukerburg, Narendra Modi, Amitava Bacchan and so many more have realized their true potential through these techniques. Might be you are next..........     
Best wishes for a bright future. 
Someone have truly said that - Pain Is Inevitable; Suffering Is Optional

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