A Warrior Fighting for You @ 24 x 7 x 365

A Warrior Fighting for You @ 24 x 7 x 365

Prime minister of India declared Janta Curfew of 22nd of March 2020 and requested the nation to salute our Corona Warriors like Doctors, Nurses, other health workers and security staff, by clapping for 5 minutes. The moment was unforgettable for all of us. Voice of Clapping, Shankh, Bells, Plates, Dholak etc started 15 minutes before the scheduled time and continued for half an hour. We have never heard such voice from all around, earlier in our life. Every day increasing number of Corona cases are increasing the tension worldwide. We have to constantly support our Corona warriors and remain thankful to them. Our gratitude to them will re energize them in due discharge of their duties.

In addition to this we are constantly fighting with a disease since beginning of human life and could not yet get any alternative. This disease is called “Hunger”. Every day approx.25000 persons lose their life as a result of hunger. Approx. 9.1 million peoples die of starvation each year. All this is happening when we have done massive development in all fields. This Corona disease will inflate number of deaths due to hunger ever further.

A warrior is fighting with this disease consistently @ 365 days in a year selflessly. Always taking care about health of each and every person in the family ignoring her own health. Keeping inventory of choice of each and every person, schedule and dose of each person without help of any computer or laptop. Whenever you plan to go office, you get breakfast and tiffing ready. Who is such warrior fighting for us like nonstop machine? She is none other than a housewife. She may be your mother, your wife, your sister or in any form. In addition to working as a Dietitian and Doctor to take care your health, let us see what other roles she plays in our life.
1-    A Store Manager-She manages more than 100 items in kitchen stores. She maintains adequate inventory level so that there is no deficiency of single item and no item get wasted.
2-    A Purchase Manager- She is an excellent purchase manager and hard negotiator.
3-    Sales Manager- She takes care the choice of each person.
4-  Production Manager- She prepares food as per choice and quantity desired by the family members’. She takes special care of quality of food.
5-   A CFO- She always try to maintain the cost of running the family at lower level. In case of an emergency she helps family with her secret reserves also.
6-   A HR Manager-She is a perfect HR Manager. By face readings she understands whether we are in happy mood or sad after returning from office. Accordingly, she motivates us to keep us energized.
7-   A Supply Chain Manager-She avails the desired items at every single point for example taking care children’s schooling needs, medicines to Sr. Citizens of the family.
8-   A Teacher-This is noble role. If you listen her sincerely she can change your life at 360” by giving right suggestions for improvement. Thankfully My wife has supported me in this area like a teacher. I got rid of many bad habits by her timely intervention.
9-   A Flame of Divine-Apart from above task she performs a divine role of mother. Mother is form of nature. I am not competent enough to write anything on this topic.

O God. So many roles. Is she a normal human being or a super woman? That’s too without expectation of any salary or increment? Sometimes we feel proud on our achievements in career, social commitments etc. Just think silently, Was anything possible without her contribution? Perhaps no. She is with us at every step of life. Now let us ask a question from our self- Do we express gratitude to her for her sacrifice? Probably not so much. This is not right friends.

Maa Durga saves us from many problems. So we pray her for 9 days during Navratri. This year we are celebrating “Simple” special Navratri when there is no flower or garland to offer. We have only pure heart to offer our gratitude to divine feminine

This is right time to understand the divine power of ladies who are doing more than 9 types of roles for us. Let us express our gratitude to her right now. She too is not expecting a flower bouquet. Even she will not allow you to violate lock down for flower bouquet. Your words are enough. But these words need not originate from mouth simply as a formality. It should be from our heart. Do realize the power of gratitude and enjoy your days. Please do share this article with those to whom you want to express your gratitude. 

Thank you
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  1. Very beautifully you have depicted the roles and duties played by women.. in return.. no salary, no increment, no leave (untill unless we are not well)...
    We only expect respect and a little appreciation... Nothing else


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