Incredible Jaipur - Part 3

Incredible Jaipur - Part 3

In our previous 2 articles we have discussed about various places visited by us in 2 days like Jantar Mantar, City Palace, Hawa Mahal, Nahargarh fort, Jaigarh Fort and Amer Fort. However, one premium heritage left unseen was Albert hall. So we decided to see it on our last day of tour ie 24.2.2020. Again we got up in morning at 5:30 am sharp and completed daily activity including Yoga, Pranayam and Meditation. At 8:15 am we went to restaurant for breakfast. As usual breakfast of Hotel Milestone 251 was excellent. Many dishes like Sprout, Idli,Sambhar, Puri bhaji, muffin,  jelebi, sandwich bread, Dalia, fruit juce etc were in menu. We enjoyed our breakfast and took a taxi to Albert Hall Museum and reached there by 9:30 am. Before departure we had checked out hotel room and kept our baggage in their clock room. We conveyed our sincere thanks to hotel staff for their best services in our comfortable stay.
Albert Hall is located at heart of City. Zoo and 2 other parks are located near by the Albert Hall. Foundation of this building was kept by Price Albert.

Albert Hall gives a glimpse of ancient medieval times history. We purchased ticket and went inside the hall. Portrait of different Jaipur kings were displayed there. In subsequent sections of the hall following articles were displayed :

1- Different Rulers of Jaipur
2- Different type of Arms & Ammunitions like sword, Axe etc

3- Stones on Idols, State of Buddha, Samurai etc

4- Big sized bells
5- Different types of colorful potteries used by Kings

6- Pillars made of stones where idols were created inside it. These are gates of temples.

7- Idols of different Gods worshiped all over world.

8- Metallic dress of warriors

9- Potteries made of silver

10- Copies of few books written in Muslim era on muslims, jain and Baudha

11- Metallic Coins used in different rulers in medieval era

12- Block Paintings

13- Different types of Jewelries

14- Musical instruments
15-  Human idols of different places
16- Different Yoga Asna

17-Finally, a mummy bought from Egypt

By the time we completed our visit, it was 11 am. So we took taxi and reached the hotel. We collected our luggage and reached Sindhi camp bus stop. Mr Pradeep Sharma had suggested to taste the Onion Mava Kachauri’s of Rawat Misthan Bhandar, which we could not do due to busy schedule so we got it packed with intention to enjoy during our travel time. Our bus started at 11:45 from Sindhi camp. Our bus journey was very comfortable. We enjoyed Kachauri’s in midway. Hoardings of different hotels specially Hotel Highway King were displayed approx. 50 Km both side the hotels. Greenery in farms both side the roads were unforgettable. Flowering in mustard fields & wheat attracted us. Mid way we introduced family members about location of our Keshwana factory. There was heavy traffic from Gurgaon to ISBT however we reached Sarai Kale Khan ISBT by 6:30 pm. From there we took taxi and reached home by 7 pm. Overall Jaipur visit was really very interesting and unforgettable. Once again we convey our thanks to Mr Pradeep Sharma & Mr Nitin Khandelwal for supporting in our tour. Without their support it was not possible in such a way.  

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