‘Pseudoscience’ behind Hindu religion and customs

‘Pseudoscience’ behind Hindu religion and customs

Being born in a Hindu family, I have witnessed various rituals such as touching elders feet, joining both hands to say namaste, using ganga-jal for purification in religious ceremonies, applying bindi or tilak on forehead and the list is endless. We follow these traditions so casually without even questioning that is there any logical reasoning behind these practices? Actually its fine in carrying out these rituals as long as they don't harm any one. The real question arrives when the explanation behind these rituals are tried to fit in the logical frames of science. Hindu rituals are all about working of mind and souls cannot be explained with experiments. Science can explain brain but not mind, it can explain heart but not soul and feelings. Since both science and religion are contradictory fields so it would be totally unfair to give scientific logics to religious beliefs.
Entailing some of the customs which i know are followed and tried to give some logical reasons or better to say the ‘pseudoscience’ behind them.

Wearing bindi/Tilak on forehead : Bindi which is an adornment for Hindu brides is worn between the eyebrows i.e. on anjana chakra(called third eye). It is said that anjana chakra is the gateway for mind to connect with spirituality. In the same way tilak also evokes a sense of purity, gives protection against wrong tendencies and forces. It is applied either in round or long shape moving upwards but the purpose is same, that is connecting the soul to spirituality via anjana chakra.

Why is 108 the holiest number : Have you ever thought why our prayer bead string (tulsi or rudraksha mala) have 108 beads? or why women do 108 rounds (parikrama) of Vata vriksha in Vat savitri pooja? there are various explanations to this question.
 Sun is considered as God and ultimate source of energy. It is said that 108 is the ratio of sun’s distance (from earth) to sun’s dimeter.
 Chanting 108 names of lord Shiva can get you closer to him.
  As per astrology there are 12 houses and 9 planets 12*9 = 108.
  Some say there are 108 types of feelings in which 36 are related past, 36 to present and rest 36 are for future.
 Pranayama says if one can stay calm in meditation by taking only 108 breaths in a day, enlightenment will come to them.
  There are 54 letters in sanskrit each dedicated to masculine shiva and feminine shakti (54*2) which is 108.
   There are 108 Puranas and 108 Upanishads.

Benefits of wearing jewellery (gold and silver) : The obsession of jewellery in women is known to everyone but an interesting fact is that there is a scientific explanation attached to every piece of ornament. It is said that gold reacts with body’s energy and aura so its ornaments are worn in the upper part of body (above abdomen) in the form of bangles, rings, necklace , nosering etc. On the other hand silver reacts with earth’s energy hence worn in the lower part of body as kamarbandh, anklets and toe rings. It is said that kamarbandh controls belly fat, toe ring regulates menstrual problems and helps in conceiving issues. Anklets mediates two forms of energies which are earth and human body. Its melodious sound creates a positive aura by sending body’s negative energy to earth.

Why there are 7 pheras in Hindu marriages: In Hindu marriages we have seen bride and groom take 7 pheras and 7 vachans (holy promises) as a ritual. Well its explanation says that each circle consists of 360 degrees. From 1 to 9 the only no. which cannot divide 360 is 7, so seven times going round the fire ensures that nothing can divide their eternal relationship.

Smearing of cowdung outside the house: We have often seen smearing of diluted cowdung (gobar+ water) in the courtyard and then exposing it to sunlight. The logic behind this practice says cowdung consists of methane which is produced by anaerobic bacteria present in it. When this methane comes in contact with air and sunlight , it releases formaldehyde which in turn is antimicrobial in nature. It kills the microbes and acts as natural disinfectant.


Why we don't prefer marriages in same gotra: There is an amazing logic of genetics behind this fact. Gotra is actually a processs of protecting male species. It is said that we are descendants of 8 great rishis (sapta rishi + Bharadwaj rishi). All the gotras are evolved from these only. Scientifically the pair of sex chromosomes XX and XY determines the gender of a person. In XX one is from father and the other is from mother while in XY , X is from mother and Y is from father. So it can be seen that Y has a unique character and it gets passed only in male lineage (i.e. from father to son) Women only gets XX, this is the reason why gotra of a woman is said to be her husband’s. So if we have same gotra that means we are from the same root ancestor. Mrriages of same gotra will actually reduce the strength of Y chromosome and there will be increase in risk of genetic disorders also.

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  1. "The best way to measurements anything is ......" The Bird eye view".
    ............. And this 'Pseudoscience' is a ' Bird eye view' of Hindu religion and customs........
    ......Great job......

  2. "The best way to measurements anything is ......" The Bird eye view".
    ............. And this 'Pseudoscience' is a ' Bird eye view' of Hindu religion and customs........
    ......Great job......


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