An Opportunity to Live in Present

An Opportunity to Live in Present

Human life is full of uncertainty. Perhaps this is most important beauty in itself. Earlier, few peoples used to create virus to cause loss to computers now viruses are causing loss to human life. Till few days back we were busy in normal office life but presently we are either working from home or feeling idle. Although Doctors, Healers, Researchers, Nurses and other support staff are working with Govt.Agencies/NGO’s to control the damages of human life. Everybody is praying to God to intervene and normalize the situation. Meantime let us discuss something creative to do in this unexpected scenario.

All About Life – From Busy schedule to excess Comfort
During the normal course of life, we always run to achieve our dreams and complain about work life balance. In order to achieve our dreams/greed, sometimes we adopt variety of inhuman practices also like selfishness, backbiting, zealousness, leg-pulling, demotivating others etc. Even we do not think about fear of God who created this word. Sometimes family and relatives also complaint the disconnect. Few days back my brother in-law scolded me with love that I have been changed since few time and do not talk to them etc etc. Same feeling may be with other relatives also. Anyway this is all about life. They are right at their place. Today I called few of my friends who always complain about issues in work life balance, to check how they are spending their time. In most of the cases peoples replied that they are feeling bord while seating idle at home. Now question arises that when you cannot attend office, you cannot go for movie, you cannot go for picnic, in fact you cannot do anything then why you are feeling bored. Do you take it as problem or opportunity? Problem in the sense that you are feeling sad for not achieving your sales target, not achieving your desired market share, not achieving desired profitability not getting salary for few days or not able to earn on a day, not able to meet your girlfriend/boyfriend etc etc. Reason may be anything depending upon profile of each person. You may blame China or America or Govt of India or anyone else. But reality is that this blame,does not change the truth. Truth is that you are in your room. You have few days’ food. Few books, family, laptop, mobile etc.  You have to spend your days with these.  So why don’t you utilize this time with some creative ideas.
Opportunity to enrich your life
Here creativity is nothing but connecting the dots. Relations are the most important part of human life. Relations may be of different types like family relations, friends and colleagues, teachers & students, boss and subordinates, leader and followers, employer and employee, relation with self, and finally relation of Atma and Parmatma (Human and God) etc. Most important step in improving relations is open communication. So why you are worrying about future. Let’s live n present like a toddler and enjoy your life. Here are few steps to explore.
1-      Call your friends /relatives to whom you have not spoken for long time and wish them for their well being. You may take risk to call your girlfriend also. Be assured that due to lock-down her brothers will not come to beat you for few days.
2-      Express your gratitude to all such persons, who have in any way bought positive impact in your life. He may be your teacher, Guru, Family, friend, your servants, doctors, employer or any other person.
3-      Talk to yourself. Have you ever thought for what purpose you have taken birth means what is objective of your life? Is it simply eating, sleeping, increasing population etc or beyond that. Think how can you be better person from today itself. Improve your skill.
4-      Express gratitude to the master of this universe. The supreme power who have created everything including COVID-19. He can control this pandemic within seconds. Believe in his supremacy. Commit to him that from today onward you will follow universal human values like truth, righteousness, peace, love and ahimsa. You will maintain harmony in your thought deed and action from today itself. You will observe ceiling on desires which makes greedy and cause pain and misery to yourself and others also. Commit to God that you will serve to humanity. You will see the image of God everywhere and do whatever you can for its betterment.

5-      Finally, better connect yourself to your family members. Help them in cooking. Play with children’s. Still if you have time please read our articles on Simple Life Science way to live a Powerful Life, and offer your comments. It is an initiative to help the less fortunate persons in the area of education, health and other supports. You may share these articles with your family and friends too.

Friends creatively and innovation have unlimited avenues. You may witness a big change in this pandemic period i.e. positive and negative both. You may take it as a lesson for 360” turnaround or end-up in passing the time. Flight of life never stops. You are the owner of this flight. Above steps are its seats. Assign these seats to these stakeholders to enrich the revenue of your life. So that when the accounts are finalized at the end of cut-of-date, you could have better surplus of good Karma. As a result, you will get better dividend otherwise don’t know how next financial year will be. It may be worst. Please don’t forget that Pandemics will come again and again. You cannot control them you may control your destiny through your actions only. Finally, if you don’t mind please write in comment box what step you are going take. If you feel any problem, please don’t hesitate to call us. Thank you my friends. Don’t worry….Enjoy… This time will not come again.

 Please do read our next article with more innovative steps.

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