Tour to my Home Town Part- 2

Tour to my Home Town Part- 2

In last article we have seen how beautiful our village is, in terms of sightseeing, gardens, river banks and crops. Today we will discuss about some inner feelings of villages which peoples do not recognize very easily normally.
When we reached our new home everywhere we felt memories of struggles and brick by brick efforts of parents to make this home possible. 2 Small trees of mango, 2 Guava trees, 2 lemon trees,1 sheesham tree. Flowers of marigold, Hibiscus were very attractive. House hold Articles likes emergency light, umbrellas, invitation cards received from relatives and villages & books etc were lying in my parents room.

One photograph of my father and Sai baba along with Ganesha was hanging in common 
hall. We felt absence of any joint photo of Amma & Babu so tried searching it. When we 
went to district HQ it was immediately ordered for framing.
Villages looks very calm and cool when we see them from distant but quality of peoples live can be identified from there behaviors. Communication revolutions have changed villages culture significantly. All are update with local and global events. Most of the peoples have mentality to cover every inch of land and do not leave the space for any vehicle movement. Peoples like to make homes at so closed to each other that even no one can move in car. We too had to leave our car at uncle’s residence. No drainage system. Peoples leave their drainage open on small roads even sometimes vehicles get stucked in mud.  In UP peoples used to keep cows and their calf only till they give milk. When they stop giving milk they leave it on their fate. They move in forests and fields and damage crops. Now a day wild pigs are also found in villages. They damage the crops. To save their crop from such unclaimed animals farmers used to do fencing in their fields.

Visit to our villages cannot be completed until we visit our old home where almost first 20 years of life was spent. In my childhood there were almost 15-20 children’s in our extended family who used to play there, fight with each other and sometimes engage senior members of family also. There was no electricity supply in those days. We used to live in natural conditions. We used to go to bed within 1-2 hour of sunset and enjoy 3-4 long spells of sleep in winter's night. In summer season, few ladies and infants used to sleep inside the open area of home called “Angan”. Most of the peoples used to sleep outside the home in open area called “Dwar”. Sometimes space becomes insufficient to accommodate all cots. At that time mosquito were not big problem since our neighbors used to make earth pots. So when they heat earth pots it caused smoke and mosquitoes get away.

When we went to our old home we found it in very pity condition. There is no one to take care of it. In 3 large families of our extended family only 1 family lives there. One undefined silence was there. This silence is not only a presetcondition but a teacher too. Peoples used to narrate stories about efforts how these houses were made. What struggles they have done to make it but their hires have no interest in preserving these monuments.

I remember in my childhood once a fight was on probable for small part of land. Few peoples from both sides were escalating the tension. Few small manhandling was there but ultimately it was controlled. In another episode there was big fight between one of my grandfather and a neighbor. Matter was escalated to police and courts too. Few manhandling was too there but no result. Anyhow things became cool by lapse of time. Such grand-father built a new house on disputed sight too but all money went into vain. Now 3 houses are lying empty. No one is there to take care. Everybody including us is trying to build their own home in open farms. Once upon time we felt bored with living together. Now all of us feel isolated to each other, sometimes like to live together. Even we miss such fights which had no base, and used to get out of mind quickly.
During visit to my village I met few of my old veterans too who were pillars of society. One of them is younger brother of my grandfather. We used to listen Ramayana and Mahabharata from him in childhood. Like our old homes he too living in silence and loneliness. He gets food from auntees but no one is there to talk to him. I am sure after his departure we will spent hefty of money on rituals but no one had time to be with him. After this visit I strongly feel that we need to take care our old homes and our old peoples. 

While returning from our village we took different route. When we reached Lacchipur market noise, jerking etc got disappeared from vehicle, about which we have been accustomed since few day. A smooth road. Widening the road have changed the face of many markets on the way to Prayagraj. We stopped at Nahar Dadoli a favorite place for Rasgulla lovers. Nahar Dadoli is famous for its Rasgulla's which contains a raisins inside it. We got some pieces packed. Children's enjoyed samosa's too. After that we quickly reached our destination where we again enjoyed company of our near and dear one for few hours. We had tasty dinners. One things i would like to mention here that there is some magic in hand of Allahabadi girls and ladies. They make very tasty food and serve with great humbleness. It makes it more tasty. Thanks to God that i am blessed with such loving and caring peoples. After dinner we headed towards railway station.  

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  1. This is like an eye-opener for the readers ... To earn livelihood and make our lives better we often migrate to new places, even if we get settle there... We can not deny the feeling of "home calling" from inside..


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