It’s time to Implement “Ceiling on Desire”

It’s time to Implement “Ceiling on Desire”

Swami blessed me to bring in his fold, through Mr N N Mathur, a Director in Ministry of Urban Development (Now retired), by a dramatic event long back. Ishaan (My son) used to call him as Sairam uncle.He is a person of pure heart filled with deep love and compassion. Uncle gave us few books on Sai Literature. At that time, he suggested us to read these books again and again when we get time, since each time it will give new feeling. From that time, I am regular reader of Sathya Sai Literature. In this process I have read multiple books  specially Vahini Series. Each book contains ocean of love and realization of divinity within human being.

We know that life is full of ups and downs. Living under the curfew and lock-down due to fear of COVID-19, now we are trying to understand the limitations of our mind, our science, our brains, our pride our achievements etc. Once Swami declared I am God, you too are God, difference is that I know it but you are not aware. Swami declared it long back, pure souls understood it and got the taste of nectar in this declaration and made their life meaningful. But those who were not so blessed might be due to their past Karma’s could not understand it, picked only first 3 words of statement and made it a point of joke without understanding the in-depth meaning of the statement. Anyway let us come to our point. In his teachings through discourses Swami have given due emphasis on practicing the human values. i.e.e Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Love, and Ahimsha (सत्य, धर्म, शांति, प्रेम, और अहिंसा). He shown us path of wisdom by observing following 3 practices.

    1)    To maintain harmony in thought, deed and action.
    2)    Ceiling on desire and
    3)    Serving the Mankind (मानव सेवा, माधव सेवा)

Every topic is an ocean in itself. I am not qualified yet to define any of it even a single letter. By taking his permission wanted to discuss about second point “Ceiling on desire”.

There is a purpose for taking birth on this Earth for everyone whether he is mankind, animal, insect, tree or plants. Activities/behavior of mankind is almost similar to other animals like eating, sleeping, reproduction etc. Only difference is that he has better mind and power of discrimination. Some special privileges, comes with some responsibility also. Being equipped with special features, mankind was expected to take care about nature, other species too. Therefore, he was expected to observe ceiling on his desires. So that he can leverage some of his blessings to others also and support nature in maintaining balance on this planet.

Why to Observe Ceiling on Desire when everybody wants his growth?

In today’s world everybody is running behind economic growth. US and Western Countries have become developed in terms of GDP and per capital Income. From third world countries China developed its infrastructure and started competing with them and became new role model of economic development. Every country is trying to improve the life style and facilities of its people with the help of science and technology. Companies are trying to improve their presence in different geographies with the help of technology, globalization and social media. Now the question arises that when everyone is aspiring to become Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Mukesh Ambani, Sachin Bansal, Ritesh Aggrawal, Krunal Shah,Hewlett And Packkard by becoming rich and richest then why Swami advised to his devotees to put ceiling on desire.

Control of Mind

Swami explained the mind as bundle of thought. These thoughts are full of desires. He compared the desires with fire. When one desire becomes fulfilled then we run for another desire. When that desire too becomes fulfilled then we rush for next. This cycle continues till the life comes to an end. That’s why he suggested to practice detachment and ceiling on desire. He did not recommend to stop doing Karma. Karma is essential. No one can live in this world without performing certain duties. Even to live simply we need to take breath. This body needs certain input/output to survive. Although some of activities runs in auto mode still these are Karma’s of the body. Accordingly, to maintain the body, we have to necessarily perform our duties. Therefore, Swami guided us to do our Karma while observing the human values. We should work hard and achieve all comforts lawfully while practicing the basic human values. Simultaneously we should develop love and compassion for those who are not so blessed. Probably on same lines our Sathya Sai Organisation have started many programs on human welfare for example Ball Vikash, Vidya Jyoti, Medical camps, Bhajans, Study Circles and Narain Seva etc. If we see the complete working of Sathya Sai Organisation then we will realise that its complete package for observing global human values. It’s not theoretical Gyan only. Anyone who have yearning for self-realization may join the team of Sathya Sai Seva Organisation without any entry fees.

Therefore, while doing our Karma with full devotion we should surrender the fruits in hands of Swami, our divine master. We should not feel panic about results. We should exercise full control on our mind. It is seen that few peoples go into anxiety and depression when results do not come as per their expectation. In this situation Swami suggested to exercise detachment.

In present scenario also when we are locked in our homes. We don’t know its exact cause and solutions. Our Doctors, Healers, Support Staff and various Govt.agencies are doing their best to get control on it. Let’s support them and volunteer for support wherever desired by them. It may be the reverse balancing of nature. Let’s leverage sometime to pray to Swami to control this pandemic. Please read the Sai Literature whenever you get time for peace of mind.Thank you.

Om Sairam

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