Are you ready to Jump into Hot Water? - Time for self assessment of own leadership

Are you ready to Jump into Hot Water? - Time for self assessment of own leadership

Since starting of covid 2nd wave I am asking these questions to some of my friends? Few of them were scared. Few of them asked back what the stupid type of question is this. On one side we are obliging Govt. by not walking around and helping in controlling the COVID-19 and you wanted to push us in hot water. Few of them who are associated with our “Life is gameplay it” program got ready and expressed their eagerness to jump in hot water. Some of you might be thinking about whether it is any new game?
Being a value-based auditor I am habituated to use questioners, checklists in my day to day working. Sometimes back I read the book "THE SECRET OF LEADERSHIP". In this book Prakash Iyer compared “Leadership” with “Tea Bag”. I would like to write them in summarized form for readers of

    1-    Leadership and Tea Bag both are simple. What Counts is, what’s is inside of them. Not their external look.

    2-   We come to know about their true character when they are in problem. For example, the true test of tea is felt when it put into hot water. Likewise, the true character of leaders is seen when they handle problems with equanimity.

   3- Good teabags look forward to getting into hot water. Similarly, leaders wait for an opportunity to show the world what they are really all about.

   4-  Teabags are porous, It gets dissolved in water. Likewise, leaders too, invest themselves in their work.
   5- Teabags work. They never mind where they are in the cup. Likewise, leaders don’t care about their position in the organization. They always work for the benefit of the team, not for personal benefit.
6 6- Sometimes, one teabag is just not enough. They don’t mind mixing with another bag. Likewise, leaders too do not hesitate in working with other leaders, when there is a need.

   7-  Sometimes, you need to add some milk and sugar, so tea bad don’t mind. Likewise, leaders also keep variety in their team. They don’t always prefer flatters in their teams.

   8-  Teabag knows that someone else holds the string, always. Likewise, a leader too never treats himself independent since he also gets mentoring and guidance from someone else.
   9- It is always about how good the tea is. Not the teabag. Likewise, a leader never focuses on himself, only his work speaks about him.
   10- Eventually, teabags need to make their way and get out. Likewise, leaders too realize it and appreciate that in the end, it’s the work and their team that matters, since a leader does not exist without a team.

 11- A refreshing cup of tea needs time to brew. Tea and leadership qualities are very similar. We cannot acquire all leadership traits at once. They are imparted into us from time to time.

Now hope you have understood what I wanted to say. If not, then please below article on “ Vibrionics-trusted-partner-of-life-even in academic

You will realize that hot water is waiting for you. You have to take initiative and help the nation in recovering to normal life. We can do the following activities-
1- Support the neighbours in getting medicines.
2- Support the families by availing essential goods/foods where all members are tested positive.
3- Help needy people in whatever way you can including financial help.
4- Help the needy in getting the beds in hospitals if you can.
5-  Always use a mask when you go out.
6- Do not spread any rumour which may lower the confidence of any patient or his relative.
7- Any other activity benefiting mankind.

Every day, we are realizing that there is no life in isolation. Never mind what others are doing. The above points are a checklist for leaders. If you find these qualities in yourself then this is a golden opportunity for you. We are distributing the Vibrionics Immunity Boosters free of cost to the needy. Any person can register on the above link to get the same. Just keep in mind, opportunities don’t knock on the door again and again. Just grab it.

Thank you.

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