How can you miss them (कुछ याद उन्हें भी कर लो…)

How can you miss them (कुछ याद उन्हें भी कर लो…)

Few days back, we were impressed with Chinese Growth Model. Few of our leaders too used Chinese model to attack on their opponents. It’s quite obvious since they are whole seller of major consumer goods, machinery and spare parts etc. Gradually they entered into food grains and vegetable markets too. Since last few years we are listening about hybrid rice, hybrid eggs, hybrid vegetables and so many artificial things. Now entire world is in process of reverse celebration of their achievement in food grain industry. All of us are going to pay for Chinese achievement for years by sacrificing our life, our employment, our growth. Whoever will survive will suffer trauma. This is cost of dependence on China type of country.
Entire world was running behind cheap goods. All of us were trying to get products which somehow costed less. In this mind set, our Industrialists and traders too fallen on same page and taken the route to China. Entire worlds market got flooded with Chinese Goods. Now all of us are realizing that cheap goods or services are more costly.

Is it really cost of dependence on China or cost of non reliance on our own peoples our Farmers our Industrialists or Scholar’s? Just think the difference between the two.

Today we are fighting with CORONAVIRUS. We are expressing our gratitude to Doctors, Nurses and security staff. Let us pay our tribute to some other warriors too who are playing key role in this fight and most of us even don’t know about them.

My few of volunteer friends, who are helping the daily wages earners by giving them food packets like Atta, Rice, Cereals, Salt, Spices, biscuits, water bottles etc. My gratitude to them and their families.
My few of friends are getting prepared the food packets for distribution to poor’s, laborer’s etc. In this process they are supported by their families scarifying their own comfort. They are doing their best, without any publicity. My deep gratitude to them also, who are selflessly working for humanity with mantra मानव सेवा ही माधव सेवा है|
In this process, I would like to express my gratitude to Sathya Sai Seva Organisation and Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh for their active contribution in service to mankind. They are working for nation building without any expectation in return.

As we know that our body is made of 5 elements.
क्षिति जल पावक गगन समीरा |  पंच तत्व से बना शरीरा |
Here Chhiti (क्षिति ) means Earth. In our body earth is main component. What does mean by earth here? Our body needs Glucose, minerals and other nutrients to grow and survive. All these comes from Earth only though food grains and fruits. Without these our life will come to an end without any other disease. Therefore, let us pay tribute to all farmers, laborers, drivers and other persons who are involved in food supply chain.  

1   Manufacturers & Traders
Today when entire market is closed down there are some warriors who are working for us putting themselves under risk. They are our grocery traders, persons selling vegetables and fruits, milkman, Mandi peoples who are arranging fooding items from villages and ensuring their availability to our local shops. Apart from them peoples who are arranging breads and butter for us they also deserve our gratitude. Apart from them, we express our thanks to owners and staff of Atta and Dal Mills, dairies also.

Friends we have read many types of jokes, even teasing each other too. Some Cinemas have shown us very artificial fake/ images of each other. For example      
1-    Priest are greedy
2-    Business men are clever.
3-    Shoulders are oppressive.
4-    Shudras (employees) are dishonest
Friends Just see outside your window they all are working to-gather for you as a team. Perhaps it was called बुलंद भारत की बुलंद तशवीर.

Now you have to decide whether you want to defeat CORONA as a team or die in isolation with your bad thought’s about each other.  If you don’t believe on my opinion, I would recommend you to see Ramayna and Mahabarat to understand the Vedanta, Sociology, Psychology, Political Science, Economics in addition to leadership and Management and compare with today's feeling of society. Keep difference between Selfishness and Selflessness. Let’s us forget about our individual difference and work for a Powerful and vibrant nation. Thank you.

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  1. Yes.. this needs to be done. Apart from paying gratitude to medical worries, policemen,.... We should not forget the role of these people who are trying their best to provide us our basic necessities..🙏🙏


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