How can you stay connected with God while performing your earthily duties?

How can you stay connected with God while performing your earthily duties?

Human life have no meaning in isolation. It is dependent on certain circumstances, events and probabilities. Everywhere we read about the importance of relationship in various articles. Relationship is nothing but a connection with certain peoples. In general, we take care the relationships and spend resources on it. Often we forget one important relation in our day to day life. That relation is with supreme power of this universe who created everything. This supreme power or energy has its own calculation and way of operations. When we remain align with it, we nurture. When we go against it we invite unlimited troubles.

Human life is a greatest wonder on this earth. Out of thousand sperms only few survives in fertilization with an egg, rest is discarded. No body know which one will succeed. This fertilized object remains in womb for 9 months. Further number of cases gets aborted and few survive. Who takes care this object in womb? Off-course its God who takes care everything. After the birth also the toddler remains connected with God through his souls. Gradually when mind gets pace and takes charge of activities then he starts following his senses and human being gets disconnected with God. Since God is source of all energies, therefore after disconnection, man obviously gets caught in delusions. He starts running for multiple desires which starts disturbing his inner peace. He handles all troubles with confidence and converts problems in opportunities till he is connected with God but after disconnection he do not get requisite energy and his downfall starts. He forgets gratitude to God for everything he achieved in life rather follows his ego which is cause of all misery and pain.In this process he forgets the very purpose of taking birth.

First requisite of connection with God is purity of heart. Purity of heart means purity of thought, deed, action and harmony in all these elements. Second requisite for connection is ceiling in worldly desired and yearning for self-realization. Self-realization gives sense of oneness with God. Worldly desires pull the man down whereas yearning to know God keep in up on path of life. Third requisite of purity is selfless service to mankind. मानव सेवा ही माधव सेवा है.

By these 3 purification processes a person gets re-connected with his source of energy, known as God. He surrenders all his wishes to this power centre and obtains his blessing. He dedicates all his efforts to God and God takes care him and guide him in even routine activities of life too. By being connected with God, a mankind understands objective of taking birth in this world and fulfills. Therefore, let’s be connected and enjoy this journey called life.

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