Seeing COVID-19 lock down with a positive approach

Seeing COVID-19 lock down with a positive approach

We all are aware of the novel corona virus and the whole world is trying its best to deal with this pandemic. The statistical study done by ICMR says that in India we are in a phase of epidemic which can be contained effectively by restricting our contact with the affected ones. Although the government is taking measures to control it but as an individual it is our responsibility  that comes into play. It can be maintaining personal hygiene, cough and sneezing etiquettes, washing hands, social distancing etc.

Other effective measures showing active participation of people are completed shut down of 14 hours (Janta curfew on 22 march) and lock down upto 31st march by closing schools, public places, restricting gatherings, granting leaves to office employees, encouraging work from home. It may extend depending upon recommendations from  public health officials. Since the order says we are not allowed to go outside to limit the spread of COVID-19,  hence we can spend quality time at home. We can take this duration as an opportunity to use our precious time and energy in a more productive way.

Let Communicate: Communication is an important tool to keep the ‘freshness’ of a relationship alive, so call and message your near and dear ones. Ask them how is their life going? Do the need your help or support? talk to those who care for you, resolve your issues. If you have kids, ask about their studies, school, college, friends, their future plans. If you have parents, spend some quality time by sitting with them, ask about their well being and health issues, shared your problems with them. This little initiation will definitely help to strengthen your relationship.

Time to upgrade yourself : It doesn't matter how much you are educated or skilled, if you are not updated you will become outdated. If you are student and exams are postponed, this is the right time to revise your lessons and work on your weak subjects. Working women/ home makers can include practicing yoga and exercise in their lifestyle to give a healthy start to their day. Add some healthy diet to your routine to boost up your immune system. Complete your pending work like arranging your kitchen shelves, organising your wardrobe etc. Utilise your time by working on your skills and weaknesses too.

Gain knowledge : Gaining knowledge improves self confidence and in turn you can take active participation in any general discussion. Go to some authentic website or newspaper instead of social media to update yourself. You can read books related to fiction, science, motivation, current affairs or any specific field. There are various online courses (paid/unpaid) of networking, cooking, music, baking, yoga etc which you can join and learn something new.

Relive your interests : Now it's time to indulge yourself in that work which gives you inner happiness. it can be painting, dancing, singing, writing, watching movies, organising your cupboard etc. Hobbies are the best stress-busters. They take you to the meditation mode and you get lost within. We are so lucky that nowadays  google and youtube are always there to help us. Plenty of tutorials are available if you want to pursue a hobby or anything that you find interesting. You can try your hands in home made chocolates, home made organic soaps, candles and later gift them to your near and dear ones. I am sure they would love it.

Restricting the use of smartphones: Smartphones are now indispensable part of our lives. We cannot even think of a day without them.We are so dependent as it manages our alarm, notes, reminders, mails, bank accounts, social media platform, dictionary, groceries and many more things.Although it is impossible to discard it completely from our life but at least we can restrict its use. While we are spending time with our families, there should be “NO PHONES ALLOWED” rule for sometime. Excessive indulging can be avoided by uninstalling useless applications and carrying out important work using laptops. Distribute some work as a task to each and every member of the family and encourage them to involve actively rather than taking it as a burden.

Evaluate yourself: This point emphasises on knowing yourself and the reasons that gives you inner satisfaction. Analyse yourself and ask where have you been in last 6 months? Are you happy with your accomplishments? Are you going in the right direction? Are you satisfied with your efforts and actions? Is there any change that you want to do in yourself to be a better version of yourself. Now it’s time to revise your bucket list, add some new goals and targets.

“Proving is waste of time where as improving is better utilisation of time”, its your choice to ‘prove’ or ‘improve’.

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