Is Sewa so easy task?

Is Sewa so easy task?

In our earlier articles on seva we have discussed that seva is an action prompted from divine feeling in a person of pure heart. Here question comes whether seva is so easy that everybody can do. All of us may have different answers of this questions. In my experience seva is no doubt a very holy affair. Only a person of divine feeling can do who have capacity to realise his divinity in terms of giving and forgiving, Love and Compassion.

It is not so easy to do. We read in Ramayana and other spiritual scripture that whenever saints wanted to perform any “Yangya” etc, in general some demons come and disturb it. They used to beat the saints, throw the pieces of meat etc in sacred area. Do we understand significance of these stories in present context? Might be. In my opinion Saints used to do “Yagya” to please the God and to maintain communal harmony so that all groups of the society may participate in it and feel bliss. They used to do it with feeling of love all serve all. On the other hand, demons were not different from normal human being. They lived with normal human being and look like us. Only difference is that their thought and action were demonic. They were selfish. They had jealousness with any good work for common man. They never tolerate any good work for society. That’s why they pretend to disturb any social & religious work.

Friends your commitment for seva is also like “Yagya”. It is for the welfare of society. It is not for your selfish targets rather it is for people at large. So how can you expect its smooth flow. Definitely there may be disturbances, problems, ego clashes etc. However, like ancient saints you will not feel demotivated. These incidences happen to strengthen our commitments.  I remember once I had given information of our medical camp in our societies whatap group. One person who never attends Shakha or medical camp raised objection on putting sign of Saibaba. Here he did not recognize our public welfare objective. Anyway later he recognized it felt sorry. Similarly, when our Swacchta jagrookta Abhiyan was in full swing at Jaipuriya Market, a shop keeper started arguing with us. He did not understand our moto but simply wanted to engage us.

My objective of mentioning these incidences is that we should not get demotivated from these instances. Whenever you start any good work it will face natural ups and downs, so stay strong. Its right to mention here a famous poem written by Sri Atal Bihari Bajpayee jee-

बाधाएं आती हैं आएं
घिरें प्रलय की घोर घटाएं,

पांवों के नीचे अंगारे,
सिर पर बरसें यदि ज्वालाएं,

निज हाथों से हंसते-हंसते,
आग लगाकर जलना होगा।

कदम मिलाकर चलना होगा।

हास्य-रुदन में, तूफानों में,
अमर असंख्यक बलिदानों में,

उद्यानों में, वीरानों में,
अपमानों में, सम्मानों में,

उन्नत मस्तक, उभरा सीना,
पीड़ाओं में पलना होगा!

कदम मिलाकर चलना होगा।

So friends, Seva is not a subject matter of normal human being. It is a love. It is a passion. It is a sacrifice. It is challenge. It’s true leadership. Its self-realisation. It is work of God. So you have blessing and cover from God.  Stay strong. संघे शक्तिः कलियुगे |

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