God’s Plan Is Always Better Than Ours

God’s Plan Is Always Better Than Ours

When God made human being he became little biased in comparison to others species in terms of qualities. He gave all tendencies of other animals to human also like eating, sleeping, reproduction etc. In terms of mind he became little kind and gave some extra ordinary powers. Power to recognize the human values such as truth, right conduct, peace, love and nonviolence. So he made these values as part of our nature and character. If you see the example of wild life, most of the animals are in food chain of others. While making the man God was confident that human being are well equipped with special properties so they will respect co-existence and live peacefully. However, to maintain the balance in universe he put a ceiling on our all activities.

As a human being we make different types of plan to make our life successful. Sometimes we get success and sometimes we get failed. When we get success we definitely feel good, motivated and encouraged. But when we fail we get demotivated. Friends although God have given us his powers to visualize, plan and take-up different activities. Sometimes he makes different plans for us which we do not understand at a particular time due to our limitations. I would like to mention one episode of my life which is very relevant here. One of my uncle was very hard working during his student period. He used to take care all farming activities. Being an intra ward person he used to sleep at place little away from our home. Whenever I wake up in night I found his kerosene lamp lighted.  After 10th he got selected in Indian Air force. Govt. Job have its own craze in our village. All mothers started suggesting their children’s to take a lesson from him. I also aspired to be selected in Air force. During our time there was eligibility criteria in India Air force that candidate must be first class in 10th Standard. In 10th standard I passed with first division, so I became confident that I will get selected. I filled the form and in due course received admission letter to appear for exam at Kanpur. At that time, I was studying in 11th standards and never had gone out of station lonely. One of our uncle was living in Kanpur. Two days before I took morning bus to Kanpur and reached there by 4 pm. Next day visited exam venue and on exam day reached at venue 1 hour before scheduled time. It was my first exam for service. Hindi medium students had their own draw-backs. Paper was in English as a result I got confused in few questions. Still I did well in my understanding and I had confidence that I will get success. After exam we were asked to report after 3 hours. We assembled at scheduled time and examiner started calling roll number and name of passed candidates. Enthusiasm increased slowly slowly when he reached near to my roll number. I was expecting him to call my roll number. He just called roll number of candidate before me. My heartbeat increased. My eyes were on his face that he will call me next but he called roll number far away me crossing many roll numbers. My dream job and ambitions got mutilated.  It appeared that everything has gone from my hands. Any how I reached the uncles home with deep sadness. They consoled me.
But it was not an end and almighty had different plan for me which I was not aware that time. Now when I realize this incidence then I think god’s hit was not bad for me. It was for my betterment. Had I been selected in that job, so many things were not possible which presently I am enjoying.

Don't worry. God will never leave you alone. Have firm faith and patience. Everything happens according to Divine Will...

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