Tour to my Home Town Part- 1

Tour to my Home Town Part- 1

After the gap of almost 18 years we planned to visit our native place on Holi. That’s too not to celebrate Holi but to see one of my family member who was hospitalized for surgery. I remember that I had been in my native place in Holi during 2002. Since I had just joined my service and had no leave in hand so left to Gorakhpur on the date of Holi itself.
Acharya Tulidas have written in Ram Charit Manas about native place-
जद्यपि सब बैकुंठ बखाना। बेद पुरान बिदित जगु जाना।।
अवधपुरी सम प्रिय नहिं सोऊ। यह प्रसंग जानइ कोउ कोऊ।।
जन्मभूमि मम पुरी सुहावनि। उत्तर दिसि बह सरजू पावनि।।
जा मज्जन ते बिनहिं प्रयासा। मम समीप नर पावहिं बासा।।
अति प्रिय मोहि इहाँ के बासी। मम धामदा पुरी सुख रासी।।
हरषे सब कपि सुनि प्रभु बानी। धन्य अवध जो राम बखानी।।
These lines were not written only for God Ram but these lines are crux of Indian hearts. This is feeling of every human being about his birth place. We may fight with our relative’s / family members or neighbor but we feel intimacy with them only. We enjoy celebration of festival with them.
We reached Allahabad(now prayagraj) on day of Holi. Allahabad is famous for its 2 days Holi celebration. In first half people enjoy Holi with herbal/natural color’s including water & mud mixed solvents. However, we did not face any hardship since we were received by In-laws from Prayagraj Railway Station. After 2 round of delicious Allahabadi Gujhiya and Laddu etc there was Holi celebration program. Weather turned little cold, sky was cloudy and there was mild rain also. So feeling little cold. I cut short my color program but Mrs and both children’s enjoyed color playing festival with here Mama’s and Mami.
After taking tasty lunch we proceeded towards Pratapgarh in our car. I was driving the car. Except few road extension patches, driving on National High Way is excellent experience. Greenery on both side of roads attracts everyone.  We reached hospital within one and half our driving. We spent 2 hours in hospital thereafter proceeded towards our village. In mid of the road we crossed a palace called Kings-court of Dilippur Estate. 

In my childhood we used to go in his school by foot approx.-8 Km in one side. There was only Kacchi Road now there is RCC road. During our school time most of the people had Kaccha house at that time court was a centre of attraction. After another 20 minutes’ drive we reached our village. A beautiful big village surrounded by Sai river from 3 sides had most of the area dedicated for greenery.

 Since few years we used to visit our home in summer when there was no crop, contrary to that, this time crops of wheat, mustered, Pulses, Garlic, Onion etc were there. Flowering had started in mango tree. No one can forget the fragrance of mango flowers. Luckily river too had better water quality, although we did not take a dip in it but images of sunset was amazing in river water. We visited our old mango gardens having multiple type of mango tree.

 Each tree had a name. We could identify them with names. Few of them were dried-up, but no replacement was there. From there we went to our new mango garden which I had planted in my childhood. Despite multiple negative factor it was a successful project. Once upon time there were 10-12 trees but 2 times fire destroyed most of them still now 3 trees are there. Fruits were coming in 2 trees. One tree did not give fruits but it is a matter of great happiness that this time there was flowering in this tree. It gave a sense of patience that each living species has its own time to blossom subject to they get time. Once upon time there were only few date tree but there has now increased significantly. Being spring season Mahua tree too have left its leaves and was ready for flowering.

 Over all anyone can spent whole day travelling in forest area without getting bored.

This time we met our college time friends and their families and had discussion about progress in life. They are settled at their hometown and busy in their profession.

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