Power of Acknowledgement Part 1

Power of Acknowledgement Part 1

Power of acknowledgment may be understood as expression of gratitude to anyone or everyone who have impacted our life. He may be any family member, relative, friend, neighbor, office colleague or any unknown person. What are we? Whether we in ourselves is complete? Whether we became automatically what we are today? Perhaps no. We are nothing in ourselves. We are combination of so many person’s efforts, blessings, love and affection. In “Power of Acknowledgment” series we will discuss about someone who have impacted my life significantly. Formation of child starts from “nano’ parts of water when two souls forget their existence and merge in each other. Nature takes care rest parts in form of mother. She bears all pain and misery including physical and mental disturbance with happiness. She faces near death experience which only ladies can experience since God have given such a strength to them only who accept it and face it. Perhaps there is no sacrifice in world greater than this. Number of times she fights for well being or us we still do not recognize her true intention and become selfish in ourselves. But do we ever say thanks to such form of nature or God? My mother is no more with me. She left me almost 9 months back. I miss her. Whenever I feel trapped in life’s ups and down her face appears in my mind to console me. I don’t remember that I have expressed my gratitude to her with this feeling ever. While writing these lines my throat is choked. Heart is crying. Even after taking a glass of water there is no feeling of normalcy. I know, no one else can understand it. She is not here to see me. We cannot bring back time again. So friends whoever of you is blessed to have your mother with you please express your gratitude to her for her sacrifice, her love, her trust, her care, her forgiveness and so many things which our mind cannot imagine. 
Number of times, misunderstandings crops up about each other in relations. If we accept our mistake if any, and express gratitude to others for holding their account then things get settled and flow of love, peace and harmony continue in our life. I remember once I missed half day school with a cheap excuse and was beaten by my father with strong spank. My father was so angry that I could not speak to him for several days. I informed my mother about reasons, she forgave me and to rescue me she argued with my father also. Mothers are so compassionate.

Friends power of acknowledgement is really a tool in our hand to make our relations better and better. So let’s use it quite often to make our life happier, healthier, and peaceful. 

To be continued……………….

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  1. I really touched moved and inspired by your expressions, I really see in my life where I am not acknowledging people but they really deserved it.. Really awesome written by you sir

  2. Touched by this Benkatesh ji. Its a true fact. You don't know exacy what turn life will take so its the present that we need to focus on, work to make this present beautiful and memorable. Let people know that we are there and we acknowledge their love and presence. Make each other happy and live in the present because that is what we can control.


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