Navaratri Puja: With reference to Planetary Position as on 7/10/2021

Navaratri Puja: With reference to Planetary Position as on 7/10/2021

This is the 4th Navratri festival since Covid-19 took grip over humanity. This Navaratri may be a little different from the earlier 2 ones. Prior to the corona period, we used to see a long queue of devotees in Shaktipeeths and other temples. So many shops of flowers and garlands near temples. But due to the lockdown and unlock process worldwide, there is still restriction everywhere. So What to do and how to celebrate this festival? Before coming to this question let us discuss our traditions and the inner significance of this festival.

Why it is called the Trikal Suddhi period? Please read further till the end to understand its practical relevance.

Navaratra is celebrated for 9 days in autumn in India. It is celebrated mostly twice i.e. September/October and March April. This festival is observed in the honor of the divine feminine (माँ दुर्गा). Some of my friends don't know about this festival so I have bought it in easy form.

As we know that power has three forms. Knowledge, wealth and strength. All 3 are presided by a female goddess i.e. Saraswati, Laxmi and Durga. Mother Saraswati is worshipped on Basant Panchami. Mother Laxmi on Deepawali and Mother Durga in Navrati.  Navaratra is a festival of self-cleansing and worship of positive Energy. Worship is done for 9 days and people read holy scripture of Sanantan Hindu Dharma “Durga Shaptashati or Durga Sutra” (दुर्गा सप्तशति). On the 9th-day peoples do make offerings into a consecrated fire and do Kanya Pujan (कन्या पूजा). Devotees invite girls to home and offer a blog considering them as a replica of Devi Durga to please her. In Durga Shaptashati we read that there was a King called “Shumbh”. He along with his brother Nishumbh and army man Chand mund had also created havoc in the universe at that time. They defeated the God Indra too and captured his state (स्वर्ग). Then Gods went to Tridev Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh) and this trident created an energy that converted into a woman. This woman called Durga killed the powerful king and established peace in the world. Earlier also Goddess Durga had killed the most dangerous powers which became a threat for humanity like Mahisasur etc.

Let us see what is a present scenario in the world. Human values like Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Love and Non Violence are diminishing. Negative powers named selfishness along with his brother greediness is ruling the world. In the name of growth, we have left our traditions & values much behind and reached the dead-end of the road. In Navaratri entire home was cleaned and worship continues for 9 days. Peoples take vegetarian (सात्विक) food to maintain their immunity. In this way, peoples keep the negative powers away from their homes. In today’s time, there is no timing for taking food. People are eating whatever they like for taste. There is no control over the tongue. As a result, the immunity power is going down. In every era certain peoples who work for the well being of mankind.  They are known as sages (साधु महात्मा). They were respected and supported by kings and rich peoples. But what is today's position ?. People who work for education, health and economic development of the poor’s women’s and children’s selflessly are disrespected and to some extent demoralized. There is no respect for senior citizens either at home or in offices. All relations are valued on monetary terms. Well educated leaders are taking the great organisations into darkness in the name of improved bottom-line ignoring human values. Isn’t it a situation of crisis for humanity?

I would like to draw your attention to following lines (श्लोक) in Durga Shaptashati, very important to understand -

The meaning of these lines are as below -

Goddess Durga, despite being present everywhere every time, takes birth to save the world from negative powers. She blesses this world in form of good health, science and prosperity. She brings disaster by way of Pandemics. Today the entire world is feeling depressed with the CORONAVIRUS pandemic. Although Doctors and health workers are doing their best to control it..The effect of Corona is so serious that days are not away when people will die with hunger. Mother Durga is a live Goddess who takes care of the world from epidemics and hunger. Let us we too support In a fight with COVID-19 in your own way.

As we know that human being has 3 forms i.e. body, mind and intellect. Purification of all 3 formats together is known as Trikal Suddhi or 3-way purification.  By fasting or taking Satvik food we pure our body, By worship and offerings, we purify the mind. By innovating excellence in our righteous works we purify our intellect. When our body mind and intellect is aligned then we acquire the necessary strength to handle even the toughest situation in life. This Sadhana is done in starting of the year with a view that we should work with the same spirit. That's why it is called Trikal Suddhi.

Planetary Placement as on position on 7th October 2021

Nine days of Navratra represents 9 planets as per the below table. 
Day       Form of Shakti        Planet
1            Shailputri                    Moon
2            Brahmacharini           Mars
3            Chandraghanta         Venus
4            Kusumanda               Sun
5            Skandhamata           Mercury
6            Katyayni                    Jupiter
7            Kalratri                       Saturn
8            Mahagauri                 Ketu
9            Siddhidatri                 Rahu                       

If any of the above planets are weak in your horoscope then please worship the above Goddess to strengthen it.

On ist day of Navaratri Sun, Mars and Mercury are in transit in the Virgo sign.  Mars and Mercury being too closed to Sun will be ineffective in giving auspicious results. Moon will be in transit in the Libra sign with poor strength. Venus will be in transit in the Scorpio sign with Ketu with similar strength. Jupiter with childish strength is in transit with powerful Saturn in Capricorn Sign. Saturn will be a powerful planet in this Navratri. You may check your horoscope if Saturn is an auspicious "योग कारक" planet then you will be blessed with good fortune. Saturn is auspicious in Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius signs.

Saturn is the God of hard work, discipline and righteousness. If you want to please Saturn then do your duty with honesty with 100% efficiency and honesty. You will get auspicious results. All the best.

As compared to last years position, things are still better. We could have flowers, garland etc to offer. Let us pray with the pure heart to “Goddess Durga” to control the pandemic and bless us with good health and prosperity with the following mantra.

ॐ जयंती मंगला काली भद्रकाली कपालिनी 
दुर्गा क्षमा शिवा धात्री स्वाहा स्वधा नमोऽस्तु‍ते। 

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti
God bless you.

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  1. Very different approach to connect navratri and COVID 19🙏🙏

  2. ओम जयंती मंगला काली भद्रकाली कपालिनी दुर्गा क्षमा शिवा धात्री स्वाहा स्वधा नमोस्तुते

  3. सर्व मंगल मांगल्ए शिवे सर्वार्थ साधिके शरण्ए त्र्यंबके गौरी नारायणी नमोस्तुते


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